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Name Written In Rock

Go to the workshop island (Disc 1). After solving the boiler puzzle, go to the small balcony that has the frog trap. Climb down the ladder. At the bottom, face the ladder so that you are one screen away from being directly at the ladder. In the upper left corner is the word "Alex" written in the rock.

Hidden Faces

At the start of the game, leave Temple Island and then return. Go to where you started. Next, go to the bottom of the staircase and look down to the right. Two faces are in the top-left. To find the other three, rotate the Gate Room (rotating room) until you can enter from the passage under the gate. Go under the gate, and immediately after you do that, on the right side of the screen, you will see three faces. You will only see them if you can enter the room from the place you are in. For more hidden faces, step outside the cage where you start the game. Turn left, and look up. One face is just to the left of lower center, hidden in the rocks. The other is in the lower right corner. More hidden faces can be seen on Temple Island, after going under the chained wood gate. The passage to Gateway room at other end must be open. Look along the right side of the screen. The three children's faces are Rand Miller's daughters.


Go to the 233rd Age (Gehn's house) after trapping Gehn there. Go down the ladder to Gehn's bedroom. Go up to a sort of round cage thing (the "holo- projector") and look in the rocks in front of you through the window. There should be a human there.

The "Deleted" Book Press

There was a book press on Crater Island (where Gehn makes his books), by the ladder up to his "house" (which was locked at the start). It was removed during the game's development, but still can be found. Face the boiler controls and click in the upper left hand corner, on the pump. You should now see an angled picture of the nice view to the left of the boiler. Look down towards the left side and you will see the upper part of the book press. Another way to see it is to walk a bit back on the catwalk and turn towards the boiler room. It is difficult to find, but it is there. If you look up, you will also be able to see it, just even more blurred.

Photo On Cliff

In Riven, after you have advanced to a decent point in the game, go to the chamber where you first appeared in the game. In that area, go to the edge of the cliff facing the holograph room and the first transport. Look down the cliff and you will see rocks and the water. In the upper- left side of the screen, in the cliff, is a photograph of two "MYSTerious" children. Those are Robyn Miller's children.

Gehn's Face

After you break the lens at the end of the game, look closely at Atrus. For a brief moment a face will appear. This also happens at the start of Riven, when Atrus holds up the Linking book to Riven. This was intentional, so that it felt like Gehn was watching you from the very beginning.

Jungle Secrets

When you change to Disc 3 you should be at a point where all the trees are cut down. Find the path that leads to the gate. Open it and start to walk. As soon as you go under the first tree, look to your left. You should see a giant dagger sticking up out of the ground. Walk down and you will find another rolling ball thing. Remember to note what the symbol is and what sound it makes. Return to the path and start walking forwards again. When you reach the two pathways, go right. As you walk down you should see a giant fish head. Approach and inspect the head and you will find nothing. However, back on the pathway you should see two lamps. Go until all you can see is the top part. On the very top there is a small disc. Push it and see what happens.

Bonus Appearance

Remember back at the beginning, when the native takes your prison book, gets shot with a dart, and is dumped over a cliff? Once you have captured Gehn and freed Catherine at the end of the game, return to the Temple/Generator at the first (disc 2) island and look over the cliff. The will be gone, but look at the upper left corner of the screen.


Developer Mode

At any point in the game to toggle developer mode on/off:

1. hit ENTER
2. type b3hn (case sensitive)
3. hit ENTER

To bring up the console: Hold CTRL and hit TAB. (If you don't get a cursor at the bottom left of the screen try the first part again.) 

Console Commands (partial list):
pleh - displays help
debug - toggles debug info
g nnn - goto card  example: g 159
gs sss nnn - goto stack / card  example: g tspit 159
hs - toggle hotspots
slideshow - view slideshow
Other commands are not listed because they will crash the game if used incorrectly.

Warning: help and slideshow are timed events.  The game will not respond to ANY user input until they are finished.  ALT-TAB and CTRL-ALT-DEL still work though. ALT-F4 does not.


We have no unlockables for Riven: The Sequel to Myst yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

Easter Eggs

Use the following steps to activate the Easter Eggs in the game. Note: Click the places just once. You will know if you have done so when the cursor disappears for a second. At the start of the game, exit your cage, go towards the stairs, turn right and look over the cliff. Click on the unconscious guy. Go to Boiler Island. Enter Gehn's lab, find the little chest of drawers where Gehn keeps bird's eggs. Click on the little orange one. Solve the Animal Stone puzzle on Jungle Island. Go to the Moiety Age and in your prison, click on the little bowl on the table. On Jungle Island, go to the submarine. Travel in it to the place with the five switches. Look out of the window there and you will see the sub, back on the cliff. Click on it. Go to Survey Island by taking the Maglev from Boiler Island. Note: You might have to turn the Maglev around and then get out. Go to the room with a long handle. Pull it, and a lift will appear from the floor. Do not go into the lift, but from where you are, click on the little star on the top of the lift. Finally, take the Maglev from Jungle Island to Temple Island, or travel there by linking book. When you are next to the blue button near the Maglev station, turn left. You will see a triangle of light. If you look very closely, you will see the letters RAWA, the nickname of one of the Riven programmers, Richard A. Watson. Click on the letters to activate the remaining Easter Eggs in the game, as follows Lights on Go to Temple Island, the island you started from. Go to the room with the Whark statues and the temple itself. Make it so you are looking at the room from the exit (where the Maglav is found) There is a hidden switch in the left side, on one of the pillars. Press it. Wire-frame detail Go to where you make the "sub" descend into the water next to the village by the lagoon. Go three or four screens toward the village (until you are looking down a ladder). Then, turn right. You should see a wire-frame view of the lagoon. Silly Putty Go to the underwater viewing room on Plateau Island. Sit in the chair and hit the button to face the window. Pull the left hand lever and then look down at the view screen (the one used to spy on Catherine). Finally, click on the small round, brown bolt just off to the right of the view screen to view the Easter Egg movie. Singing Gehn Go to Ghen's 233rd world (the one you go to using the Fire-Marble Domes). Go to his bedroom and face the wall with the red tapestry and the star on it. Click on the D'ni symbol for 5 in the exact center of the star to see the Easter Egg movie. Sky High While you are on Jungle Island, go into the jungle. Take the elevator up to the "second" floor of the jungle and start walking up towards the control throne past the dome. Up about the middle of the stairs leading to the control throne, turn around and face the dome. To your left, down on the path underneath, you can see some lights by the side of the road. Click on the lamp farthest away from the dome to see the last Easter Egg.

The Sixth Spyder Easter Egg

After you have completed the Spyder easter egg hunt and clicked on all five "hot-spots" (bird egg, wooden bowl, submarine, star, and "RAWA") as described above, you will have activated the Spyder Easter Eggs. The following Easter Egg was left out in the list above. To get "dumped", go to Crater/Boiler Island from jungle island on the logging cart. Once you get there, climb up the ladder back to the cart and click the bumper in front of the cart.

Easter Eggs (Alternate)

This is an alternate and quicker way to unlock the Easter Eggs. Follow these instructions exactly. If "click an object" is stated, do not move forward and click it; click it from where you are. If "back away" is stated, make sure the hand is in the "move back" spot. Also, click on the indicated target only once. If the pointer disappears quickly and comes back, you did it correctly -- do not click it again.

1. Start a new game, and while you are still in the cage, save the game in case you make a mistake. Do not save it after leaving it. 
2. Click on the handler from inside the cage. 
3. Click on the handler to see a closer view. 
4. Click the top of the handler once (only). 
5. Move back. 
6. Move right. 
7. Move up (look up view) 
8. Click on the star on the cage once. 
9. Move right. 
10. Move right. 
11. Move right. 
12. Move forward. (Click by cliff with "move forward" hand) 
13. Move forward (by cliff) 
14. Look down cliff with "look down" hand. 
15. Save your game here in case you make a mistake in the next part, as it is complicated. 
16. You will see the guard, "Cho", on the ground below the cliff. Click these spots only once in order. If the pointer disappears quickly, the spot is activated : The knife on the ground, Cho's head, the holster on Cho's torso by his left arm (on the screen, and not from Cho's point of view), Cho's right hand , Cho's foot, Cho's left hand, Cho's torso (where part of his uniform has a stripe). Now all you have to do is click the name "RAWA" by the mag-lev on Temple Island, a step mentioned before, and you will have full access to the Easter Eggs mentioned earlier.


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