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  • Action, Adventure
  • Radical Entertainment
  • Sierra
  • Mature
  • September 16, 2008


Easy EP

First you need to hijack any kind of tank. Then you go to a place where there is lots of infected (Preferably Around A Hive) and keep running over infected everytime you run over one you get allot of EP so just go to a hive and shoot up the place and if you do that correctly you should get the "Butcher" trophy.

Best Weapon On Hunters

Use Hammerfist on hunters its easy just do the square triangle square combo.

He Went For A Swim

To avoid the millitary climb on the wall next to the water (doesnt work when there is strick team).

Military Get Away

When being atacked by the military, you can jump into the water and if your red bar starts going down, than change your disquise before they can notice.

Easy Way To Take Out Helicopters

I have two ways. 1st is: consume or kill a military guy that has a rocket launcher, pick it up, hold R2 to aim, while aiming shift to helicopter, then finally with the rocket launcher press square to shoot and it will take out the heli in one shot! 2nd way: Use the R2 button to aim and aim at the helicopter, then hold X for a high jump then (while in the air) hold square and hit it twice do this move either 2 or 3 times and it will take out the helicopter!

Hit The Ground Running

NOTE* THIS IS NOT AN ACHIEVEMENT After you purchase the air dash upgrade under the "movement" category, if you find yourself falling at a tremendous rate and don't feel like waiting the few seconds for Alex to stand back up, if you time it just right, you can air dash just before you hit the ground, you will "hit the ground running" and you won't have to wait two seconds to start running again.

Fast Hunter Takedown

To take down hunters quickly and safely just do the jump blade attack (in air hold triangle) this should wipe them out instantly if you don't yet have the blades then simply spam fully charged jump kicks if you want to take them out with powers though and you don't have the blade just use the hammerfist which you can purchase after the mission where you get the claws.

Easy Hunter Kill

By the time that you are fighting hunters in the infected zones you should have bought the whipfist upgrade this is such an easy safe way to beat them with no damage done or little done. Just aim at them and run in evasive directions then hold triangle for a power attack it should reach them and kill them over time. If you are fighting a supreme hunter then the single hand scythe should do it in closer range but you can be hit with a deadly combo so the whipfist is the best way to kill anyone.

First Thread,evolutunary Step,andcrossing The T Trophies

After playing a little bit you have to get this guy out of the tank. So go up to the tank disguised as the military and radio all clear. The guy will get out of the tank, then consume him, you now have "the first thread". Then go to the pause menu go to upgrades and buy shield power, you now have "evolutionary step". Then later you have to run away from these big dudes to this building. Inside are huters grab a grenade launcher and shoot them. Eventually they will get stunned, if you consume it you get claw power. When you kill some hunters you need to destroy the fuel tanks. When the mission is over you should have "crossing the T" for the hunter boss encounter.


Unlock Body Surfing

After title in EXTRAS, press: RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, UP, UP, UP, DOWN.


Platinum Events

To unlock the Platinum (and some of the "Radical" events), you just need to get a Gold ranking in all events.

New Game+ Mode

After you complete Story Mode, you can then replay all the Story Mode sections with all of your previously unlocked powers and upgrades. Game+ Mode is for the difficulty you completed story mode (and lower difficulties).

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Prototype yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Prototype yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no guides or FAQs for Prototype yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


The Secret Trophies

Crossing The T (Bronze) You've completed the Hunter Boss Encounter.
Children Of Blacklight (Bronze) You've completed the Supreme Hunter Boss Battle.
Errand Boy (Bronze) You've completed the Specialist Boss Fight.
Hope (Bronze) You've discovered the truth behind Hope, Idaho.
On Instinct (Bronze) You've completed the Mother Boss Battle.
One Thousand Suns (Silver) You've completed the Supreme Hybrid Boss Battle.
Origin (Bronze) You've discovered the history of Elizabeth Greene.

Trophy List

  • Wrecking Yard (Bronze) Destroy 2,000 Vehicles
  • Misconception (Bronze) Destroy 25 infected water towers before they hatch
  • Brain Trust (Bronze) Complete all consume events
  • Half-Truths (Bronze) Complete a mission without causing a single military alert
  • Return Fire (Bronze) Catch any object tossed by a hydra; and throw it back
  • Gunning (Bronze) Destroy 20 helicopters in a single helicopter flight
  • Cleanup (Bronze) Kill 15 characters with a single whipfist attack
  • The First Thread (Bronze) Unlock the web of intrigue
  • Self-Deception (Bronze) Discover what happened to Alex Mercer through the web of intrigue
  • It’s Him! (Bronze) Patsy 5 military personnel
  • In Plain Sight (Bronze) Evade 10 strike teams
  • Infiltrator (Bronze) Infiltrate 10 military bases disguised as a commander
  • Threat Elevated (Bronze) Destroy 25 strike teams
  • Repossession (Bronze) Seize 50 vehicles from enemy hands
  • SME (Bronze) Gain the ability to drive and fly all vehicles
  • Surface-To-Air (Bronze) Shoot down 50 helicopters while driving armor
  • Evolutionary step (Bronze) Use the upgrade menu to acquire an upgrade
  • In The Web (Bronze) Consume 50 web targets
  • Speed Bumps (Bronze) Run over 500 characters in a single tank
  • Trail Of Corpses (Silver) Kill 53,596 infected
  • Endless Hunger (Silver) Consume 200 characters to boost your health
  • Streetwise (Silver) Collect all landmark collectibles scattered across New York City
  • Polymath (Silver) Collect all hint collectibles scattered across New York City
  • Mankind is your mask (Silver) Complete 3 missions without causing a single military alert
  • The butcher (Silver) Kill 50 characters in 5 seconds
  • Unnatural Selection (Silver) Acquire all available upgrades
  • The Cleaner (Silver) Destroy 10 military bases or infected hives in New York City
  • Au (Silver) Achieve a rating of gold or better in all events
  • Nice Guy (Silver) Complete the game while consuming 10 civilians or fewer
  • Revenge Revisited (Gold) Complete story mode on hard difficulty
  • Web Of Knowledge (Gold) Acquire all nodes of the web of intrigue
  • Hard To Kill (Gold) Complete story mode in any difficulty without dying
  • Pt (Gold) Achieve a platinum medal in all events
  • Platinum Trophy Collect all other trophies
  • Hope (Bronze) Discover the truth behind Hope, Idaho through the Web of Intrigue.
  • Origin (Bronze) Discover the history of Elizabeth Greene through the Web of Intrigue.
  • Crossing the T (Bronze) Complete the Hunter Boss Encounter
  • Errand Boy (Bronze) You've completed the Specialist Boss Fight
  • Children of Blacklight (Bronze) You've completed the Supreme Hunter Boss Battle
  • On Instinct (Bronze) You've completed the Mother Boss Battle
  • One Thousand Suns (Bronze) You've completed the Supreme Hybrid Boss Battle

  • Speed Bumbs Trophy

    Early in the game you have to get a tank for Karen Parker when that happens you have to run over 500 pedestrians in a single tank. When you do that there will be a message that says speed bumps.

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