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  • Beach Bandits: Rocket Power
  • Action, Adventure
  • Unknown
  • Abacus
  • Everyone


The Blue Puck Of Success

When you're in the lava level IN Mondo Mountain, and you have this annoying robot hovering over you, the ones that look like boxes, press select to switch to Otto (Rocket Boy). THE ONE WITH THE HOCKEY STICK. LISTEN CLOSELY: In order to get a selection of your pucks (if you have any of these), the blue (the one that splits into three) the red (the regular), the yellow (the one that bounces off walls), or the green (the one that's a homing device puck, which means it will find the object for you and attack). Now most likely you'll want to use the blue puck for airborne robots. It will be able to hit the robot 9 out of 10 times because it's three pucks in one. This will make it very easy to pass by. NOTE: YOU CAN ONLY DO THIS WHEN THEY'RE BESIDE YOU IN THE AIR. (Or below either one).

Defying The Laws Of Gravity With Twister

When you win the Hover scooter YOU CAN ONLY USE IT WITH TWISTER. LISTEN CLOSELY: TWISTER IS THE ON WITH THE WATER GUN, NOT OTTO. When you're at the level with the conveyor belts, use twister with his Hover Scooter. When you jump up into the air with the Hover Scooter, hold down the button A and he'll float in the air for a while. REMEMBER TO MOVE WHICH EVER DIRECTION YOU NEED TO EITHER LEFT OR RIGHT.

Easy Cruising

In order to fly through levels quickly, try rocket boy "Otto", his skateboard is fast and he can use the yellow pucks as well as all the other ones. The yellow pucks bounce off walls! In order to get Otto, press select while in the game then, you'll know it's him when he's holding a hockey stick or riding a skateboard NOT A SCOOTER.


Skip The Trip To Mondo Mountain

At the main menu screen there will be an option that says "Password". Go into that option. Then eneter the code: "TKS4VTT2". This will skip the trip to Mondo Mountain and will put you right past the huge fireball throwing guy into the secret chamber. THIS WILL NOT GET YOU PAST Mondo Mountain THOUGH. THIS WILL ONLY GET YOU "INTO" Mond Mountain. With this code you will gain the Hover Scooter, and the Grappling hook, for Twister (THE ONE WITH THE WATERGUN). Listen CLOSELY: The Grappling Hook can be used with both Twister, and Otto (Rocket Boy).

Defeat Cyrax Computer And Move Onto Mondo Mountain

At the main menu, you'll see an option that says "password" go into that option. Then, in order to win the hover scooter for twister and the Grappling hook for Otto and Twister automatically enter the password: ?8H?LZGH. This will all be automatically in caps because that the way th game enters the code. This will allow you to find Mondo Mountain on your own. But, this will defeat the barrabot and the Cyrax computer. THIS WILL TAKE CARE OF ALL THAT I HAVE WRITTEN DOWN, EXCEPT YOU HAVE TO FIND YOUR WAY UP TO Mondo Mountain ON YOUR OWN! Remember! :)


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