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When battling strogg forces it is always good to know what and where your enemies are. When getting fire from an unknown place it is always a good idea to look up. A guy may be standing there and just picking you off. Or it may be a flyer or icarus. Also it is good to know who you are going up against. When going up against something as weak as a guard it is probably better to go with a shotgun or sometimes even a pistol. Save your bigger guns for the tanks and big bosses. Otherwise you'll have nothing but maybe a couple shells and your pistol and you're screwed. So all you have to do is follow this advice and you'll be fragging them left and right.

Strogg Secret Level 5

On Mission 5 when you pass through the first set of doors into the next chamber, look up at the ceiling and you will see a switch overhead. Shoot it and you will open a hidden door in the wall leading into a secret room.

Strogg Secret In Mission 1

Search beneath the water in the second chamber of mission one to find one of many strogg secrets.


Level Passwords

To access the password screen when a memory pak is being used, choose "Load 
Game", then press B when the list of saved games appears. Otherwise, start the 
game without a memory pak and enter the options/setup menu.

Level	Name		Password


1  	Central Complex  	(none)
2  	Intelligence Center  	6JBN SHFB 07BR X3J1
3  	Communications Center  	1KLG VL2H LNBF F4LQ
4  	Orbital Defense  	2KQD 2MSD Z9VM 4XYL
5  	Docking Station  	VK7N Z?LY ?4V5 LJ4W
6  	Strogg Frieghter  	VK3J HSW5 9GZN LQW9
7  	Cargo Bay  		TK3T RN5N Q06W JV05
8  	Zaxite Mines  	S?WM H1G9 B46C WBOD
9  	Storage Facility  	R8WB 8X7J VGQ0 SJWR
10  	Organic Storage  	Q?WB BLW8 RP6Y XLSN
11  	Processing Center  	P6P5 KYWX HB8R DJZH
12  	Geothermal Station  	N520 KJFW Y681 VLMD
13  	Detention Center  	M525 TZ35 HXW0 BXZ8
14  	Research Lab  	L56X 41DX ZKR8 VJV8
15  	BioWaste Treatment  	K58V 01HJ V5K9 C3VK
16  	Access Conduits  	J584 W6NR D05B VDQ?
17  	Descent to Core  	H522 98MJ SM1C B82C
18  	Command Core  	G52W 300Z 561C W4HK
19  	Final  		F569 G2D6 HT6X SG5Y

1  	Central Complex  	(none)
2  	Intelligence Center  	PGBR VK?B 65BH Y3HD
3  	Communications Center  	1KLS DN5H 7NBF DWRQ
4  	Orbital Defense  	2KLR SDRY ?VV4 YQ8X
5  	Docking Station  	VK3T 7LFC 94B7 D3R3
6  	Strogg Frieghter  	WK3H QNBW NLV5 XGL3
7  	Cargo Bay  		TK7P 6LLP KWGY XD4V
8  	Zaxite Mines  	ST0N QPX4 2WGY JXTS
9  	Storage Facility  	R??P 7NY4 2WGX 99TX
10  	Organic Storage  	Q??K BBBV NBQ1 7GCV
11  	Processing Center  	P64? ZM5B ?BM0 5YH6
12  	Geothermal Station  	N664 SQ63 XB?K B7LF
13  	Detention Center  	M682 M7QT 1215 8098
14  	Research Lab  	L669 H8MD G8XB JNYV
15  	BioWaste Treatment  	K681 X8CL H01K 1PF5
16  	Access Conduits  	J6?0 BT5M NRZ2 QXLL
17  	Descent to Core  	H6?0 XXFW PHV1 77P4
18  	Command Core  	G6?9 GYMK RWNK SMSL
19  	Final  		F6Y3 WXQK CHD0 8K4D

Twists Level

Enter "FBBC VBBB FBBC VBF7" as a password. This is a deathmatch level with a 1:40 time limit and rocket launcher. Enter "FLBC ZBBB FLBC ZBB9" to play the level on the medium difficulty setting or "FVBS LBBB 7VBC 3BB5" to play on the hard difficulty setting.

Infinite Ammunition In Multi-player Mode

Enter "S3T1 NF1N IT3S H0TS" as a password. Note: This code also allows higher jumps.

Low Gravity In Multi-player Mode

Enter "S3TL 0WGR VITY ????" as a password.

Additional Costume Colors

Enter "S3TC 00LC 0L0R S???" as a password.


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Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Quake 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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