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  • July 1, 1997


Venom 3

If you have beaten venom parts 2 and 1 you can unlock three! It plays out differently than the others. It is hard but bat the path that covers all sectors on expert mode then get to venom part 2. Beat star wolf in this oder-andrew, pigma leon, wolf. Go in the hole and go through the paths in this order-right, left, r, r, r, l, r ad the stage will change! Beat andross and then you will fight his brain with fox's father over titania an that's how andross ghost gets there on sfcommand!

How To Move The Number 64 On The Title Screen

This trick is so easy to do. The only thing you need to do is to move the joystick around the screen. There's one more thing about trick, Fox, Peppy, Slippy, and Falco's heads will follow the number 64.

How To Beat Katina With One Shot

When the mothership shows its core, go and shoot a bomb at it. It would kill it with one shot and you just beat that level,

See Star Fox's Payment Check

After you finish the last level (Venom 1 or 2), see the game credits. After those you see your score registered, and you put in your initials. After that, press A. Then it goes to the scores screen. Before you do anything else, push start and you will see a check for Star Fox and General Pepper says something. Push A or START to exit it.

Area 6 The Easy Way

At Macbeth, shoot the eight switchs, near the boss. Once all eight have been hit, hit the swithcher, Big black box with a long metal peice on it. The tracks will be switched and the train will go right into the base. By doing this you get to Area 6 without beating the boss and you gain 50 hit points!

Asteroid Rings

In Meteo, somewhere at the beginning, you will see asteroid rings, go through all of the asteroid rings you see and you will get twin lasers.

How To Get To Solar

To get to Solar, you have to beat Wolf, Leon, Pigma, and Andross when they pop out by surprise before the sattelite blows up.

How To Beat Andross

When battling Andross' shoot for his eyes then when he goes to rub his eyes (which he will do) shoot for his hands. when he tries to suck you into his mouth hit your brakes and shoot a bomb. The bomb will go inside of him and it will blow up, he will die.

Astroid Feild To Katiena

In the astroid feild when slippy says "hold A to charge your laser", there wil be blue circles that look kind of like check points. You must go in all of them if you do you will go in another demention type where you can get lasers, gold rings, etc... then after you finsh that you can go to Katiena.

See Fox's Dad (The Right Way)

To get to the hard Venom, make sure that you make it to Area 6. You MUST go there. I know the place is hard, but I did it, so you should too. YOu can take ANY route you want, BUT MAKE SURE YOU END UP AT AREA 6!!!!! After you beat that, then Star Wolf comes to get you. They are REALLY hard, but if your life is low, ROB64 will send you a gray star. But it only happens once so you better not miss the call. After that, you will come in a tunnel. I don't know the good way to go, so just figure it out yourself like I did. Then you will fight Andross the usual way, except when he explodes, you will warp to fight his brain. It's ugly, with two eyes to fight, so aim for the eyes first. Somersaults work best. DO NOT GET CAUGHT IN THE BRAIN'S TENTACLES! They will hurt you bad. It hurts about this much:--- and that's painful, so, when you destroy the eyes, the electricity disappers and getting caught in the tentacles will hurt not even this much:- and that isn't painful. Then aim for the gray part. The brain can warp, but keep trying. One time the brain went right behind me, so I did a u-turn and crushed him. When you're done with this, the same thing will happen as I put in the other hint I messed up on, starting with Andross saying I'm taking you down with me. Here's the REAL way to see Fox's dad. Sorry to everyone I baffled. Hope this helps ya!

Expert Mode

Get all the medals to unlock this mode. Also it comes with a treat in the logo intro.

Extended Life

All you have to do is to collect the 3 golden rings to raise your shield.

Bazooka Mode

Get Expart medals on every world,beat Andross's Brain. Go to mutiplayer and you should have the option of being your character on foot with a bazooka.

Be A Person In Versus Mode

To be a person in versus mode Get a medal on venom in expert mode.

Rolling The Arwing And The Landmaster Tank

While flying the Arwing, you can double-tap the Z button to roll to the left, or double-tap the R button to roll to the right. Doing this in combination with moving the control stick left or right will allow you to evade obstacles better. This will also work with the Landmaster Tank. Rolling the Arwing has an extra benefit, it deflects enemy laser fire.

Get An Extra Life In Sector Y

Towards the end of sector y, fly in formation with your team. If you have double lasers, an extra ship will appear.

Different Ending In Meteo

Fly through all of the blue rings to get a different ending to the level.

Another Way To Sector Z

First go to Katina to get Bill (you don't have to but it will help). In Sector X at one point it will show three pink airows pointing left or right. Go to the left Faclco will say there is a warp. The warps look are are blue. You shoot, and as shoot they should turn red and open.

New Ending

In Cornairia City, when flying near water, fly under all the arches and falco will tell you to follow him. Then follow him and he will lead you to a different boss!

Go To Sector Z

On the level before sector Z, destroy all the spot lights in the level and beat the boss to warp to sector Z.

How To Stay Out Of Androsses Mouth

Simply put on the brakes and steer for the outside. Note: This doesnt allways work

Automatic Win

On the first level, crash into Frank Farlbichener.

Deflecting Lasers

If a enemy is fireing at you push then press Z. You will spin and all the lasers that are coming at you will bounce off of you. You have to hit the Z buttonuntil the lasers stop coming at you. (Won`t work with boms).

Warp To Aquas

Score 100 kills or higher in Sector Y to warp to Aquas, the submarine level.

Warp To Another 2nd Level

On The first level if you don't want to go to the same boring secound level(the one with the Rocky Place called omething like Astroid Feild?) than you have to save Falco from being killed by the Enemy fighters that follow him. After that than go through all the half rings that above the water. Falco will than lead you through a waterfall once you defeat the Boss you will be in a diffrent level than usual.

Expert Mode And More

You must earn a medals on all fifteen levels to unlock expert mode, tanks in 
versus mode, and Graphic Equalizer in the sound test. To earn a medal, you must 
either get or exceed the number of hits listed below for each level.

Level	Hits


Corneria  	150
Meteo  	200
Fortuna  	50
Sector X  	150
Titania  	150
Boluse  	150
Venom  	200


Katina  	150
Solar  	100
Macbeth  	150

Sector Y  	150
Aquas  	150
Zoness  	300
Sector Z  	100
Area 6  	300
Venom 2  	200

New Title Screen

Earn all the medals in Expert mode.

Play On Foot In Versus Mode

Earn a medal on Venom in Expert mode.

Play With Tanks In Versus Mode

Earn a medal on Venom.


Move Heads

At the title screen, move the analog control stick around and the Star Fox crew will follow the moving numbers 64 with their heads.

Turn Off Cross-hair

Pause the game and press R.


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Easter eggs

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