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  • Beach Bandits: Rocket Power and Rocket Power: Beach Bandits
  • Action, Adventure
  • THQ
  • THQ
  • Everyone
  • September 25, 2002


Easy Points In Multi-player Mode

For one thing, you have to use the hoverboard. Get rocket power so you can go higher, then use all four diagonal moves. If you do this correctly then you'll score an easy 10,000 points, if not more. If you don't do it correctly, then you won't get all the points, but you'll still get a sweet score. *Note* This works best in the final arena, where you can choose either skateboard, roller blades, or hoverboard.

Go For The Goal

When you have to win the stuffed dino for Makenzie and you go to the shooting arena, get the 50 point (red), 20 point (blue), and 10 point (yellow). Save the 5 point (green) ones for last. The "Z" button lets you aim better, and the blue one on the roof starts as 10 points and each time you hit it it raises 10 points.

Another Tak Appearance

After the forest, when you're on the zipline, you will be able to see Tak again. He will be on a rock near the middle of the level.

Access Cheats

To access Cheats, after you press start and you see Tito behind the counter, scroll down to options. Then scroll down to cheats. Answer all of the questions and the cheats will be unlocked. If you've seen the show, you'll know all of the answers.

Otto: Reggie's Younger Brother
Ocean Shores: Where the Rockets live
Eddie, Prince of the Netherworld: Eddie's 
correct title
Tito Makani: Ray Rocket's Best Friend
Maurice: Twister's Real Name
Conroy: Owner of Madtown Skatepark
*The Answers are NOT in correct order

Sharkbot Grotto

In this level, you will need to get the sharkbots into 4 Generators to enter the pumping station. What you do is you go toward the sharks and then when a red circle appears around you, start leading them to a generator. You need to actually turn right at the generator in order for it to get the Sharkbot to explode. If the red circle disappears, then you need to go back and find another robot because it lost you because you might have turned too hard. If you notice facing the door to the pumping station where the sharks are, you'll see a Generator behind a rock. There's a path cleared to get around it but you will probably lose the shark. So go away from the door and around the rock to reach it. Remember not to turn real hard or else you will lose the shark.

Tak Appearance

Tak is hiding in the forest near the river. He's in the the small area next to the exit. Unless you can't get through the forest, you can't miss him.

Unlock All Levels

At the options menu pick "Cheats" and answer the seven questions as below

1. Squid 
2. Conroy 
3. Tito Makani 
4. Maurice 
5. Ocean Shores 
6. Otto 
7. Eddie:Prince of the Netherworld 

Player Unlocks

Pi - get 20 coins
Spurtz - Get 30 coins
Lars - Get 40 Coins
Eric Golem Jr - get 50 Coins
Eddie - Get 60 Coins


Get 750 in the shooting gallery

New LEVELS For Multiplayer!

Go to the options menu, then select cheats.

1. What is Sam's nickname?: Squid.
2. What's the name of the guy that runs Madtown?: Conroy.
3. Who is Ray Rocket's best friend?: Tito Makani.
4. What is Twister's real name?: Maurice.
5. What is the name of the town where the Rocket Power kids live?: Ocean Shores.
6. Who is Regie's younger brother?: Otto.
7. Which of these is Eddies corect title?: Eddie: Prince of the Netherworld.


To Unlock All Places

To get all places enter these answers at cheats on the option tab.

1. Spuid 
2. Conroy
3. Tito makani
4. Maurice
5. Ocean shores 
6. Otto
7. Eddie: prince of the netherworld


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