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  • Action, Combat
  • Zipper Interactive
  • Sony Computer Entertainment America
  • Mature
  • August 27, 2002


First Level

When you start shot the guard while he is not looking and then engage him. But don't engage until the other guard has been killed. If you do you will fail the mission. You can also kill them both at once if you wait until they cross paths. Use the rifle to kill them at one time.

When To Be Quiet And When To Be Loud

When you are being debriefed on the mission look at the map to see what you have to do you'll either need a sniper or a loud weapon.


To activate this "glitch", walk up to a crate/ledge/whatever Then, make sure you are facing the object. You must be in crouch position... Then jump onto the onject, when on press and hold triangle. While holding Triangle, press down on the left anolog. TO teleport, press left or right on the D-pad and shoot.. You should see a flury of colors, and MABYE will teleport... it does not always work..

Easy Boat Level Win

The first level in Socom is of course the easiest. Use the submachine gun on this level. When you take out the first two henchmen, quickly hide their bodies somewhere where the other henchmen won't find them. Then tell your team to fire at will. After killing the next set of men, go up the steps and kill the next two men and press the button. Continue on and kill the last bit of men until you beat the last bits of the level.

Defuse The Bombs!

In the third level you must defuse 3 bombs in the alloted time. To make things easier disarm the two bombs close together to the north east. Then kill the terrorist leader in building C. This will reset the clock.Then go for the last bomb. By the way, each bomb takes a little under 30 seconds to defuse. Good Luck Commander.

Defuse The Bombs

In the third level you must defuse 3 bombs in the alloted time. To make things easier disarm the to bombs close together to the north east. Then kill terrorist leader in building C. This will reset the clock. Then go for the last bomb. By the way each bomb takes a little under 30 seconds to defuse. Good Luck Commander.

Refill Your Clip Without Reloading

Once you kill somebody and you only have a few bullets in your clip, switch weapons with the guy you just killed and switch back, your clip is full without the cost of one clip.

More Weapons & Smarter A.I.

Beat the all 12 missions to get more weapons, i.e Desert Eagle, Uzi, and Grenade Launcher. The enemies will also be smarter and better shots. The more you play through the higher your rank will be, plus more weapons and more intelligent enemies.

Headset Commands

"Bravo open/close door" (when close to a door -- point at it with the crosshairs)
"Hands up, get down" (sneak up to guards and yell it)
"Bravo diffuse bomb" (when pointing crosshairs at bomb)
"Breech, Bang, Clear" (clear a room by pointing crosshairs into it - your team will throw in two bang, grenades, and a frag)
"Team low profile" (team sneaks around killing terrorists stealthy)
"I got a gun! What do you got?"

Hint: Mission 2

At the beginning, tell your men to hold their position and go to the right, up the hill. Stay to the left side of the hill while ascending it. You ill see an enemy fairly soon in the mission. uietly and carefully snipe him. There will be another one very shortly after the one you just killed. Continue on the cliff and you will reach a drop off to another cliff. Jump down. Walk slowly to the edge or close to it until you can see the small cabin. Snipe the man standing outside quickly with one or two shots. Then, tell your men to regroup after you jump down from the cliff and go to the cabin. There will be one or two men inside -- kill them quickly. Keep moving north -- that is where all the action is located.

Objective 1: You will find the Intel in the big place with the bridge-type object on the third floor. It is in the laptop.

Objective 2: The weapon caches are the boxes stacked on top of each other. Put C4 on those and that will do the job.

Objective 3: As one of the secondary objectives, blow up the generator with C4 as well.

Surrender Tip

To make an enemy surrender easier, throw a flash-bang grenade at the enemy, and wait for them to surrender. Most of the time they will because they can't see you, but it doesn't always work.

Stealth Kill Tip

When ever you need to kill silently, go prone, and sneak behind an enemy. You can sometimes do this from the side of an enemy too.

Bonus Manifesto In The First Level

In the first level "death at sea", When you have to plant the satchels, DON'T PLANT THE SATCHEL! Go to the room where you need to plant the satchel (after killing the guards) and look around. You'll notice a door behind the satchel sites. Go in, and climb on all the crates. One of them has a book called the "IRON MANIFESTO". Grab it, and it's yours!

Same Ammo

Have you ever picked up an enemy's gun, and went up to an ammo box and read what it says in the corner? If you pick up an AK-47 ammo box and look in the corner, you'll see that it says M16A2, instead of AK-47. If you use an M16A2, you'll see that the AK-47, and the M16A2 have the same ammo.

Night Vision/Zoom Help

Having a problem telling the good guys from the bad guys in the nightvision and zoom modes (NV/Z) of the weapons? Try this; When in (NV/Z) mode, tap the pause/resume button, then tap it again. All the guys on your team will ahve their names over the players heads just like in regular mode. If you exit (NV/Z) mode then go to back into it again you have to repeat the hint again to see the names again.

Secret Lag Spot (Desert Glory) ONLINE!

Go to the garage were the truck is go to the rock by the ladder. Then lay in prone position and crawl toward the coner of the rock and the wall. Then you should be inside the walls. This is difficult to do.

Peek Around Corners

This is a good tip if you are low on health, if you are entering a passageway with bad guys in it than just go up to corner of the passage and press the left or right D-pad and you will be able to shoot the bad guys without being shot.

Reload Your Gun

To reload your gun press down R3.

Change The Mode Of Gun Fire

To change the mode of fire press L3.

Secret "Lag" spots (Online Of Course)

In Bitter jungle, lay in the grass by the tree by the cave entrance near the seal stating place. If you lay in there you will be invisible!!

Mission 11

In the second to last round where you have to defuse the nukes, wait in the bushes at the beginning. Almost all enemies will appear and run towards you. Then, go up the stairs. If you wait outside, one to three enemies will run at you. Run through the entrance. Make sure there are no enemies on the left immediately as you walk in, in a little notch in the wall on the right and behind a table directly in front of you. You will go to the entrance to another room. Wait outside and point a gun at the little doorway. About five enemies will run out. They are easy to kill. You can either go through that door to reach the cave complex or go straight ahead. There are many enemies in front. If you run in and quickly run out and go to the prone position, you can kill up to ten or so enemies very easily. You may want to do this because you will have to face them on the way back to the extradition point. If you go through the first choice, you will pass a generator and go through a small cave out into the open. Be careful -- a sniper is up on a little hill to the right. Kill him and wait a couple seconds. Another enemy with a grenade launcher will appear. Kill him quickly. Go through the little passageway to a relatively open area. You will find a little doorway -- you must go through there. If you wait, the enemy should come out, but that takes a bit of time. Go in and there is one enemy to the left, two to the right, and sometimes a sniper up the little passageway to the right. When you are done with this part, follow the map into the a set of small rooms. Many enemies are hiding behind boxes and will run at you quickly. An intermission featuring the enemies saying how great they are will start. You will go down that dark way and see a large rock. Behind that is the doorway. About six enemies are in there. Do not go in. Instead, throw a few grenades and try to kill as many as you can. If u go in too fast, they will arm one of the nukes. This means you will have one minute to get it defused. If it does get armed, listen for a beeping sound. That is the nuke you need to defuse. There are also two or three enemies waiting in there. When you defuse that nuke, run across and arm the other nuke. You have about seven to eight minutes to get out. Be careful as there will be enemies running at you. The number varies, depending how many you killed at the beginning. Be very careful when running out of the complex the nukes are in. It does not matter which way you go. You will end up at the initial place at the beginning of the round. There is one last enemy hiding. He shoots and kills very fast. Turn on your nightvision to locate and kill him. There should be no enemies after that, and you can move to extradition.

Mission 10

You do not have to be stealthy during this mission. Arm your fire team with M60s, a silenced pistol, frags, and extra ammunition. When you start, there are two Tangos around the rock. The alarm may go off. If not, run to the beginning of the bridge. Instead of taking the path under the bridge, go to the end of the bridge. There will be an enemy at the top of the front gate. Take him out. There will now be a few more enemies in the area. Kill them, then go to the entrance of the compound. On the way there, take out the guard towers. The alarm will be going off. Tell Bravo to hold at the entrance -- do not let them enter. Next, go set a sachet charge with Charlie outside of the compound. When you set it, tell Bravo to enter the compound, then you enter. Wait a minute and take out all enemies. Make sure you get them all. There are two with MGLs. Next, disable the generater. There will be a sniper tower next to you, Take it out. Next, there are two buildings to the right of the tower. Follow the wall of the last building. Clear out the building. There are two Tangos on the first floor and one to three on the second floor. Take the map on a table on the second floor. Then, rescue Mr. Pickle. Tell Bravo to frag and clear the building. Then, tell them to wait outside of the door so you do not run into any uninvited guests. When you rescue him, tell Bravo to attack to Foxtrot. Run out of the compound with Mr. Pickle from the hole you made with the Satchel. Meet up with Bravo Element. Tell them to follow you to the extraction zone.

Mission 3

When you start, tell your men to hold there positions. Walk straight ahead and you will see a small path. Follow it and quietly sneak up behind the enemy. You will get a choice to stab him. Press Circle and he will die. Run back to the other side, where you first started. Sneak up into the weeds and prone down. You will see two more guards walking. You can snipe them from where you are located. Proceed forward quietly and you will see two more guards you can snipe without getting too close. Next, tell Bravo to stealth to the little shack. Go thorough the water and proceed up the hill. You will see a small hill with a tree and bushes. Go up that hill and prone down. You can now snipe the last guard. Then, run to Charlie and go up the hill to left where the wall is located. You will see something like a hallway. Go through there quietly and come around the corner. Walk up to the guard and kill him with a knife. Proceed to other side where you first came out and do the same thing to other guard. Then, tell your team to regroup and you can clear the area. Note: Two guards are on the top of the wall -- be patient.

Kill Magnus The Torturer Easy

When you get to the fence with two POWs on the other side you can shoot the all powerful Magnus through the cracks in the fence.This is in mission 7 or 8

POW Recue In Caves Mission 7 Or 8

After you save the two POW from Magnus you must secure the caves. Send Bravo to point Whisky and then go back to the bridge. once there just follow the river and there will be another entrance to the cave. Kill everyone from behind and secure the pow. then because bravos at whisky they kill everyone at the other exit where the extraction point is.

Easy Shooting 2

On any level, with a high powered rifle/gun you can shoot trough walls or ceelings to kill the tangos. In close range it works even better, you can even use a handgun. If you die and start the level again, and you know where the tango that killed you is (suposivly on another floor) shoot up at the ceeling, and if your lucky you will kill him, and if not that you will hit him, and if not that, you will miss completely.

Easy Shooting

On Level 2 select either of the sniper rifles They will be very good for shooting far away to hit tangos. With the scope and the long distance range, it will be very easy to succesfully kill every bad guy in the level, also make your secondary weapon a 9mm, it fires fast and it't actually more acurate then the Mark. Use the 9mm for close range.

Weapon Choice

Non-Silenced Weapons:
Kahuna:M-16A2-M203 or M-4-M203

Seal Choice:
Kahuna:M-4-M203 or M-16-M203
Spectre:M-82A1A or SR-25

Silenced Weapons:

 (Hint: Always give all of your men Double Ammo!!)

Kick Open Doors

First of all, if you are outside, make sure the door opens to the inside. If you are inside, make sure the door opens to the outside. Hold up+X while running towards the door and release the X button just as you reach the door and you will kick the door in, catching whoever is inside by surprise. Jester and Specter will do this every once in a while if you order them to breech a room.

Rifle Butt Combo

On level 10 ... Prison Break... when you start you can just run around the rock and hit both of the guards with your rifle before they even get a shot off, saving ammo and time while keeping quiet.

Level 10 Hint

Arm yourself with the M4A1-M203 and either the corresponding HE or Frag grenades for it. At the start, tell Bravo to Hold Position and then Able to Hold Fire. Next, CROUCH straight back from your exact starting position until you are on the small dirt road. Now, sidestep until the two men on the other side of the boulder are in plain sight. Get in PRONE position, select either Frag or HE grenades, and shoot one right at the chest of the Sadikahu Tango on the RIGHT. If you do not shoot the one on the RIGHT, and instead shoot the one on the LEFT, the RIGHT one will be left standing--not so if you shoot at the RIGHT one. This will eliminate/incapacitate both of them.

Easily Locate Enemies

Having trouble finding enemies on those missions with limited visibility??? Well there is an easy way to locate them. First, go to the third person view (so you can see your SEAL). Then just point him in any direction and watch his gun, if he raises it, it means there is a tango in that general direction!! Hope I helped... Note: If you zoom out after looking through your scope, he will have his gun raised, it doesn't mean there is a tango.

Choosing Your Weapons

This tip should help you choose the weapons you need, the type of gun you should use is a gun with good accuracy, range, and low volume. Now once you have chosen your gun go to equipment if you choose a grenade, you should choose the HE grenade, then choose your non-lethal grenade you can choose the smoke or the bang either one will do, after you chosen your non-lethal grenade you should choose the the extra ammo, this will double the amount of ammo for your weapon.

Kill Several Birds With One High Powered Rifle Bullet

Sniper bullets go through the target. That means it goes through people. So if somebody is standing in front of somebody else... lets say for example, a terrorist or mercanry, you could shoot through one and kill the other. I've killed three "Mercs" with one shot before on the POW mission on Lt. Junior Grade so I guess the bullet can just go through an infinite amount of people.

Easily Get By Snipers

Whenever ther is a sniper who is firing at you, just keep moving and even if he does hit you... it won't hurt you for some reason. You hear the bullet tearing through skin, but it doesn't hurt you. I don't know if it is like this on any difficulty higher than Lt. Junior Grade.

POW Mission Secondary Hint

No matter what difficulty you are on, this hint goes for them all. On the POW mission, the only secondary objective you have is to spot the enemy's sentry. This will be a good idea because if he sees you, he lets everybody know where you are. So, if you are stuck on LT. Junior Grade on this level like me, then this will be your key to success. Tell your team to hold their fire as you are entering "area one". Walk forward until you can see the "Lookout point"... big mountain hill thingy. (says lookout point on the map). Pull ouit your binoculars or sniper scope or whatever and look up at the sentry to complete the objective. Don't let him see you though. Then tell your team to fire at will and watch the sentry get peppered with bullets. If you have made any noise throughout the level so far, be expecting an ambush by two guards coming from a passage on the left hand side between a big rock and the side of a hill.

Cover Area Problems

Ever done this: "Bravo cover area"...."not today sir"...? well for those of you who have't figured this out, the problem is that when you order bravo to cover an area they can't see, they can't do it. For example, your whole team is on one side of a hill, you want bravo to cover the area on the other side of the hill, so you point the crosshairs at the area and give the order, bravo will give "negative" for an answer in some way because they can't see the other side of the hill. So get bravo to the top of the hill and try it again and it will work. Also, both specter and jester need to see the area if you want both of them to cover it.

Calm Sniper Hint

It's very annoying when you are trying to pick somebody off with a sniper rifle and the guy's hand is shaking which causes the rifle to move. So, to get rid of the motion, get into the prone position and leave the control stick alone for about 10 seconds or so. After a few seconds the rifle will stop moving and you can very slowly move the control stick to aim without it shaking anymore. If you move the stick fast, the shaking will come back and it's intensity depends on how much you move the control stick and how fast.

Tick Boomer Off

On any stage at anytime when there are enemies present, make sure boomer is near you activate your headset and say "Demons! Demons! Demons!" a whole bunch of times and boomer will go mad and jump up and pull a rambo on all of the enemies in the area.

Level 5

Once you get to the Ambassador's wife after clearing the Temple have your team follow you in to restrain her. Once she get's back up tell her to "Follow," then quickly tell her to "Hold Position." Tell your team to cover the door and point your crosshairs there as well. The terrorists will come to you, so just kill the four of them and extract the wife. This way your team does not get killed if you have them outside covering the area.

Prison Break

When you have Mr.Pickle (codename), get his map and hold up in the objective building, where you secure him . Do not try and run from the hellye.Go up stairs and shoot out the open upstairs door, until you see smoke! Then when running to Foxtrot don't get to close, there is one more objective that you can't run up on.

More Ammunition

If you have 10/30 bullets left in your gun and 5 mags drop the gun. Then pick it back up again and you will have 30/30 with 5 mags.

Just Some Tips

If you want to have a oerfectly executed mission, command the bravo element to secure one area while you and boomer in the able element secure another. Try to remain in stealth and not reveal yourself unless it is necessary. If you are in the rpone position, an enemy will almost step on you before he sees you. If you are unsure about an area, point the crosshairs in that direction and tell the team to lead you there. Just remember that if you are unsure about an area, room, or passage, send the bravo team in as the first to be where the "metal meets the meat". When you are under fire from an enemy, strafe from side to side like in all shooter games and the enemy will miss you more than he will hit you if he hits at all. Also, if you ever see an opportunity for a stealth kill, take it. It saves ammo and is completely silent. Just walk right up behind the enemy and press X to either stab them in the chest from behind, or smack them in the head with the butt of your gun.

Easier Way To Defuse Bombs

To get this done very quickly, just tell bravo to defuse one bomb while you go take care of the other two. Kill the terrorist leader in building C if you feel pressed for time but you should be done with plenty of time left to spare. Rescue the hostages and there ya go.

Unlimited M79 (grenades)

After you throw a grenade press L2, to choose secondary weapon, and the grenade will not be lost. You can check by looking in your weapon supplie or preesing R2. P.S. it wont work unless you have 6/6 grenades

Simple Stealth Kills

If you are low on ammo, or just fill like bashing somebody's skull in, we all know to use the rifle butt attack when close to the enemy. But the enemy probably doesn't really want you to do that so they are gonna turn around and shoot if you start runnning instead creeping very slowly. Well, it doesn't matter. You can keep running a little to the side of them while they are shooting and they will miss you most of the time. Just keep strafing towards them and you can smack them with your rifle. You have to creep up behind them to use the knife and it won't work if they turn around enough.

Terrorists Weapoans

Beat the game ranked "ensign" and unlock terrorists weapons in armory.

Multiple Grenade Launcher

Successfully complete the game three times to unlock the MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher).

Level Select

Successfully complete the game with the ''Lieutenent Junior Grade'' rank to unlock the "Level Select" option.


We have no cheats or codes for SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Ladder Glitch (only On Levels With Ladders, Works Online!)

The ladder glitch is somewhat simple (but must be done perfect). First get your SEAL or terrorist into the standing position. Then climb up the ladder, then slide down the ladder. immediatly when you reach the ground turn 180 degrees around. You should notice even though your back is to the ladder the "Climb" still appears, press X and your character will climb into the ground. This cheat works online also.

Hush Hush "Glitches"

Throught the Socom US Navy Seals On-Line gaming, there are some secrets, gliitches. A lot of people try to keep it hush hush. But I personaly think everyone should knoe about them. For example in Blizard, inside the terrorist's bacs, on the second floor, you lay a claymore in buy corner of the explosives, buy the door. Then run parallel with the door into the bombs then you will appiar ontop of them. Then turn right and jump. Congrads. Your on the roof.

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