Zoo Tycoon Expansion Pack: Marine Mania Cheats & Codes

Extra Money

While you play, press shift+4. Note: Use this before you build a fance or tank.

Unlock Unicorn

Create an exibit and when it asks you to name your exibit leave it how it is. Then go back and rename your exibit Xanadu. (NOTE: It must be your first exibit. You can try other exibits but I only tried the first one.) After you have done all that go to the place where you by animals and your Unicorn should be somewhere in it.

Change Pointer Hand Color

Press Ctrl+C.

Cheat Names

Name -  Guest

John Wheeler - All Shelters
Hank Howie - All Staff Ed
Akiyama - All scenarios

Ultimate Zookeeper

Name any male zookeeper Jonathan Gilmour. You will get a $20,000 donation, better zookeeper skills.

Zoo Tycoon Expansion Pack: Marine Mania Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


If you have a mermaid statue, make an aquarium and put the statue in it. If the game is unpaused, it will spawn a mermaid!

Get A Mermaid

To get the mermaid put a mermaid statue inside of a tank to get the mermaid.

Orca/Bottlenose Dolphin Statues

To get the Orca statue, earn the best Orca Show in the country. To get the Bottlenose Dolphin statue, earn the best Dolphin Show in the country.