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  • Action, Comic Action
  • Heavy Iron Studios
  • THQ
  • Everyone
  • October 30, 2003


Secret Sock

When you are at the 2nd part of Bikini Bottom, go on top of the water Fountain. Swing your net and then you will have another sock.

Get Golden Spatula From Squidward

Jump around and break stuff in his tiki till he gives you a Golden Spatula.

How To Beat King Jellyfish

Dodge his attacks and when he thumps down hit him with the bubble net.

Path Through The Goo

At the flying Dutchman's graveyard there will be a half ship. To the left there is a tube with green goop pouring. Use your bubble cruise to hit the gray part. It will fall, and a path will be revealed near that ship. Push a red button in the chest. You will be timed. Be a ball and get the spatula.

How To Press The Button On The Wall Easily In The Libray

When in the libray at Spongebobs House, you have to press a button on the wall in order for you to get the sock in the air but, instead of using the giant ball to try to press the button you can jump on top of the door by pushing yourself against the door then jump and you should be on the top of the door. Then while the door face toward the button next to the door. After you face toward it jump toward and hit it while your jumping past and it should work for you.

Golden Pair Of Underpants

There is a golden pair of underpants on top of squidwards house in bikini bottem.

1st Pair Of Golden Underwear

When you leave Spongebob's house, go in between Squidward's and Patrick's houses and bubble bash the button and a moving platform will appear. Jump onto Patrick's house and onto the platform. Then jump on top of Squidward's house and there will be a pair of golden underwear.

Concept Art

Go to the third section of bikini bottom. Obtain 40 000 shiny object. Go to the movie theater and press R1 to enter, then press X to see the art.

3rd Pair Of Golden Underwear

The third pair of golden underwear is on top of the Krusty Krab sign next to the Chum Bucket.

Flying Dutchmans Graveyard

To get the golden spatula that is in the cage that opens when you step on the red button in the treasure chest, you get spongebob and go to around where the tilting ship hull is and look up and there should be a big pipe wih green goo pouring out. You then use the cruise bubble and shoot the big flap right above where the green goo it is pouring out. This will block off the goo pouring out. The goo level drops and you go back to the treasure chest, hit the button and then follow the path to the golden spatula.

How To Get On Top Of The Chum Bucket

Hit the 3 buttons on the side of the Chum Bucket with your Missle BubbleCruise Bubble thing. A bouncy life saver will appear. Jump on it to get on the Chum Bucket and there should be a Golden Spatula there.

2 Golden Pairs Of Underwear

The first pair of golden underwear is in a tube on top of the police station. The second pair of golden underwear is on the Krusty Krab sign.

How To Defeat Sleepytime Robot

Tiptoe near him and when your right in front of him wack him with the bubble net.

How To Defeat Arf

When you fight Arf hit him with your bubble net instead of bubble bowling him. It is alot easier.


Earn 1,000 Shiny Objects

Square circle circle square square circle circle square.

Free Cruise Bubble

Square, circle, square, circle, square (x2), circle (x2)

Get 10 Spatulas

Circle square square circle circle square square circle.

Spongebob Nopants!!!

To get spongebob to wear no pants, press circle (x4), square, circle (x2, square, circle, square (X2), circle.

More Health

Press circle (x4), square, circle, square, circle, square (x4).

Expert Mode

Pause the game, hold R1, R2, L1, L2, and hit circle (X3), square (X2), circle (X3), square, circle, square (X3), circle, square (X2).

Free Bubble Bowl

Circle, square, circle, square, circle (x2), square (x2)

Funny Death

With this code, Spongebob will split into several pieces when killed. Press circle (x4), square (x2), circle, square, circle (x3), square.


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