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  • Action, Combat
  • Microsoft
  • Ubi Soft
  • Teen
  • November 20, 2002


Hacking Into Feirong's Computer

On the 5th Chinese Embassy level, general Feirong is threatening to kill himself. Get to his office and grab him, then interrogate him. but while holding him hostage interact with the computer. After general Feirong has gotten the needed information , he will fall to the ground. What ever you do through this whole procedure, don't knock general Feirong out!

Automatic Gun

When you get into the level where you can start useing the bigger gun take anything that can be shot from your gun and equip it. Next make sure it is loaded, or connected correctly, then start shooting.

Keeping Stealth

To keep yourself unknown from people always make sure that you fully check a new area befor you move on. Another thing you can do is look around for a second way to get somewhere, then make a backup plan, just incase.

U.F.O. Vault

In the C.I.A. Mission there is a room entitled "U.F.O. Sightings." To go there, pass Mr. Mitchell Dougherty's office and then pass the key-code locked doors at the end of the hallway. Hang a left, then pick the lock to the U.F.O. Sightings office. Inside, there is a laptop. Access the computer. "Data Stick picked up." View your OPSAT, then click on the data stick at the end of the list. In the message is a six-digit number sequence on the text line directly below the subject. This number can be seen frequently throught the context of the correspondence. Use this number as the key-code on the door adjacent to the office entrance. Inside is a vault that is inaccessable. But, there is some reward for going through all this. On two of the three tables there are two "Sticky Shockers" and three "Sticky Cameras."

Throw Further

When you are throwing a can or a bottle, hold L to throw it harder and further.

Elavator (Presedential Palace)

After you use the code and open the door to the library, you'll will come to a hall with an elevator at the end. At the end of this hallway there are three guards. Two walking around the elevator and one staring at some door, the one standing at the door is on the right side with his back to the elevator. Now that we have the layout lets begin. After opening the door (the code is 66768) take out your pistol and shoot the light. turn on your night vision googles look right and you will see a health kit and ammo. Pick that up. Go down the right side about half way take out your SC-20K and shoot the light right infront of the elevator (hint: turn on the thermal vision to help you). The second you do this turn around and run in crouch to the room you were just in go out the window and just hang there until the music turns to normal. Go back into the hallway and go down the right side of the hall till your stealth meter starts rising but keep it to the far left, you should get pretty far. When the guys that walk aroun the elevator go past you go fast but dont run to that dark corner. If you look right theres that guy I was talking about looking at that door just simply sneak behind him, grab him, bring him to the door and knock him out, grab the satchel. Again wait for those guys to past you and run into the elevator. Remember though that you have to open the elevator and push the down button, both of these are on the right side of the elevator if your are facing it from that door where you knocked out the guy.

Three-foot Death

On the beguining of the second level, rapel all the way down the building and jump off when you are about three feet off the ground. The alarm will go off and you will die.

Steps You Should Take As Sam Fisher

For all the new people that are playing Splinter Cell these are the steps you should take to complete your mission

1. Avoid-no one can sound alarms if they can't see you.

2. Distract-throwing bottles, cans or anything else you can find to divert there attention elsewhere so you can sneak by. 

3. Incapacitate (Knock-Out)-this is if you can't avoid or distract, then you should take them out, there are two ways you can do this, either sneak up behind them and grab them or run up and punch them. Note: soldiers will take two punches and civilians or janitors will take just one. 

4. Terminate (Kill)-ABSOLUTE LAST RESORT! This isn't something like Halo where you can kill everyone in a level and still have bullets. Don't waste bullets on people they should be used for lights so you can hide yourself. Getting in a gun fight early on is stupid because you won't have your SC-20K untill the CIA level so using a pistol against automatic weapons is stupid. Also you don't get much ammo in a level, but sometimes killing has to be done just don't kill everyone in a level.

Gettin Past The Metal Detector (CIA Level)

First to use this hint you have to use "The Easy Way Into The CIA" by captinHOWDY9485. Now you are over the CIA at the main door. There are three people in this area one guy goin up and down patrolling,a guy that is at a counter in the far left corner, and a guy at a room in the far left corner. First staying on top of the door jump down when the patrolling guard turns his back to you grab him and knock him out and drag him to the dark corner on the right go to the left side of the room and go down the middle because thats where its darkest the guy will be looking out toward the wall on the right jump over the counter and land quietly sneak up grab him and bring him to a dark corner to knock him out. The last guy in the room dont knock out. Take out your handy optic cable and make sure hes facing away from the door. When he is enter the room and turn out the lights he will get alarmed and start searching. I've done this a couple of times he will turn right when he does take advantge and in crouch position run to the other door,down the middle, on the right side of the room. Open it and since hes lookin the other way he wont see you. Go through the open door that you will see on the left. Keep going and you will eventually reach a check point

The Easy Way In CIA...

On the beginning CIA when Lambert starts his usual complaining about what you have to do to get into CIA, just simply ignore him. There's a MUCH easier way into the place then the fans, and you don't have to avoid pesky cameras either. Firstly after the guard passes you on the start of the level run to the wall on the right side of the grass (near the main locked CIA doorway. Now as soon as the guard gets far enough away jump onto the small ledge and grab onto the other arched ledge that is over all of the doorways. Climb up and slowly walk to the other side of the arch (you'll hear the driver get searched and complain about him being singled out because of his "heritage" when you start to pass the van). Now drop silently to the ground (you should still be in the safety of darkness), and don't worry about the time limit, you won't be going into the basement. Turn on your night vision (if you haven't done so already), and look at the building wall, you should see a pipe, climb up it and you'll find out that only suckers go in through the fan section. You should see a vent open in the wall, go into it and drop down, and now you're officially "in" CIA headquarters.

Secret Area

In training, after Lambert tells you to look for the lights, run to the left wall and wall jump to it. There will be a door. To open it type in 5656 on the key pad.

Nikoladze The Zombie

On the Presidental Palace level, after you snipe Nikoladze, go back to the library. Take the mini lift up and into the previous room. You will see Nikoladze standing there well and alive. He doesn't even notice you even if you stand in front of him. It is quite fun to see.


In the CIA level, you come to a point where you have to perfectly have three people walking away and stuff. To make this a WHOLE lot easier sneak up behind the patrolling guard AFTER the guys finish taliking and knock him out. Then when you have to go through the door the code is 7687.

Caught Sleepin

On the Chinese Embassy the second time you have to go there, you will eventually get to a room where there are two guards asleep on bunk beds. This is a really funny way to get rid of them. First of all, there is broken glass on the floor between the two guards' beds, so walk slowly. Second of all, there is a medical kit on the bed on the left on the first guard's bed. 3rd of all, there is a frag and some ammo on the table in between the two beds up against the wall. Ok here's the funny part. Jump on one of the beds and you should be able to climb up on top of one. Jump down and land quietly on the table. Put a wall mine on the wall between the beds and quietly jump down and get to the other side of the room that is lit up. Grab one of the glass bottles that are lying on the floor. Throw it somewhere and the noise will wake the guards up. When they wake up they move... the wall mine blows up when it detects motion... a few seconds later the mine will go "deet deet deet" and then there will be a huge explosion and their bodies will fly across the room and catch on fire... and of course they are dead when this happens.This is all right before you have to use the thermal goggles to get through the first keypad locked door.

Saving Equipment On The First Chinise Level

Try to shot Sticky cams in the guards head. They will be KO at once and you can pick up the cams after using them!

Chat With Grimsdottir

On the training mission, there is a hidden room directly above and behind where Sam begins. When facing away from the wall behind Sam, go to the right-hand side. Double-Jump up to the edge, then enter the door. On the shelf is a lock-pick kit. With it, go to where the Covert-Ops section begins. There is a locked door. Pick the lock. Access the computer. "Note added to OPSAT." With this code, go to insertion point. Only this time go to opposite ledge and type in the code. Inside this Observation room is Grimsdottir, the technical advisor (Computer Geek).

Throwing Bottles

To throw bottles or cans from the "American's apartment" (this is found on the police level when you are looking for the black box), simply go up to one without any weapons out, interact (do this by pressing the 'A' button), and then press the 'X' button. Once you've done so, aim the bottle or can where you want to and press the trigger on the right hand side.

Thermal Goggles

Thermal Goggles help you see in the dark. You can use them by pressing 'left' on the depad that is the furthest depad at the bottom of the left hand side of your controller. Press it once to put them on. Press it again while you have them on, to take the googles off.

Avoiding Cameras

Sometimes there will be cameras on missions. These can cause a savire problem sometimes. To avoid getting seen by a camera. Shoot it out with your silenced 5-7 handgun. If you don't have any ammo to shoot the camera. Wait untill it points to the opposite side of the area you want to get accorss to. However - shooting out the camera would be easier. If you can't get to the camera with out getting seen by it. Shoot out the lights around you. Now go for the camera. Or use your Thermal Goggles to get to where you want to go.

Defusing The Wall Mine

To defuse the wall mine, wait for the red light turn green and then sam will pick it up.


It's best for you to stay crouched when going towards an enemy. Also when the enemy get suspicious and come towards you just stay crouched and find a dark place and wait for the guard to turn around.

Staying Hidden

It's a whole lot easier not to get discovered if you stay in the dark. If there's a guard or officer looking for you. Staying in a dark corner will not get you found so easily.


All Levels

Start a new profile and name it !lamaudite! and go to the level selection and you should have all the level .But dont forget the ! before and after it.

Keypad Codes

[Mission 1 - Police Station]
Keypad #1: 091772
Keypad #2: 5929

[Mission 4 - CIA HQ]
Keypad #1: 7687
Keypad #2: 110598
Keypad #3: 2019
Keypad #4: 110700
Keypad #5: 0614 (if Dougherty gets through the 
door before you can)

[Mission 5 - Kalinatek]
Keypad #1: 97531
Keypad #2: 33575
Keypad #3: 1250

[Mission 8 - Chinese Embassy, Part II]
Keypad #1: 1436
Keypad #2: 9753
Keypad #3: 1456
Keypad #4: 1834
Keypad #5: 7921

[Mission 9 - Presidential Palace]
Keypad #1: 2126
Keypad #2: 70021
Keypad #3: 66768


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