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  • Action, Survival Horror
  • Unknown
  • Konami
  • Mature
  • October 15, 2009


Little Piano

In the room where the statue of a man is standing near that of a worried lady, there's a couch, and in it, sat the statue of a little girl and beside her in the couch is a little piano with only four keys and pictures of a DUCKLING, a PARROT, an OWL, and a CHICK on the keys. Interact with the piano when the USE sign appears. Starting with the picture from the right side of the piano, press the key with the DUCKLING'S picture once, then press that of the OWL once, then that of the PARROT twice, and finally that of the CHICK once. If you do it right, the door will open.


When you get to the Principal's office with that lady, she'll ask you to hack the Principal's PC. You'll need to provide the Principal's password. Even though the password is SUNDAY45, it will not work if you provide it straight away. So click on HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN YOUR PASSWORD? CLICK HERE sign that's at the bottom of the Principal's PC. And if you are ask any of this questions, just provide the answers I have provided below. You'll be asked this
1)i said goodbye to bachelorhood, freedom and happiness, where? Ans:HAWAII.
2)wasted tree years in order to major in? Ans:GEOLOGY.
3)my only true four legged friend? Ans:NICKY.
4)the king of sport, a man's game of squash? Ans:RACQUETBALL.
5)probably the best Shakespeare comedy? Ans:TWELFTH NIGHT.
6)what is the name of my way-ward, waste of space son? Ans:OTTO.
7)my bitch of an ex-wife's name)ans:VALERIE.
8)the greatest baseball team without question? Ans:SHINERS.
You'll be ask yet another question which I have no answer for but will soon bring it out. The question is: MY STAR SIGN NOT THAT I BELIEVE THAT CRAP? I don't have answer to this one but hope to get it very soon.
Moreover, you'll need to answer only three question correctly before you'll be allowed to move to the next level. (NOTE)save your game before interacting with the principal's PC because another question will never be asked if you are ask the first question and you are not able to answer unless you quit the current game and restart from your last saved point. If all three questions are answered correctly, password will be reset to SUNDAY45. You can then enter it into the PC and VOOOIIIIILLLLAAA you are done.

Bio and Chemi Art and Planet

When you get to the courtyard, you'll see the statue of the founder of Midwich High School MR JOHN WYNDHAM. Behind the statue are the BIOLOGY and the CHEMISTRY LABS. In the chemistry lab, in front of the teacher's, desk/table, is another table with a frog/toad lying upside down--cut it open with the blade in it's body and get a memento then exit the room through the door near the teacher's desk/table to the next floor or continue to the biology lab. You'll see the shadow you've been encountering since you started playing the game. It'll run as usual upon seeing you. Follow it and you'll still go to the next floor. On that floor, right in front of you, are the signs PLANETARIUM directing you to the right and ART STUDIO to the left. The planetarium is a very interesting place one can be. When you get there, DIAL 555 2327 that is big bear's number. He himself will open the door for you. If you want to see the beauty of that room, SWITCH THINGS ON, TURN THINGS ROUND AND ROUND and if you wan to listen to how the world came to be which is a lie though, there's a number on an advertising sheet posted at where you'll exit. DIAL IT AN LISTEN. If you choose the ART STUDIO, dial 555 8465 that's little bear's number. She'll open the door for you. (NOTE)once you touch the door leading to the ART STUDIO, that of PLANETARIUM can not be opened again. And if you choose to open PLANETARIUM first, ART STUDIO will be locked. Choose wisely.

The Bridge and the Way

When you get to bridge, you'll need to lower it manually so get to the right side of the road and climb in the control room. Stand in front of the control panel and hold x when the sign appears to ignite the system. Four lights will then flash on the control panel but wait for it to start flashing one after the other. If it flashes BLUE, move the lever in the middle. If RED, move the left lever. If green do not touch ANYTHING. If it flashes YELLOW, move the right lever. If you do it right, the bridge will be lowered automatically then climb down to the car. If you don't get what I just said, DIAL 555 3411 on Harry's cell to call Jimmy Copra for guidance in the control room.



When you get to the Celebration Gift Shop, use this code 2050 to unlock the door.

The Gym Grounds

Before you enter the gym grounds, you'll need to unlock the door first. THE CODE IS 1031. There's also a memento inside one of the wardrobes in the same corridor where you'll be using this code.


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Easter eggs

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