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  • Simulation, Construction / Building Sim
  • Microprose
  • Infogrames
  • Everyone
  • March 13, 1999


Lots Of Money

When you start your park put your entrance price to zero. When you build a ride run the test option then go to the test results (stop watch). What ever number is the highest like the excitement level. Whatever is the highest you make that the price of the ride as long as the entrance price is zero they will pay it.

Get Out Of Debt

Are you in debt on the game? Are you scared that you're gonna be in it and wont be able to get out? Then you'll be able to quit saying "yes" to those questions.
A park with a good value and rating doesn't use any loans. But if you have loans that you don't have enough money to pay off, then Ill help you. First, change your funding to "No Funding" (red experiment bottle, coin, drop-down menu). Then keep your workers at a low level since it costs money to pay them. Have up to 5 handymen (don't let any mow the lawn. Use the largest in the shovel thing, but don't raise land), 3 mechanics, and 3 security guards. You don't need any entertainers because they don't usually help me. Next, go through all your rides, go to the money, look at your profit and make sure you're not losing any money. (if you are, look at the rides thoughts, if they say ". Is a really good value" then raise the price to the next. 50 and check on the thoughts frequently, if it says, "Im not paying that much to go on. " then lower the price to the next. 50 and frequently check on the thoughts)
You must have at least $4000 in money. Then bring the loans down until you have $1000 and keep doing that. You should be out of debt in no time.

Stop Roller Coaster Crashes

To stop your roller coasters from blowing up sometimes when they are pulling into the station platform, put brake pads as the last piece in front of the station platform that slow the roller coaster down to 4mph. This will prevent station brakes failure.

Flaming Shuttle Loop

Make a shuttle loop. Make sure it is fast enough to lift off the track. When people get on it will go so fast it will lift off the track and burst into flames. WARNING! This will kill the guests.

Train Warp

First build a train. When your building the train make sure!!! you build two stations. When you are done building the train go to one of the stations. Check if the is someone waiting in line. If there is click on him. Now put his stat box which you got from click on him in the corner. Now click on the entrance to the train. When you do that it should show a stoplight and a picture of the station. Move that a little to the side which now let you see him waiting in line. Now start pressing the green, yellow, and red buttons on the stoplight. Keep clicking on them untill you see the person disapeer. Then look at the persons stat box. If done correctly you should see the guy at the other train station walking away. This will make the guy a little unhappy but you could just name him melanie warn to make him happy.

Hover Boats

Go and build boat hire. Do not build any tracks. When people are on it raise the water so it turn into land, they will be floating on land.

Quick Cash

To get lots of money fast, build 2 or more coasters next to each other that can do loops. Build 4 station platforms, then make the rest of the track nothing but a powered launch into loop or 2 then return.It's short fast, and are always popular for me. Charge 3 to 4 dollars per coaster like this, and rack up the money. Good luck, and get lots of money!

Better Flying Trick

Click on a person. It works with any body. Then Click on the little claw in the right hand corner of the screen. Now Click right on your mouse and hold it in while you move where ever you want to.

Rides Fixed Faster

Put a mechanic at the exit of each ride. Set his patrol area to only that exit so when that ride breaks down they will be there.

Money Managing

ONLY... get a loan if you have less than $800. Otherwise your park rating will be bad. Pay off your loan once you have $4000. This sounds rediculous, but it helps from all those notices that say you don't have enough money to build anything. ALSO... one thing that helps to build a good park... make everything in your park free. than add up the previous costs of the rides that you just made free. Then divide that sum of prices by the number of rides you had. You will get an average. REMEMBER... at this point, all rides and attractions are free. Add the average answer that you got to your park entrance fee. This will be a reasonable and attractive price for park entry.

Stop Guests From Leaving Park

To stop guests from leaving your park just put a do not enter sign at the entrance so guests can come in but can't get out! NOTE: You must have at least one expansion pack or you won't have the sign.

Red Head

This is just for fun. You make a que line in a square that has four boxes so it is closed off. Then you find a person(mad works best)and pick him up with the pinchers and drop him in there (notice how they're all guys).Then you wait for a while and he'll either get really mad and his face will turn red or get really tired. It doesn't always make the face turn red. What you could do to add to this is if he is really hungry or thirsty you could put a drink or food stand next to him and raise the price high. Make sure he has that much money. And don't make it to high cause he won't pay for it!

Very Good Rides

If you what a ride which is popular, makes money and will make guest ride over and over. Build the Steel Roller Coaster, Shuttle Loop in a big space. Than build another one, But build the loop the other way. The rides should start next to each other and at the loop they go different ways (with 2 spaces between). Than build a path with bench's on, build it thought the loop's. have a price of 1.50 and have the rides run at the same time (use the bottom button on the operation options). Try to do the same with rides that have loops and have power launch mode (put if on 40 and the same high.

Kill People Without Really Killing Them

If you don't have any underground paths, you need them to make this hint work. People are walking on the paths. Then, delete the square piece of path under them. They will fall and fall and fall. You will see the number of people in your park go down significantly. This is way faster than drowning them, and you don't have than annoying thing at the bottom say "Guest ---- Has Drown.

Higher Altitude On Rides

To get your altitude higher on rides, raise the land under the supports you want to raise, because the supports are to high, this will make them higher. Note: this also adds negative g's and makes the ride scarier.

Flying Guests

This cheat is only for fun and does nothing for your park. If you want to make guests fly then you have to tap the pick up button repeatedly and very fast. If you do it correctly your guest will start rising from the path but beware as soon as you stop pressing the button the guest will start falling.

Ride Names

Egyptian Theme:

Swingng Ship - Phoenix, Pharaoh's Phury
Scrambled Eggs - Sandstorm, Crazy Camel
Invert RC - Montu, Eye of Ra 
Simulator - Tut's Tomb 
All Steel RC - Scorpion, Python 
All Water Rides - Cruise the Nile
Gift Shop - The Golden Scarab, Treasures of the 
Nile - Food Stalls - Pyramid Joes

Space Theme:

Scrabled Eggs - The Orbiter 
Shuttle Loop - Moonshot 
Mine RC - Martian Mines 
Mini Steel/Steel RC - Ride the Cosmos, Vortex
Simulator - Wormhole
Obs Tower - Stardust 

Mine Theme:

Mine RC - Unmanned 

Snow & Ice Theme:

Scrambled Eggs - Sub-Zero, The Froster, Blizzard
Wood RC - The Yeti, Snow-Go, Shivering Timbers
Steel RC - Iceblast
Bobsled RC - The Big Freeze, Chiller

Jurrasic/Jungle Theme:

Scrambled Eggs - Crazy Ape, King of the Swingers, 
Tom - Tom Twister, Dizzy Dinos
Steel RC - Temple of Terror (Indoor/Underground)
Invert RC - Gorilla Thrilla
Whoa Belly - Eruption
Flume - Jungle Cruise

Scary Theme:

Roto-Drop - Jaw Dropper
Ghost Train - Hades
Swinging Ship - Ghost Ship
Wood RC - Ghosta Coasta
Steel RC - BoneShaker, Dare Devil
Simulator - Phantom
Carousel - Rat Race
Scrambled Eggs - Zany Zombie

Wonderland Theme:

BumberCars - Bumper Bugs
Scrambled Eggs - The Dizzy Tree
Mini Seel RC - CandyCoaster
Go Karts - Bumble Buggies
Wood Racer RC - Woodland Racers

Pick Pocket Guests And Make Guests Rich

Enter Richard Tan as a guest name and have them walk around pick pocketing other guests. Enter Micheal Schumacher and have him walk around making other guests rich.

Mow Tall Grass In An Instant Without Handymen

Click on the button that raises or lowers the ground level. Put it on the largest setting and click on the tall grass once and the grass will dissapear.

Crashing Rides

If you crash a ride you DON'T need to delete the ride you know that little traffic light on the coaster page press the red light twice and then press the green light once and your ride will be as good as new.

Drowning Guests And Staff

Pick up a guest(or Staff members) and place them into a pool of water and they will drown.

Make More Money On Rides

Put in a ride that attracts alot of guest. (mostly good rollercoasters.) Have a long quire line and have it reeally cheap. After alot of people are in line raise it up to about 10$-15$. Don't raise it to high or they will stop riding it. The line will go down and then take the price low. When the line gets bigger raise it back up again. Repeat it and you will make a good bit of money.

Get A Quick Increase Of Guests

To get a quick increase of guests, do an advertising campainge for the park. Do it for 6 weeks.

Higher Park Value

To get a higher park value pay of your loans/debt.

Old Rides?

If nobody goes on a ride, ex. the Sslide, delete it and rebuild it. The guest will treat it as a new ride.

Prevent Rides From Braking Down

As soon as you create or choose a ride, go to the mechanichal part of the ride, there change the inspection to 10 min. Also hire a fair amount of mechanics.

Prevent Vomiting

To prevent vomiting assign 1-2 handymen near the exit of an exciting roller coaster. If this doesn't work put benches near the exit so sick people can sit down.

Ride Popularity

If guests are not going on a ride, do construction and replace the first part of the track. Put the same pieces in, after that re open the ride & guests should go crazy for the "new" ride. The ride will be popular again. (Just keep doing this if it runs out of popularity again.)

Viewing While Waiting And Riding

Let guests view other rides while riding and waiting to get on a ride, so they will see other rides and attractions and go to them.

Waiting In A Long Line

Guests get unhappy if they have to wait in a long line, so put an entertainer there so there wait will be happier, and/or put some scenery around that line.

Drawing People To The Back Of Your Park

Want to draw people back to your park? Put the biggest and best rollercoaster there to draw people back.

Guests Not Riding?

Guests not riding? Look at there thoughts about the ride.

Mow Lawns Without Handymen

Click the shovel/land button. Click the + as high as goes. Then click the grass, and look around the park for grass that is growing. Then just click that place and it will be cut, (use as many times as needed).

Faster Rides

When you are playing the game click on the science thing. Change the speed to maximum funding. That way you get your rides faster and guest are happy!

Un-freaky Coasters

Drops, speed, banked curves and helixes are what make a coaster scary. Inversions, corksrews and in line twists for example, add little to a coaster's freakiness. So when you are happily designing Red Rocket (or whatever your coaster is called), don't make too many drops and things where as everybody will say regurgitate their lunch, but put in only a few drops and add as many inversions as you like.

Tips On Building A Good Park

Tip#1 Always give guests what they want. Otherwise, your park will be filled with vandalism. Tip#2- Provide benches where there are long paths. This well keep guests happy when they are tired. Tip#3 Assign your staff to work around specific places, usually the places where the work is needed. For Example, place handymen near the exits of big rides.

Log Flumes

In most places when you put in a Log Flume it is very popular, and people will start crowding in through the lines. Price them around 3.00 and bring it down as it ages. You will make alot of money off them.

Raise Park Rating

It may seem weird, but drowning an unhappy guest or two can raise your park rating. To drown a guest, make sure your park has a pond or lake. If it doesn't, make one. Click on the unhappy guest, click on the tweezer thingin the popup window, and click on a place where there is some water!

Wooden Rodent Roller Coaster

In Bumbly Beach (Works in most but Bumbly Beach it does best) Build both Wooden Rodent Roller Coasters and have both of them with very long quire paths. That will bring in a lot of people to those rides and then when the quire line is filled raise the admission price to them to $1.00 (if you have admission price to the park if not still raise it $1.00). You can make a fortune!

Mega Park

Successfully complete all levels to unlock the Mega Park.


Slow Go-Kart Driver

Enter Mr.Bean as a guest name. This will make him drive slower on Go-Karts.

Better Rides

YOU HAVE TO DO THIS CHEAT CODE PERFECTLY. When you start your park Find the guest named GUEST 1, and name him E=MC squared. Then find GUEST 2, and name him E=MC squared. If you do this, one of these two things will happen.

1. You will get better rides
2. Your rides will come quicker

Pocket Picking Guest

Type in 'Richard Tan' as a guest name. He will go around the park pick-pocketing other guests. Note: this code does not work on every game.

Double Payment Guest

Type in 'John Mace' as a guest name. The guest will pay double for everything he buys.

Hungry Guest

Type in 'Tony Day as a guest name. The guest will be very hungry, and will buy a lot of food.

Speedy Go Kart Guests

To have a speedy go kart guest, type in 'Michael Schumacher' as a guest name. For an even faster go kart guest, type in 'Damon Hill' as a guest name.

Picture Guest

Enter "Chris Sawyer" as a guest name to have them walk around and take pictures of your park.

Painting Guest

Enter "Simon Foster" as a guest name to have them walk around and paint pictures in your park.

Waving Guest

Enter "Katie Brayshaw" as a guest name to have them walk around and wave to everyone they meet.

Happy Guest

Enter "Melanie Warn" as a guest name.

Wow Thinking Guest

Enter "John Wardley" as a guest name.


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Easter eggs

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