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  • Action, Comic Action
  • THQ
  • THQ
  • Everyone
  • May 20, 2002


How To Defeat The Mastermind

When you face the mastermind the gang was up on a platform above you. The mastermind will send out wave number one (two runaway robots). Then when you have space hit one on the head to knock it out then do a supersmash on his body. Its the same thing with the other. Then the switches with an electrical field will open and you need to smash them immediately before their electrical power comes back. Then just do the same thing two more times. The mastermind will then fall down. All you have to do is use your gum to put the robots in place then when the electrical current is on, hit the mastermind on the head with the supersmash and knock him in the electrical current before the robots escape. Then the mastermind will be captured revealing it was holly the whole time.

Say Good Night To Fright!!

Once youve unlocked the football Helmet You can Start Killing some freaking monsters baby by ramming them with the helmet or for like the gargoyles you have to jump up and super smash them and the same goes for the ghost of captain moody (the raincoat ghost) The creeper and sea creature and caveman and who knows what else take two hits to beat. The witch as is same for gargoyles.

Falling Down From The Sky

Go where Shaggy fell, by the tree there is a hole right, go in the middle of the hole then do the thunder smash when you do it correctly you will fall where you started.

Black Knight's Armour

When your on the roof go down to the gargoyle and supersmash his head. Then jump onto the platform he was standing on, this will take you to the next platform where there are two spiders. Kill them and continue till you reach the Black Knight's helmet. If you collect it then you get his armour.

Location Of The Umbrella

Go to "Gloom & Doom Down in the Tomb" part three and beat the green ghost and you'll save Daphne, meet Polly, and get the umbrella.

Location Of The Helmet

You can find the helmet on the top of the mountain in the level Chills and Thrills on Haunted Hill part 3.

Bye Monsters!!

After you get the springs, you can jump on some monsters once and kill them, but on the ghosts you have to leave them alone. The creeper, the caveman, and the sea monster you have to jump on twice!

Dark And Stormy Night Part 2: Help From Shaggy

If you die after getting all the keys and having Shaggy up in the coffins, when you restart the level you can talk to an invisible Shaggy and still have him help you jump and walk around in his arms. You can take him all the way through the level to the doorway.

Defeating The Black Knight

Ram red switches when Black Knight moves near them.

Defeating Master Mind

He will send out robots and space kooks. Defeat them and when the electric field is down, ram the red switches, Keep repeating this until he falls off his platform. Then, dodge his robots and supersmash them. When the electric field is down again, ram the two red switches and repeat two more times.

Defeating The Green Ghost

Daphne will open coffins. When the Green Ghost hovers over an open coffin, Super Slam the switch.

Beat Red Beards Ghost

Avoid the white ghosts, then bounce on the ghosts with the rainhats on. Stand next to a corner rope after you defeat the ghost, because Red Beard will throw his sword and cut the rope. Do this in all 4 corners and the treasure chest over his head will kill him.

The Hedge & The Helmet

When riding with Shaggy through the thorny ground, you can sit beside Shaggy and duck under some of the obstacles. This works especially well with the Gargoyles that breathe fire. When you get through the hedge, you have to climb the mountain- and that's where the Helmet is. Watch out for the shaky platforms, falling boulders and the Scarecrows.

Beat The Black Knight! the black knight there are several buttons on pillars under where the black knight walks. Hit the buttons from right to left as the black knight walks by them. After you press your first button the black knight will start throwing axes at you! Keep moving to avoid them. But watch out for their electrice bolts that shoot out. After you beat the Black Knight you will get the Anti-Stick boots. They allow you to run, jump, and charge on tar!

Get To Creepy Crawlies In The Hallways

First go to smugglers cove then go to shock on the dock part II. There is a pile of planks near the warp gate. Do a thunder smash on it and then you will get to creepy crawlies in the hallways.

Location Of The Springs

It's located on pier on the pier part 2.

Tips For Beginners

Beginners, when you get to the place where there are 4 floors, the bottom one topples, so if you don't want the caveman to get out of the ice, simply go through the floorboard PAST the ice block and let it slide you down. this skips the fact that you will get pummeled by the caveman's club. pretty clever, huh? Also, some big enemies are able for you to head butt them (run at them) this will make them dizzy for a while but can get back to normal. But the zombies in the hedge maze, unable to head butt.


All Warp Gates

L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and quickly press square square circle square square circle square circle circle circle.

Holiday Bonuses

Change the PlayStation 2 system date to one of the following entries to see special things at the front yard and the mystic playground:

January 1: Different fireworks. 
July 4: Fireworks and other things. 
October 31: Giant bats over door for decoration. 
December 25: Snow.

Get Every Power-up In The Game

Pause the game and press L1-L2-R1-R2, and quickly press O, square, O, square, O, square, O, square (3), O (2), square, O (3).

US Action Replay Codes

0E3C7DF2 1853E59E

Infinite Courage 

Infinite Gum 

Infninite Soap 

Max Scooby Snacks 

Have All Power-Ups 
CEA8C136 BCA99A82

Have Map 
CEA97C56 BCA99B84

Have All Monster Tokens 
DEA8C132 BCC89A82

View Credits

Pause the game, then hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Square, Circle(2), Square, Circle, Square.

All FMV Sequences

Pause the game, then hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Square(3), Circle(3), Square, Circle, Square.


Double-Jump Spring: Press X(2) while jumping. 
Football Helmet: Hold Square. 
Bunny Slippers and Lampshade: Press R2. 
Walk with Bunny Slippers: Hold R2 and walk in any direction. 


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Easter eggs

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