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  • Action, Adventure
  • Sonic Team
  • THQ
  • Everyone
  • February 5, 2002


Flying 'Till The End

At the beginning, find a high place, then fly off of it 'till the end with Tails.

Make Your Chao Salute You

Go to the TCG (Tiny Chao Garden) and feed your chao fruits and pet it. Once you fill up his Mood column he will salute you. (It might take a minute).

Alike Sprites

Go to the last level as SuperSonic and pay close attention to the sprite. Now, go to any level with Knuckles and glide and hit the floor. You will notice that the SuperSonic sprite and the Knuckles crashing to the floor sprite are almost excactly alike.

Have Tails Follow You

When you are picking which person you want to be, start at Sonic, then highlight Tails and press Down, then go to Knuckles and press L, finally go to amy and press R. Now press right one more time and that will lead you to Sonic when you get to Sonic press A, and when you start Tails will be following you.

How To Defeat SEM

First of all SEM means Super Egg Machine. When you obtain all 7 chaos emeralds beat the X-Zone with Sonic and when you beat it you'll turn into SuperSonic and fight the SEM. Now to deafeat it you start soring across the moon and the SEM will appear on the top and come down the keep on tapping the "A" and "B" buttons and it will be a snap.

Final Stage

Okay, the only way to do this is if you have all 7 chaos emeralds. It's harder than it sounds so good luck!

1st Chaos Emerald

This emerald is in Zone 1 Act 1. Near the end of the act, after you run across the wall, use Tails to fly up and look for a moving platform. When you reach the top of its climb, jump off and you'll find the bonus stage.

The Evil Robo Knuckles

Dr. Robotnic or Eggman has created a robotic Knuckles for you to fight in world 5, level 2. At the end of the level, Robo Knuckles is waiting for you to arive. Once you have arived, you must fight him. after you have hitten him a few times he will explode and his outer coverings will go flying, revealing that he is actually a robot. Be careful, because he's a little bit harder than he was before, because now he launches torpedos. The best character to fight Robo Knuckles is Knuckles himself.

Earn Rings For Tiny Chao Garden

To earn rings easier than playing the mini games all you have to do is beat the fist act with every character. Just beat the Act then reset and use another character. The rings you have collected in each act are given to the TCG for the Chao.

Play Like Sonic The Hedgehog 2

To have Tails follow you just like in Sonic 2. Go to the "Select A Character" screen. On Sonic press up, then move to Tails press down, then go to Kunckels and press L, now go to Amy and press R. Now move back to Sonic and select him with A. If done right you'll hear a ring sound.


We have no cheats or codes for Sonic The Hedgehog Advance yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Sonic The Hedgehog Advance yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

Emerald Eggs

In the TCG you can get 11 gem eggs. They are

Silver costing 500
Gold costing 1000
Ruby costing 5000
Sapphire costing 7000
Amethyst costing 8000
Emerald costing 10000
Garnet costing 12000
Aquamarine costing 14000
Peridot costing 16000
Topaz costing 18000
Onyx costing 20000 

Eggman Battle 1

When you first see Dr. Eggman, start spinning then release repeat this to beat him.

Colored Chao Eggs

When you start the Tiny Chao Garden and press the L button you can see a Chao Egg for sale. By saving and re-starting the TCG you can have the chance to buy other colored eggs. I have seen red, black, yellow, and green. They range in price from 0 rings to a whopping 20,000 rings!!!


We have no glitches for Sonic The Hedgehog Advance yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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