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  • Shooter, Vehicle Shooter
  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo
  • Everyone-10
  • August 29, 2006


Easy Win on Little Targets Level

On a level with a lot of different targets use a person with a good lock. This will allow you to lock on with a lot of the targets at the same time. Since you are supposed to be on a level with a lot of little targets, one or two shots will destroy the target..

See What The Fleet Contains

When you see a fleet/group of red dots that move towards the Great Fox. When you see them, press A on them and it will tell you what type of enemy, their attack, and their defense/health

Defeat Boss: Pigma

Pigma from starwolf is now a metal box. Shoot his four panels until they all match showing his face. A red core will appear. Shoot the core as much as you can before it is covered. Repeat this until you defeat him.

Defeat Boss: Bio Brain

Before you fight the brain there will be a line of swinging pyramids. After you take out all of the pyramids you will be able to damage the brain. Every time you shoot the brain there will be a decoy dropped that you must avoid. Keep shooting the brain until you win.

Nine Endings

This game has nine endings. These endings will depend on which paths you decide to take along the way.

Voice Recording

In the options menu, you can record your voice using the microphone. During the process you will be asked questions that you must answer in the microphone. After that your voice will be mixed. When you're done, you'll have the option to give your voice to the characters in the game.

Defeat Boss: Solar Satellite

The first thing you do is shoot off the tanks on each side of the satellite. Then you will shoot the middle of the top area until the satellite has too much pressure and sinks into the lava, but it will keep coming up so you'll have to repeat this. You can't lock onto this area and it has no certain glowing spots to shoot. Repeat this until you defeat the boss.

Defeat Boss: Death Crab

First the crab will be on ground and you will shoot its claws. Then it will start hovering and you'll have to shoot its claws again. Next you will shoot all of its legs. Last you will shoot the mouth of the crab until you win the fight.

Fog Of War

In most levels on the touch screen there will be fog hiding enemies and useful items. Use your stylus to clear fog. Fog will come back on every turn. You can not clear all of the fog on one turn.


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Key Of Destiny

At first you can only take the paths that don't have a lock next to them. Then after you finish the first ending you'll receive the key allowing you to access new paths along the game thus getting new endings.

Original Song Intro

After you have done all of the endings the music from the original Star Fox will play on the main menu.

Unlock James McCloud

James McCloud is Fox's dead father. You can play as him when you fight the Emperor Anglar in the "Dash Makes a Choice" level in Venom.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Star Fox: Command yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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