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  • Action, Adventure
  • Sega of America, Inc.
  • Sega
  • Everyone-10
  • March 3, 2009


Make Swords

After unlocking the Three Knights of the Round Table in story mode, go to the blacksmith and click weapons. Click "craft" and if you have enough items you can craft a sword. Then click on "equip". Press "Z" to go to a character and click the sword you made for the character. Note: when you build a sword, it will be for whatever person you build it for. You have no control over who you build the sword for.

Easy Way To Get On King Arthur's Horse

While chasing king arthur jump and hold B and when caliburn glows swing the wii remote and if your in range sonic will fly forward and land on King Arthur's horse.

Sharpen Weapon

To do a cool sharpen weapon glitch all you have to do is. #1 Go to shrouded forest. #2 Select the Don't touch the ground challenge. #3 Select any character (besides sonic). #4 Make it to the first pink circle. #5 Instead of shaking the Wii Remote when it says so. Shake it early then before touching the ground pause the game quickly then restart the game. If done correctly, that character will act like they have hit the block.

Beat Dark Queen

To beat this boss, first dodge the attacks by pressing Z and A, keep doing that until you get close then shake the Wii Remote like it shows, you will get the soul gauge power then attack, for best results, fill the soul gauge until it is full then attack with perfect hits instead of constantly swinging. Repeat it all again. (note:watch out for the 2 swords)if you don't get hit and do the best results you should get 5 stars, she has 3 lives (with best results). You will be almost done with the game if you beat her.

Beat King Authur

To beat this boss first use soul gauge even if there is nothing to hit swing the Wii remote, Sonic will run and jump on King Authur, wait to shake the Wii remote like it shows, if you wore him out long enough, swing the Wii remote constantly then Sonic will jump off then do it all again though his attacks will be stronger. If you have not done it you will lose 20 rings. He only has 2 lives. If you beat him, that isn't all of the game. Note:It may take more than 1 try, though I have done it.

Easier Followers

First go to a mission, and complete it. After you complete it, on the bottom right, you should see a plus sign with a retry next to it. Press it, and you should do it again. Keep doing it, and when you complete it , you should get a lot of followers!

Easy Weapon Style Points

To get easy proficiency points, go to the boss you are the best at defeating and just keep on defeating him. Each time you beat him, you'll get a point for every star you earn.

Defeat Will-o-Whisps

These are hard to defeat but to defeat Will-o- Whisps, do soul gauge on them but instead of swinging the wii-remote, swing the nunchuk and you will kick the will-o-whisp. You have to do this from far away though.


We have no cheats or codes for Sonic and the Black Knight yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Unlock King Arthur In Multiplayer Mode

To unlock King Arthur in multiplayer mode, get all 5 of his legends.

Unlock Jet In Multiplayer Mode

To unlock Jet in multiplayer mode, just unlock the Great Megalith and defeat the Beat the Clock mission winning 5 stars. Hint: find an item that lets you get more points from defeating enemies with soul gauge and defeat them quickly by using homing attack.

Unlock Sir Lancilot, Sir Gwain, And Lady Percival In Story Mode

To unlock Lancelot, Gwain, and Percival in story mode, beat their bosses.

Unlock Silver In Multiplayer Mode

To unlock Silver in multiplayer mode, beat Lancelot Returns.

Unlock Amy

Beat the dark queen in story mode.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Sonic and the Black Knight yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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