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  • Racing, Sports Car Auto Racing
  • Bizzare Creations
  • Microsoft
  • Everyone
  • November 18, 2003


Extra Points!

There seems to be a loop hole to get great combo bonuses. Unlike the original Project Gotham Racing, this game allows you to go through the cone gates twice. You can go through either forwards or backwards, and hence build up your combo bonuses.

Test Drive

While picking a car go to showroom. Go out into the hallway and go into one of the rooms. Look at a car you want, press a then test drive. Have Fun!!!

Unlocking Bonus Cars

When you go into the showroom there are 5 cars under tarps in the bonus area that you cant even test drive. Each car is unlocked by how well you complete the game. Here is a list of what unlocks what.

All Steel Medals or Better: Delfino Feroce
All Bronze Medals or Better: Ferrari 250 GTO
All Silver Medals or Better: Porsche 911 GT1
All Gold Medals or Better: Mercedes CLK-GTR
All Platinum Medals: TVR Cerbera Speed 12

Geometry Wars!!!

While choosing a car in PGR2 hit right to select "garage". Once you are in the garage hit Y and look around for an area that has shelves with tires and rims around it. Go to that area and look for an arcade machine. When you get close to it hit A as if you were selecting a car. It will then go into an "old school" type of arcade game called geometry wars.

Left analog stick: steer in direction you point
Right analog stick: shoot in direction you point
L or R: Use bomb


We have no cheats or codes for Project Gotham Racing 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Project Gotham Racing 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Project Gotham Racing 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


959 Mega Spin/Gear Brake Glitch

This is tough, needs the Porsche 959, and takes time. You should choose the KGB Corner, Moscow for this one. Go to the side of the road in Manual Transmission and stay in 1st gear. Then do a half-moon turn (u turn), and a quarter of the way through it let off the gas, hit X to go into reverse, and you should hear a high sounding rev, and you do a type of power slide. Then you'll start spinning around very, very fast in one spot. Sometimes at the end you'll actually break your gears. A useless trick, but cool to show your friends!


Created by: Pierre "Masamune2" Maris. Read the full guide...

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