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  • Shenmue 2
  • Fighting, 3D Fighting
  • Sega of America, Inc.
  • Microsoft
  • Teen
  • October 31, 2002


Bad Ending

Like Shenmue, Shenmue II has a bad ending if you take too long to beat the game. To see it in this game you need to play until June 31, 1987 in the game and then it will happen when Ryo goes to bed. The quickest way to do this if you want to see it is to play until the Zhangyu Barber's QTE and keep failing it. That way you can get to that date quickly.

Shenmue Manga Comic Book

Just go into your photo viewer on the main screen and press the X button to arange your photos. After about 3 button presses you will come to a page with hazy photos. These are people you need to take photos of during the game. Once you have filled a page, a gift icon will appear on the album. Highlight this and press A and you will be able to see Shenmue manga. Each page filled gives you another chapter.

Duck Race Event

1) When you're chasing Wong through the Lai Lai Eatery miss the QTE so that you crash into the girl carrying the tray. When you have your bag and have been to the Come Over Guest House, get some money (any way you can) and go to the Lai Lai Eatery. Talk to the older lady owner, then talk to the waitress whose tray you knocked over. Choose the option to compensate her and she'll give you the bronze medal. 2) Next, go to the Pine Game Arcade in Golden Quarter and go up to the third floor. Beat Eileen in a fight and then beat Izumi. When you manage to beat them you'll get the silver medal. 3) Go to the Tomato Mart in Golden Quarter and talk to Izumi. She'll take you to a duck race. If you win go to the part where you catch the leaves with Xiuying. After a couple of leaves you should see a feather floating down which you need to catch. When you've done this you'll get the option to catch a duck. Do it and go back to the Tomato Mart and enter the race. Keep racing it to improve it's stats and when you win you'll get the gold medal!

Attend Fangmei's Birthday Event

1) Talk to Fangmei every time you see her in Wise Men's Quarter. When Xiuying asks you to catch the leaves to get the Wulinshu boo,k quit and go to Pigeon Park (which is the big fountain in the middle of Aberdeen). Talk to Eileen, who is the martial artist training there. 2) When you're carrying the books to the temple library, finish them all before noon. You will have to run most of the time to make it, but when you finish you'll see a cut- scene with Fangmei bringing you tea. For the next few days don't finish the book carrying task. If you do, you'll get the scene again and mess up the sequence. 3) After you have the Wulinshu and have decoded the paper with Guixhang, wait until the next day and go to the Man Mo Bistro in Wise Men's Quarter. You will see Eileen and Fangmei together. Go talk to them. Now do the Chawan Sign at either the Man Mo Bistro or Heavenly Tea House in Green Market Quarter. You'll be told to go to the Come Over Guest House where you'll get a message to go to Man Mo Park in Wise Men's Quarter. Go there, get into a battle, and lose. This will trigger a second cut-scene with Fangmei. 4) After the scene when you meet Zhang, you'll see a scene with Xiuying. The next day, take a detour through Lucky Charm Quarter and see the cut-scene with Joy. Next, go back to the temple library for another scene. Go to the Man Mo Bistro and complete two QTEs. The combination for the first one is Down, X, and the second one is just A. 5) Go to the antique shops by the gate between Wise Men's Quarter and South Carmain Quarter around 2pm to find Eileen. She'll tell you about Fangmei's birthday. Next, go to the temple to find Fangmei, then follow her to a shop in Lucky Charm Quarter. After that scene, go talk to the shopkeeper. 6) On March 3rd, go to Xiuying's apartment where another cut-scene will occur. 7) Finally, when you you're about to leave Hong Kong and are supposed to say goodbye to everyone, talk to Delin, Jianmin, Guixang, Master Zhoushan, and Zhangyu (you should recognize everyone if you've been paying attention throughout the game). Then go to Xuiying's apartment for a cut-scene. If you've done all these steps correctly, you'll attend the birthday event when you leave Kowloon. Good luck!

Get Ryo Hazuky's Gun

This Cheat will include alot of work but is worth the hustle. The object is to get Ryo's Gun. To do this do the following. For one you have to get $300. Next you have to go to the Blue Skyy Cafe. Talk to the man playing darts. After go to work and get paid $50. After go to Pidgeon Park and find the arm wrestling matches. Wrestle the men and win twice in a row. He should ask you if you want to wrestle him for $350. In return he will give you a gun or a choice to double your money. If done correctly this cheat should work.

Keep Your Money From The Start

When you first get control and are informed of the free room, you should spend all your money on the capsule toys. After you go so far your bag is stolen. When you get it back, the money is gone. If you buy the toys, you can go to pawn shops to get your money back.

Duck Hunt

There is a secret mini game game which can be unlocked by going through many steps. First you must go speak to a couple people. The 1st person is a girl named Izumi, who works in the Tomato Convenience Store in Golden Qr, and the 2nd person is a girl named Eileen, who is practicing martial arts at Worker's Pier in Aberdeen. Next you need to go to an alley near the Green Market's Pawnshop. The boards that had been previously covering the door have disappeared, so you can go inside and pick up the items on the table. The medal gives you access to the 3rd floor of the Pine Game Arcade. Go up and participate in the $20 fight with Eileen. If you win a fight against her you can go back for a fight against Izumi. Beat her and you win the Silver Medal. Then go see her at her at her job and she will take you to a duck race that you can gamble at. If you want you can also catch your own duck at Man Mo Temple. Simply practice leave catching and grab 3 pairs of leaves consecutively. Then feathers will begin falling from the tree and if you catch one then you can attack the tree and catch the duckn that falls from it. It is difficult, but it is worth it in the end.

100 Missiles In Afterburner

Play Afterburner in an arcade and get to level 3. Press Left + X to get 100 missiles.

Free Rent

When staying at the "Come Over Guest House", the rent is $38 per night. To avoid paying, do not pay it in the morning, then stay out until 11 o'clock.

Sega Saturn FMV Sequence

Successfully complete the game and allow the credits to complete. An FMV sequence showing Shenmue under development for the Sega Saturn will begin.

Shenmue Side Story Volume 4 (Ryo And Chai) Option

Complete page four of the secret picture album to unlock the Shenmue Side Story Volume 4 (Ryo and Chai) option.

Shenmue Side Story Volume 3 (Xiuying And Ziming) Option

Complete page three of the secret picture album to unlock the Shenmue Side Story Volume 3 (Xiuying and Ziming) option.

Shenmue Side Story Volume 2 (Ren And Wong) Option

Complete page two of the secret picture album to unlock the Shenmue Side Story Volume 2 (Ren and Wong) option.

Shenmue Side Story Volume 1 (Gui Zhang And Joy) Option

Complete page one of the secret picture album to unlock the Shenmue Side Story Volume 1 (Gui Zhang and Joy) option.


We have no cheats or codes for Shenmue II yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Shenmue II yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Shenmue II yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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