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  • Simulation, Construction / Building Sim
  • Maxis
  • Electronic Arts
  • Everyone
  • May 5, 2000


Easy Money

At the end of each year(around Dec. 25)pause the game and raise taxes to 22. Unpause game and after Jan. 1st repause game and lower taxes to normal level. The higher your population, the more money you make. This can be used to keep taxes at zero to make residents happy but still make money.

Aging Power Plants

When a power plant is aging, you have to bulldoze it. Do NOT leave it alone or it will explode. When you bulldoze it just make another one, because it is better than it blowing up.


This is how you should make airpots.

1. NOT near residential areas.
2. Make them big.
3. On a popular steet.
4. It is OK to put them near Commercial and Industry areas.
(Same rules with seaport but with seaport make them near a big body of water.)

Museum Parks

If an area of your city has a low land value, simply build a museum park in the area, who's land value you want to raise. A museum park is a museum that is surrounded by parks and ponds, (I feel Large Parks work the best.) This is garenteed to raise the land value of the area of your city, but keep a lot of space, museum parks take up a lot of area. Museum Parks work expecially well with zones that are also touching water!

Building Tunnels

To Bulid tunnels, Make a very big hill. Next, build a road up the hill 2 or 3 tiles up. Now do the same number of tiles on the other side and it will say do you want to contruct a tunnel. Click OK.

Richer Apartments

Put a big high residential near the water and put a road to get to it. Give it water and power. Don't put your residentail area near HUGE comercial or don't put near industrial at all. That means industry, or garbage centers sims will get mad. Now put it in life your residential area should grow into very nice rich apartments. (Don't do this as soon as you start a new city.)

Planning A City

While embarking upon the construction of a new City be patient. Draw a rough sketch of a city you want: an ultra modern, medium sized or a small town. Select the terrain accordingly. Then the first thing to do is to build road network. Then provide zones for residential and Commercial adjacent to each other. Donot build an Industrial Zone near these two as it will generate pollution and pull down the land value. Then build suitable power plant(not near to Residential or Commercial Zones). Then Make sure that water system is adequate or your sims will run away. After that connect your city to any one neighbour through highway as this will ensure prosperity in your city. There should be a port (salt water with atleast 58 m deep) and an airport which should not be placed near any zone. Plant trees near airport and sea port and make sure that your city has hospitals, schools and colleges in the vincity of Residential areas. Now start up and be precise in your ordinaces.

All Buildings

Open and close the Power Plants menu
Open and close the Rewards & Opportunities menu
Open and close the Garbage Disposal menu
Open the Landmarks menu
EFFECT: When you open the Landmarks menu, you'll find that ALL the buildings in SimCity 3000 Unlimited are now available to you!


When you begin your city, make the police and fire budgets low (since they don't have as much ground to look over).

Hills And Water

Residential and Commercial zones that are placed next to water or hills will have higher land value.

Business Deals

Whenever you go into the negative, someone might come up to you with a business deal. The Gigamall and the Maximum Security Prison will not provoke any riots from Sims. But the Casino and Toxic Waste Plant will cause a few sparks. Do whatever you choose depending on your financial problems. Toxic Waste Plant:$400 per month Casino:$350 per month Maximum Security Prison:$250 per month Gigamall:$300 per month Total Monthly Contribution:$1300 per month Total Yearly Contribution:$15,600


An ordinance is something you put out in your city that makes water pollution, air pollution, garbage capacity, etc., a little better. But some ordinances cost alot of money per month, and the bigger your city becomes, the more you pay for that ordinance. SO, if you make an ordinance don't listen to the petitioners, listen to what your adivisors say; they know what they are doing and their opinion is 95% the time right.


Bulid high polution buildings and zones (airports, spaceports, max. security prisons) on your borders as far away from the rest of your town as possible. This way the pollution won't affect your town too much and the pollution will be shared with your neighbor!

Bridge Building

Fist, select a road, highway, or railroad and start on one side of the river. Then, click and drag until the "road shadow" reaches the other side. Continue to drag until it turns from red to blue, then you have a bridge.

Residential Areas

Do you want to live next to an industrial smoke factory? Neither do sims!

Mass Transit Praise

Start off your town's transit system with bus stations and roads. After you establish your budget and get a steady flow of income, build in subways and trains.

High Land Value

The more parks you have, the higher your land value will become.

Get All Buildings

Open up the power box. Then close it. Next you go to the rewards box. Open and close it. Then go to the trash box. Open and close it. Finally go to the Landmarks box. You should have all the buildings.


Access Cheat Mode

Press Control+Shift+Alt+c during game play. Then type in one of the codes.

Lots 'o' Locust

Type in "Locust Swarm" in the code menu. Then go to disasters. Do the locust disasters and they will be everywhere!

Cheat Codes

While in the simulator, press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + C to display a prompt box 
with a flashing cursor in the top left corner of the screen. Then, type one of the 
following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function:


All extra gifts		pay tribute to your king
All power plants		power to the masses
All water plants		water in the desert
High tech industries		nerdz rool
Stops advice		stop forcing advice
Traffic lights reduce pollution, traffic,
 and increase land value		traffic lights
Recycling plant, waste to energy
 incinerator and normal incinerator	garbage in, garbage out
Construction costs set to $0	i am weak
SimCastle construction, if Vinnie's
 offer was declined		zyxwvu
$100,000 donation offer from Vinnie	call cousin vinnie
Flock of birds fly over your city	the birds
Set "Disaster" to "UFO" for
 unlimited UFOs		ufo swarm
Change the sea to salt water	salt on
Change the sea to fresh water	salt off
Raises the terrain by one		terrain one up
Lowers the terrain by one		terrain one down
Raises the terrain by ten		terrain ten up
Lowers the terrain by ten		terrain ten down
Load grayscale picture as terrain	load terrain
"Sorry, Money Doesn't Grow
 On Broccoli" message		broccoli
"Aha! We Have A Real Pro Here!
 Try BROCCOLI" message	porntipsguzzardo
"Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da
 BAT-man!" message		bat
"If You Build It, They Will Come"
 messages			curk
"The Llama Is A Quadruped"
 message			llama
"Duo Ragazzi's Easter Egg Palace:
 Old World Charm In A Post
 Modern Setting" message	easter egg
"If You Lived Here, You'd
 Be A Sim" message		sim
"Dozens Of Hidden News Ticker
 Reveals; Sims Encouraged To
 Collect Them All And Amaze
 Friends" message		help
"What Will He Think Of Next?"
 message			will wright
"Investment Tip: Buy Low,
 Sell High" message		erts
"Not Just Sports Games Anymore"
 message			electronic arts
"[city name] Picayune: The Finest
 In Scrolling Entertainment" message	ticker
"Money Does NOT Grow On Trees,
 Study Concludes" message	money
"Keep Trying And Maybe You'll
 Figure It Out" message		simcity
"Greetings Mayor, Your Sims
 Salute You" message		hello
"Mayor [mayor name] brings
 [city name]To News Ticker
 Highlight" message		mayor
"Mayor Suspected Of Attempting
 Embezzlement; Ends In Failure"
 message			sc3k
"Secret Number Combination
 Causes Announcement
 In News Ticker" message	1234
"Did you know that MAXIS
 spelled backwards is SIX
 AM?" message		maxis
"MOREMONEY Not Cheat Code,
 Research Concludes" message	moremoney
"Mayor Under Investigation For
 Possible Embezzlement" message	advisor
"FUND Not A Cheat Code, Do Not
 Type MOREMONEY, It Is Not A
 Cheat Code Either" message	fund
"Unknown" message		simon says
Description of City Hall set to
 "Miles and Miles of Red Tape";
 date set to the year 1900	i love red tape
Mortimer will say the indicated
 phrase			force mortimer to say [phrase]
Moe will say the indicated phrase	force moe to say [phrase]
Constance will say the indicated
 phrase			force constance to say [phrase]
Marla will say the indicated phrase	force maria to say [phrase]
Randall will say the indicated phrase	force randall to say [phrase]
Gus will say the indicated phrase	force gus to say [phrase]
Karen will say the indicated phrase	force karen to say [phrase]
The petitioners will say the indicated
 phrase			force petitioners to say
If you have connections to your
 neighbors, they will start trying to
 make deals			let's make a deal


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