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  • Action, Adventure
  • Sega of America, Inc.
  • Sega
  • Everyone
  • January 8, 2008


How To Play As Super Sonic

Select a race in normal race in the main menu and play as Sonic and press up, down, right, left, down, up, while playing as Sonic to transform into Super Sonic. This will only work in Normal Race not Story Mode.

Defeat Mobius Strip

First, get ahead of the pack and when Mobius Strip uses the black hole, hit the floor that is coming up. It will lead to him. Do this again and again until you do it 6 times in 5 minutes. That's how you beat Mobius Strip.

Water Slide

At the first Ramp of Aquatic Capitol instead of getting your hopes up thinking you'll get it by doing perfect timing. You won't - instead use gravity dive, but hold down the left analog stick while holding R1/L1.

Easy Skill Point Missions.

If you are having trouble on skill point missions, just use gravity control when doing a trick to fall. It should respawn you in front of the trick zone again. I would only recomend doing this once as there is a time limit.

How To Use Attack Mode Shortcuts With Boaeds That Run On Rings.

If you have no rings and are using a board that runs on rings. You can use attack mode shortcuts springs, boats, ect. Also, if you're using the caos emerald gear, keep in mind that if you get an attack mode item you can attack enemies but not take shortcuts. The only way for you to take shortcuts on that board is if you have no rings.

Trick Zone Tip

Get as close to the ledge as possible to do a hot, stunning trick.


How To Play As Mephlis

Enter djs4274 as a code.


Unlock Cream, Rouge, And Shadow

To unlock Cream, Rouge, and Shadow, you have to beat the Heroes Story.

Emerald Gear

To get the emerald gear, you must get extreme on every mission including the Babylon story.

Mag Gear

To get the mag gear, complete every mission on story mode.

Babylon Storyline

Beat the heroes storyline.

Unlock Silver, Blaze And The SCR Robot.

To unlock these three characters you need to beat the Hero and Babylon story.


You have to complete Gigan device in 1st place to unlock SCR-HD.

Unlock NiGHTs, Amigo, and Billy Hatcher

To unlock these three characters you have to finish every mission in The Heroes Story and The Babylon Story.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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