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  • Shooter, First-Person Shooter
  • THQ
  • THQ
  • Mature
  • October 14, 2008


Make Famous Rappers/R&B Artists

Lil Wayne (A Millie) BLACK hoodie BLACK W/ WHITE stripes track pants WHITE sports shoes w/ strap
Lil Wayne 2 (A Millie) WHITE tank top CHARCOAL baggy canvas pants BLACK baseball cap w/ WHITE front (or vice versa)
Lil Wayne's Bodyguard (A Millie) BLACK track shorts w/ WHITE stripes BLACK logo mens t shirt 1 BLACK blackout shades WHITE sports shoes w/ strap
Timbaland (Return The Favor) BLACK business jacket BLACK mens t shirt 1 BLACK pleated dress slacks BLACK loafers (loafers 1 or 2) GOLD chain w/ GOLD cross
Kid Cudi (Day n Nite) WHITE button shirt w/ BLACK tie CHARCOAL pleated dress slacks
50 Cent (Candy Shop) WHITE button shirt (no tie) jeans-looking baggy canvas pants (meaning in denim colour) RED knit cap WHITE logo mens t shirt 1
50 Cent 2 (Candy Shop) totally CHARCOAL pimp coat WHITE mens t shirt 1 CHARCOAL pleated dress slacks CHARCOAL baseball cap
T-Pain (Freeze) BLUE track jacket w/ WHITE stripes CHARCOAL pleated dress slacks BLUE sports shoes w/ strap and WHITE designer shades
Chris Brown (Freeze) RED track jacket w/ WHITE stripes WHITE mens t shirt 1 WHITE pleated dress slacks RED sports shoes w/ strap
Kanye West (Love Lockdown) WHITE business jacket WHITE mens t shirt 1 SILVER pleated dress slacks
LLoyd Banks (Hands Up) DARK RED (MAROON or something) mens t shirt 1 w/ denim-coloured baggy canvas pants WHITE sports shoes w/ strap
Dappy- N-Dubz (Number 1) RED w/ WHITE stripes track jacket RED w/ WHITE track pants

Big Pink Bunny

If you go out in the far far out in the ocean you will find little islands and they have arrows follow them and you will find the big pink bunny p. s . Do not hit the bunny or it will disapear.

Quad Bike

Go to the mall and get 2 stars on you. When you do that, the guards will be on a quad bike driving. Shoot them, or do what ever you do to kill them, and then take the quad bike and go to the exit.

How To Get Easy Respect In A Helicopter

You must have 1 helicopter, (I recommend using the Tornado attack chopper), and you must head Downtown (I forget which area) to the Ultor Buildings. There is a square area with 25 ultor flags in it, that are orangeish-yellowish. You must have some skill of flying to be able to do this, what you do is get low a little lower than the top of the flags and fly around them without hitting them. You will get a "Near Crash" respect label and you will gain respect for each flag you move around. I got 30 availiable Missions just from doing this. This strategy is basically only for desperate people. If this helped you, message me on GamerID.

Make Police Allies

First, find a co-op match, and then start Fuzz. Once the Fuzz start's, save the game then go to options then go to "Quit Game" after quitting, press "Continue" then start the game. You can attack the Saint's and they will shoot at you, if you want a police officer to follow you, come up to them and press D-pad up. You can still get wanted and the police will hit you if you are in a car, but will not shoot you. Helicopters still shoot you no matter what and police driving an S. W . A . T . Truck will shoot from the mini-gun.


First you put on cheats for gernade, never die, 4x the explosion, unlimited ammo, one that makes the cops stop killing you, and unlimited clip. Now you go to a lot of cars and keep throwing your gernades. Then cops come. Then then the fbi. Then come sun trucks. Then big sun trucks. If you can see it there will be an invisable guy (could say floating gun) driving a fbi car with no doors and no tires now its time to get in and run and stop them from getting you. NOTE DO NOT PUT IT IN YOUR GARADGE OR YOU WILL LOSE IT!

Falling Survivor

I really suggest doing the base-jumping diversion. Get in a helicopter/plane and jump out from a high height. Once you're somewhat close to the ground, open your parachute. It should say "Press Y to start base jumping diversion." Press Y and land in the center red circle. you'll be able to survive any fall after you do it.

Easy Respect

If you don't want to waste time trying to get respect then this is a godd hint or cheat. If you walk through the city, find a pedestrian and take them hostage then get through with them. NOTE: This works best with the milk bones cheat. Or you can just take them to a very high place then throgh them off. Keep doing this to earn respect. NOTE: you will get about 200-300 respect each time.

Last Secret Mission Video

Vehicle Surfing

To car surf you should first go behind a car and jump on top of it. Make sure the car is stopped and someone is in it. After your on top of the car the car will begin to move and press y for a car surfing diversion. You can also win money the longer you can hold your balance on top of the car.

Suicide Bombers

When you have satchel charges you can throw them on people.

Turbo Little

When you get on a car you gonna hold LT and A you can hold it as much as you want.



Enter #cashmoneyz as a code.


To get the UFO, go to your phone and dial, #728237 go to cheats [in phone] and go to vehicles and look for Destroy. Click on that and you will have a UFO on your helicopter pad.

Full Health

Enter #1 as a code.

Zombie Carlos


Peewee Mini Bike

Enter #7266837 on cell phone

Cheats + Codes Video

Never Die

Enter #36 as a code.

Flame Thrower

Enter #929 as a code.


While in game play press A, RT, Down, Up, X, Y, A. It should say Cheat activated.

Clear Sky

Enter #sunny as a code.

Samurai Sword

Enter #948 as a code.

Pimp Slap

Enter #969 as a code.

Gyro Daddy Added To Garage

Enter #4976 as a code.

Milk Bones

Enter #3 as a code.

Unlimited Clip

Enter #9 as a code.

Heaven Bound

Enter #12 as a code.

No Cop Notoriety

Enter #50 as a code.

Get Snipes 57

Enter #712 as a code.


Enter #927 as a code.


Enter #939 as a code.

Repair Vehicle

Enter #1056 as a code.

Video Cheat Codes

Super Explosions

Enter #7 as a code.

Unlimited Ammo

Enter #11 as a code.

Evil Cars

Enter #16 as a code.

Low Gravity

Enter #18 as a code.

Get Wolverine

Enter #714 as a code.

Ar-50 With Grenade Launcher

Enter #924 as a code.


Enter #934 as a code.


Enter #942 as a code.

Satchel Charge

Enter #949 as a code.


Enter #956 as a code.

Xs-2 Ultimax

Enter #958 as a code.

Spawn Oring In Your Garage

Enter #1063 on your phone: you will have this vehicle in your garage.

Spawn FBI

Enter #1054 on your phone

Add Police Notoriety

Enter #4 as a code.

Player Pratfalls

Enter #5 as a code.

Unlimited Sprint

Enter #6 as a code.

Super Saints

Enter #8 as a code.

Drunk Pedestrians

Enter #15 as a code.

Raining Pedestrians

Enter #20 as a code.


Enter #200 as a code.

Everybody Is Shrunk

Enter #202 as a code.


Enter #937 as a code.


Enter #940 as a code.


Enter #944 as a code.

Pipe Bomb

Enter #945 as a code.


Enter #946 as a code.


Enter #951 as a code.

Stun Gun

Enter #953 as a code.


Enter #955 as a code.

Vice 9

Enter #957 as a code.

Car Mass Increased

Enter #2 as a code.

Pedestrian Wars

Enter #19 as a code.

Add Gang Notoriety

Enter #35 as a code.

No Gang Notoriety

Enter #51 as a code.

Lighting Strikes

Enter #666 as a code.

Itty Bitty

Enter #201 as a code.

Get Horizon

Enter #711 as a code.

Get Tornado

Enter #713 as a code.

12 Gauge

Enter #920 as a code.

.44 Cal

Enter #921 as a code.


Enter #922 as a code.


Enter #923 as a code.

As14 Hammer

Enter #925 as a code.

Baseball Bat

Enter #926 as a code.

Fire Extinguisher

Enter #928 as a code.


Enter #930 as a code.

Gal 43

Enter #931 as a code.


Enter #932 as a code.


Enter #933 as a code.


Enter #935 as a code.


Enter #936 as a code.

Mcmanus 2010

Enter #938 as a code.


Enter #941 as a code.

Pepper Spray

Enter #943 as a code.

Annihilator Rpg

Enter #947 as a code.

Shock Paddles

Enter #950 as a code.

Sledge Hammer

Enter #952 as a code.


Enter #954 as a code.


Zombie Carlos As Homie

Beat the mission "Red Asphult" and call eye for an Eye Voodoo.

Zombie Mask

Complete the zombie game to unlock a mask to wear.

2 Homies

Complete the in 20% and you will unlock 2 homies

Saint's Seven-Achievement 30G

Win all seven Ranked Strong Arm Activities, and win on all seven Strong Arm maps.

Strong Armed-Achievement 10G

Complete the Strong Arm tutorial.

Duelist-Achievement 25G

Complete all Ronin missions in co-op.

Reality Star-Achievement 15G

Complete all levels of FUZZ.

Welcome Back-Achievement 5G

Complete the Saints Revival prologue

Zombie Mask

Beat "Zombie Uprisng" game.

Pimped Out Ambulance

Beat all levels of the Ambulance Diversion.

Traffic Cone Hat

Get 3 Gold Stars in vehicle surfing without falling off.

Soprano-Achievement 10G

Sung Along to the Radio.

Love Thy Neighbor-Achievement 5G

Grabbed 50 human shields.

Going The Distance -Achievement 5G

Threw someone a long, long way.

Kingpin-Achievement 40G

Earn 30 Multiplayer Badges

Made-Achievement 30G

Earn 15 Multiplayer Badges.

Hoodlum-Achievement 30G

Earn 7 Multiplayer Badges.

Tested-Achievement 10G

Win 10 Xbox LIVE Strong Arm matches.

Spread The Love-Achievement 30G

Host and win an Xbox LIVE Party Game.

True Pal-Achievement 10G

Defeat your partner in a co-op diversion

Confidence Men-Achievement 25G

Complete all levels of all activities in co-op.

Partners In Crime-Achievement 100G

Complete all campaign missions in co-op.

Separated At Birth-Achievement 25G

Complete all Brotherhood missions in co-op.

Pot Luck-Achievement 25G

Complete all Samedi missions in co-op.

Surf's Up-Achievement 5G

Get 3 gold stars in Vehicle Surfing.

Romero's Hero-Achievement 5G

Complete the Zombie Uprising video game.

2 Quick 2 Pissed-Achievement 15G

Complete all races in Stilwater.

Hello 47-Achievement 10G

Kill all Hitman targets.

Wheres My Car?-Achievement 10G

Deliver all the cars to the chop shops.

All-City-Achievement 10G

Find and spray all 50 tags in Stilwater.

Hi Fidelity-Achievement 15G

Find all CDs in Stilwater.

Maverick Goose-Achievement 10G

Find all flying stunt locations in Stilwater.

Duke Of Stilwater-Achievement 10G

Find all stunt jumps in Stilwater.

Blue Collar-Achievement 15G

Complete all levels of Tow Truck, Fire Truck, Ambulance, and Taxi diversions.

...But It Sure Is Fun-Achievement 15G

Complete all levels of Snatch.

Splatster Chier-Achievement 15G

Complete all levels of Septic Avenger.

Wrecking Crew-Achievement 15G

Complete all levels of Mayhem.

Ambulance Chaser-Achievement 15G

Complete all levels of Insurance Fraud.

Stuntman-Achievement 15G

Complete all levels of Trail Blazing.

HeliGood-Achievement 15G

Complete all levels of Heli Assault.

Do Not Talk About It-Achievement 15G

Complete all levels of Fight Club.

Trickster-Achievement 15G

Complete all levels of Escort.

Purple Haze-Achievement 15G

Complete all levels of Drug Trafficking.

Demolition Man-Achievement 15G

Complete all levels of Demolition Derby.

Velvet Rope-Achievement 15G

Complete all levels of Crowd Control.

Crime Lord-Achievement 50G

Complete all levels of all activities.

Remind Me Of The Babe-Achievement 40G

Defeat the Sons of Samedi

Brother's Keeper-Achievement 40G

Defeat the Brotherhood.

Seppuku-Achievement 40G

Defeat the Ronin.

Easter eggs

Easter Eggs

Here are some Easter Egg:
Cemetery: Will Smith (actor)Grave, Anoop (hitman list)Grave, Payne (Max Payne? ! ? ! )House style Grave, Blowup doll tunnel in Hawk House style grave, Skydiver empty suicide grave.
Ocean: Easter Bunny, Oasis.
Downtown: Voltron Logo (No one loves me, ultor underground mall)its in the wrist section, Gucci Mane logo (brick building).
Marina District: Merhman Billboard (on a little island), Voltorn Logo (Inside north shore marina shops), Invisible Island ( can be seen on map but not in gameplay or the other way around)
Suburbs: FUZZ activity cameraman voltron logo shirt
Trailer Park: Blowup doll grave ( as seen above, find the end of road coffin sales go behind the building and the fence, there should be a metal door, shoot it, go in it, you'll find blowup dolls, keep going and you will find the tunnel that leads to the hole in the grave in cemetery Easter egg above)


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