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  • Simulation, Business Sim
  • Unknown
  • Loki Publishing Company
  • Everyone


All Trains

First, while you are in the game, press tab then type "show me the trains" (no quotation marks) . Now you will have all trains.


Cheat Codes

While playing a game, press [Tab]. Then, type one of the following codes at the 
green cursor at the bottom of the screen to activate the corresponding cheat 

RESULT                                 CHEAT CODE 

$1 million for Company                 slush fund
$1 million for Player                  cattle futures
$100 million for Company               powerball
$100 million for Player                king of the hill
Access Denied Territories              let me in
All Trains are AMD103                  amd103
All Trains Available                   show me the trains
Cities Grow Faster                     viagra
Competitor's Trains Crash              casey jones
Doubles Industrial Center Output       overtime
Doubles Maximum Train Speed            speed racer
Lose Scenario                          bobo
Win Bronze Scenario                    bigfootbronze
Win Gold Scenario                      bigfootgold
Win Scenario                           bigfoot
Win Silver Scenario                    bigfootsilver


We have no unlockables for Railroad Tycoon 2: Gold Edition yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Railroad Tycoon 2: Gold Edition yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Glitch: Teleporting Cargos

Pause game play, create two connecting stations, and put a new train into service. For this new train, put consists that is provided by station "A" that is wanted by station "B". In addition, put enough consists so the train will be waiting at the station and display "waiting for cargo." One good way is to put a consists that is not provided by station "A". Make sure the train schedule contains a destination for the train to go to. Resume game play. The train should load up the consists and go into "waiting for cargo" status. Double-click on the train to bring up the "Train Detail" screen. Click and enable the "arrow" on "Next Destination" so the train will begin its trek to the next scheduled destination. Now double click that next destination to bring up the car-consist list box and change the car consist -- add or delete, it does not matter. When you click "OK" to finish car-consist editing, you should hear an unexpected money-inducing "ka-ching!" The consist should gray-out to show the cargo has been delivered. If this is trans-country, the mandatory customs period will pass before you see the profit. If you click "Exit" from the train detail screen and go back to overland screen, you will note the train is still at station "A" -- yet the cargo has been delivered and the profit has been calculated. By using this technique, you can get the profit without the train actually running through the route. This trick is especially helpful if the stations are distanced far apart, or have natural obstacle (ocean or mountain) between them. If you have fast fingered, the train does not need to be in "waiting for cargo" for this trick to work. Rather, you need to interrupt the train while the train is "loading" up its consist. If you are in the overland screen, the word "Loading" will appear in the train box. While the train is "loading," it is in "never- never land as far as the game is concerned. Its after the loading is completed when the game looks at train schedule to see what the train's logical location is. When you interrupt the game during this short period, it gets confused. Double-click on the train while it is loading, and do the same thing -- enable the next route to get the train to go to the next destination, and change the car consist for the next destination. Go out the car list screen by clicking "OK" and you should profit the value of cargo the train was carrying.


Created by: Peter Birk. Read the full guide...


We have no achievements or trophies for Railroad Tycoon 2: Gold Edition yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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