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  • Action, Adventure
  • Climax/Digital Mayhem
  • Konami
  • Mature
  • November 8, 2007


Cash Register Code

The code for the cash register in ANDY'S BOOKS is 213.

The Basement Key

Go to the T. B WARD and stand near the control panel of the IRON LUNG. Press x to operate it. You'll see five pressure gauges on the panel. Under each gauge, is a button making five buttons in all. Counting from the left, you'll not need the second and the fourth buttons. I REPEAT: DO NOT TOUCH THE SECOND AND THE FOURTH BUTTONS. Now starting from the left, press the THIRD button once, the FIFTH button once, then the FIRST button once. Again press the THIRD button once, the FIFTH button once and finally, the FIRST button. If you do exactly like I said, the machine will spit out the BASEMENT KEY.

Target Pistol

You will find the target pistol in a chair inside WEST SOLARIUM in the sanitarium.

The Sanitarium Map

When you access the Cedar Grove Sanitarium, look for the door with the sign EAST SOLARIUM written on the wall beside it and enter then look to your right. The Sanitarium map is lying on the table. Pick it up.

The Golden Key

To acquire the golden egg in alchemilla hospital, go to room 202 in nightmare mode. You need that egg to gain access into the ladies washroom downstairs. Before using the mirror in that room to trigger NORMAL mode, go first to the rusty flashing toilet and retrieve the Plastic Liver from the cistern. Now go to the mirror and trigger normal mode where everything around Travis returns to normal. Go back again to the toilet and collect the Staff Loung Key. Now go to the Staff Loung and collect the Exam Room Key.

The Anatomist

I'm sure you have the alchemilla hospital Exam Room Key by now. If you have it, you'll find the last two Plastic organs in the Exam room. Also there is an anatomy doll lying there. Stand near it and press x to engage. You will get the glass eyes from this doll but listen carefully and follow this process: Place in the HEART first followed by the LUNGS, then the INTESTINES, followed by the STOMACH and finally the LIVER. The doll's eyes will open automatically. Stand near it's head and press x to collect the Glass Eyes.

The Alien Key

At the beginning of the game, Travis must go to ALCHEMILLA HOSPITAL to visit the girl he saved from the fire. Press the triangle button to view the map of SILENT HILL. You'll see various locations indicated by their names on the map. Go to the POST OFFICE, climb the stairs and pick up the Room 502 key on the floor of the stairs in front of the door. You can use that key later at the Motel.


NOTE:There are nine HIGHLY important items which needed to be collected to successfully complete ALCHEMILLA HOSPITAL. They are the following:
1)Plastic Lung (2)Plastic Liver (3)Plastic Heart (4)Plastic Stomach (5)Plastic Intestine (6)Staff Loung Key (7)Exam Room Key (8)Golden Egg and (9)Glass Eyes.
Once inside Alchemilla Hospital, use the elevator to get to the 2nd floor. Go to room 205 and retrieve the Preliminary Diagnosis Note on the trolley then attempt to exit. After THE ingame movie, stand in front of the mirror and press x to trigger what I call the NIGHTMARE mode. Everything around Travis will become old, rusty, dark and dangerous. There will be a box with a plastic lung in it. Pick it up.

Quick Way to Cedar Grove Sanitarium

Exit alchemilla hospital and take a look at you map. Look for BUTCHERS. Go arond TOWN HALL and take CIELO Ave then LOW St to BUTCHERS. Exit BUTCHERS through the back door and use TOLUCA Ave to get to CEDAR GROVE SANITARIUM.

Hospital Boss

To face the area boss of alchemilla hospital, go to the female washroom after you have acquired the Glass Eyes. Use the mirror to trigger NIGHTMARE mode then go back and stand in front of the Exam Room. Press SELECT and choose Glass Eyes from you items then select USE to fix the Eyes in the DEATH MASK on the door to unlock it. Enter and go into the DOCTER'S OFFICE to face your FOE.


The Heart

To acquire the Plastic Heart for the doll, go to room 204 in alchemilla hospital. You'll find an ice box containing the heart. You'll only be able to access that room in NIGHTMARE mode. Once in the room, go and stand near the box then press x to engage. The CODE is 312319.

Vincent from Silent Hill 3

Enter: Up,Up,Down,Down,Left,Right,Left,Right,X,O (the Konami Code) And you Should get Vincent from Silent Hill 3



Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding bonus:

Ambassador Accolades (Tesla Rifle, Space Outfit 
costume, and UFO ending): Successfully complete 
the game. Then, pick up "Room 502 Key" on the 
stairs at the beginning of the next game, and use 
it in the motel.

Brawler costume: Kill over 50% of enemies with 
only your fists.

Butcher Accolade (Great Cleaver weapon, Butcher 
costume that grants immunity from Straightjacket 
acid spit, and Bad ending): Successfully complete 
the game. Then, start a new game from your 
cleared saved game, and accumulate 100 kills. At 
the end of the game (not the UFO ending), you 
will see what Travis has become.

Cartographer costume: Check the map less then 25 times.

Collector costume: Collect more then 300 items.

Daredevil: Successfully complete the game without 
using any saved games.

Explorer costume: Run or walk over 22.5 km.

Fireman Accolade (Fireman's Axe weapon and 
Fireman Costume): Rescue Alessa from the fire at 
the start of the game in under 80 seconds.

Konami Code Accolade (Vincent from Silent Hill 3 
costume): At any time during your second or later 
replay, press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, 
Right, X, Circle.

Savior Accolade (Lonely Moon gauntlets weapon, 
Lonely Moon Leather costume, and Good ending): 
Successfully complete the game with the Good 
ending. The Good ending is the default ending 
unless you qualify for the UFO or Bad ending.

Savior costume: Successfully complete the game.

Sharpshooter costume: Kill over 75% of enemies 
with a firearm.

Sprinter Accolade (Fitness Costume that grants 
Unlimited Fatigue): Successfully complete the 
game in under two hours.

Stalker Accolade (Night Vision Goggles and Black 
Ops costume): Have the flashlight on less than 
three hours during the game.

Weaponsmith costume: Kill over 75% of enemies 
with melee weapons.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Silent Hill: Origins yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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