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  • Action, Combat
  • Sega of America, Inc.
  • Activision
  • Teen
  • December 12, 2004


Slaughter With Your Cavalry/Break A Siege

If you are besieged, always attack on the turn you are besieged because the enemy will have no siege equipment to use. If the enemy has artillery, you should try to get rid of it as soon as possible (to see how to attack when besieged, look in the manual under 'sallying forth'). When you attack the enemy, USE YOUR CALVARY!!! Calvary can slaughter! even against phalanx formations, it is simple: flank from behind. If the phalanx turns toward you, split your calvary in half(if you have more than one calvary group) and make one a diversion team. a phalanx can't point in two directions. If you have Praetorian or Legionary Calvary (only available after the Gaius Marius Event), use them, they are the best calvary Roman money can buy. Use them instead of your general to protect him, he is very valuable.

How To Fight With Phalanxes

When you are the Macedonians, Greeks Cites, or anyone with phalanxes always fight with them in Phalanx formation otherwise they are useless, but they march really slow when they do. So take them out of the formation and have them run until they are just about to attack then stop them and put them in Phalanx again. I know this may seem like a lot of work for nothing, but it mkaes them very useful in a fight and you can also turn to face a threat to your Phalanx more quickly this way as well.

Hot Keys/Battle Map

Option menu: Esc
Pause: P
Toggle unit run: R
Stop current orders: Backspace
Toggle guard mode: D
Toggle skermish: S
Toggle fire at will: A
Toggle unit formation(tight/loose): C
Alternative attack: Alt+right mouse button
Rotate unit clockwise: .
Increase formation width: =
Decrease formation width: -
Set way point: Shift+right mouse button
Show unit destination: space
Group selected units: G
Ungroup selected units: G
Select all units: Ctrl+A
Deselect all units: Enter
Select all artillery units: Ctrl+B
Select all infantry units: Ctrl+I
Select all cavalry units: Ctrl+C
Select all melee units: Ctrl+H
Select all missle fireing units: Ctrl+M
Send message in multiplayer: T
Zoom to general: Home
Show help windows: F1

Hot Keys/Campaign Map

Option menu: Esc
Toggle settlement lables: Ctrl+T
Toggle character lables: Ctrl+N
Zoom to capital: home
Stop character walking: Backspace
All speed up: space
Quick save game: Ctrl+S
Quick load game: Ctrl+L
Show help window: F1
Select all units: Ctrl+A


The Cheats

First do ~ for chat menu
for super great elephants and strong select city and cheat :oliphaunt
for money you now:add_money 40000
for population adding type city name and number:Rome 4000 max. but as you got a city as Campus Sarmatae doo this:Campus_Sarmatae 4000 is max. People
for make a building progres clear in a city doo this: process_cq Campus_Sarmatae
and as your attacking a city! Doo this and a part of the wall of the city is falling down! Cheat:jericho


Add_population (name of the city) 400000.

40,000 Money

Press ~ on your keyboard the type add_money 40000 then hit enter and you have 40,000 more money. This only works for 40,000 4,000 or 400 does not work for any other numbers. You can use this cheat as any times as you want

Cheaper Troops

During a campaign game, press the ` button and type in 'bestbuy.' Your units will be 10% cheaper.

Lots Of Money!!!!

To get unlimited coin, go to the chat menu and type in add_money 40000. You can do this unlimited times to get unlimited money.

Fog Of War

On the campaign map, press (~) to open the console. Cheat is case-sensitive.

CHEAT: toggle_fow
RESULT: toggles fog of war off
NOTE: When you take the fog of war off, once your turn is finished, you have to wait for all other factions to take their turns. Press 'spacebar' to speed up their moves

Money Cheat

On the campaign map, press (~) to open the console. This cheat is case-sensitive.

CHEAT: add_money 20000
RESULT: Gives you $20,000
NOTE: This cheat only works once per game session, to do it again, you have to quit the game and then re-open it.


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