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  • September 3, 2002


First Winners

When you start You get 13, 000, buy the Little Purgeot for all Your cash. You will be Appreciated Beacause You will win a few races. When You've Bought Your Purgeot You will get a chrace ance, because when you buy Your car and go on the event race And see Same race (or something like that) You always start with the oval race, Click it and put Automatic or Manuel. Race against Your fellow Purgeots You will Win beacause You just start so they will be easy. Win and there You go when You start BUY THE LITTLE PURGEOT FOR ALL YOUR CASH AND U WILL WIN! ;).

Winning Speed Ring

This works if your racing on Speed Ring 2002 under "Official Race". When the race starts turn left into the lane closest to the grass, stay on the inside for the whole race.

Easy Money

Unlock the GT40 concept car from season 1 of the official races. You can buy it for $150,000 then sell it for $185,000 to $195,000 (maybe if you wish, sell it for $200,000). It only takes about one to seven game days to sell it. After you have sold it you will end up with $35,000 to $45,000 (or if selling it for $200,000, you will get $50,000) profit.

New Cars In Quick Battle

In quick battle, choose the car you want. Then Get 1st place on any track on easy difficulty. Go back to the select a car company menu and choose the manufacturer you just had. If you choose the new car each time and raise the difficulty and get 1st place each time you will have new cars after each race.

Gun That Engine

This tip works best with a car that has 300hp or more and you need a manual transmission . On the speed loop, if you ride high on the track and gain a little speed (without bumping the wall) if you get to a turn, down shift and cut across the track and head for the bottom. When you hit the bottom of the track shift back up to the gear you were in. Your speed increases by about 30mph. Because you don't have to brake as hard,and your heading downhill. If you have opponents on your tale, this helps to leave them in the dust. This tip will very for how gears your car has in it. (this doesn't work if your car is going top speed, or is going faster than the lower gear you shift into can handle. Try to stay between 140 or 150mph if your car can reach 180 or more, 120,130 for 160 etc.) This move must be excuted perfectally for it to work.


When your on a day that ends in a 5 (ex- 5,45,105) go to the drag race and lose to the first guy, now the day should end in a 6 (ex- 6,46,106) so go to the used parts shop with the same car and at the end of the list you will find a ? select it and it will say nitro which is the NOS. PRESS Y to use it. You can only buy one bottle per car and it only works in a DRAGRACE. HINT - Hold down the Y button so it will last longer.

Get Level 3 Turbine

When you get a car that can run in group B monsters, and is 4wd, if you drive in the group B monsters race for a long time (like 10 or 11 times), when you go back to the part shop, you can purchase the level 3 turbine for $30,000. But only 4wd cars can have a turbine that size. ANY 4wd car can have the turbine. Not just the car that you raced with to win it.(Rember that it can only be won in Group B Monsters.)

Extra Money Selling Cars

When ever you want to sell a car double the price then put it up for sell, so if you have a car and it tells you its worth $10.000 sell it for $20.000 sell it for double and you get extra money!!

Fast Drag Race With Z 28

Buy a Chevy Camaro Z 28. Go to the drag race and with a manual transmission, start out in fouth gear and rev it up real high. When you take off you will get a real fast time. It works better with the more horsepower you have.

How To Get A Cheverolet Chevelle

After you get the Dodge Charger in the drag races keep on racing until you beat your record time. after you beat you record time and win the Drag Racing Championship, you will get both the money and the Cheverolet Chvelle with 449HP.

Get Fast Beginning Car

AT the beginning of the game when you buy your first car. Buy a Puegot, the 13,000 dollar one. Take it into the Hot Hatch Event and easily blow them away on the course. You will win the Clio sv6.0 or something like that. It is da bomb against the first 3 official races when not upgrraded. Ssoup it up to beat the others. Then go to the drag racing and win the Dodge Charger. When fully souped up as far as can go right now. You can get it to 699 HP.

Dodge Charger

If you go to event race and go to the drag race and beat everyone you will unlock the 1968 Dodge Charger. It has 424 horsepower to start out with.

Earn Tons Of Extra Money

This is a simple way to earn lots of money. All you have to do is buy a car (it's better if you get a sports car) and sell it for more than you bought it for. Example: you buy a Lotus Espirit for 38,000 dollars and sell it for 50,000 dollars. Give it a couple of days to sell. 7 at the max and if it takes longer, your probably selling it for a little too much money. Keep doing this to make a lot of money.

Listen To Your Own Music As The BGM

If you know how to copy your Audio Cd's to the Xbox then this should be easy for you. After you have the audio CD copied to the system start up Sega GT 2002. Go to options and go to the very bottom to the option that says "BGM" and select it. Then when you select a sound track the sound track that you have on your system should be listed there. This is 100% guaranteed to work as long as you know how to copy the CD to your Xbox.

Get Nitrous Oxide (NOS)

On a day ending with the number 5 (e.g., 15, 25, 55, 125...) lose a drag race (in the event races). Exit the race and go to the used parts shop (the day should end with a 6 now). The last part should be "???", which is the NOS. It is $1950 and can only be used once, but you can definitely tell a difference.

Faster Drag Race Time

Find out how many gears your car has. If it has four gears, start out in 2nd gear. If it has five gears, start out in 2nd gear. If it has has six gears, start out in 3rd gear. This works for most cars but not all of them. It works very well with the Ford GT Concept.


We have no cheats or codes for Sega GT 2002 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Sega GT 2002 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Sega GT 2002 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Glitch: Free Park Or Upgrade

Purchase any part or upgrade for any car and have the exact same amount of money for it. You will recieve that part/upgrade for free. For example, let's say that you have 10,000 total money and purchase a tuned ROM upgrade priced at $10,000. You will still have $10,000 with you.


We have no guides or FAQs for Sega GT 2002 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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