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  • Star Wars Battlefront 2
  • Shooter, First-Person Shooter
  • Pandemic
  • Lucas Arts
  • Teen
  • November 1, 2005


Abandoned Area

Go to Instant Action and put Hoth (on conquest) into your playlist. Then become the rebels and jump into a hoth speeder. Go out of the hangar then double back on yourself and fly above the base as if you are leaving the battlefield. As you fly over the base look on your mini map, land in the big pool of white (on your mini map) and get out. If there correctly you should see an abandoned hanger and trenches on the otherside of Echo Base.

Dooku Kill

To easily kill an opponent with Count Dooku, use force choke on someone and while holding down L1, press L2 and you will continue to choke them but now you will also electrocute them.

Get Underneath Stairs In Imperial Generator Room!

While in Space Battle, go into the generator room in an Imperial Starship. Go down any way you wish, it still works any way you do it. Now, from the point of view as if you were just entering the room, walk into the corner of the RIGHT (left if you're facing the door) side of where the staircase ends (there's a blue-ish pillar adjacent to it). If done corectly, you will be walking underneath the stairs in the Generator Room! From there, you can do all sorts of stuff! Btw, shots fired INTO the secret area will not go through, while shots fired FROM the secret area will go through.

Hiding Spot On Mustafar

First enter the invincibility code. Then put in the unlimited ammo cheat. Finally, where you see the bridge destroy the bridge control then go into the lava pit. You can also take over a command post there.

Fall Forever

First, choose "Space Hoth". Then choose a Rebel pilot. Next, Do the glitch were you can walk on the Rebel's assault ship (land perfectly in between the little forcefield an the outside). If you have done the cheat correctly, you may walk on the outside of the ship. Have fun a little bit, then make sure you have the Invincibility cheat on. Finally just jump off the side into deep space. Then you'll find your self falling forever, and if you get lucky, you might land on a ship. HAVE FUN! =).

Fall For 5 Miutes Straight.

Go to Instant Action and select Mustafar. Then pay as the Rebels/Clones and get enough kills to get Obi-Wan, then go to the Droids/Stormtroopers Base (by the giant spikey things). Then when you get to the base, jump off the side (make sure you have the Invincibility cheat first). Then you'll find yourself falling forever (it seems like).

Slo-Mo Run

Hold down the run fast button for 5 sec. or more. Then pull back and press circle at the same time. It may take more then 1 try!

I Hear Voices

When fighting on Dagobah, go to the underground tunnel. If there is no gun fire then you will hear Darth Vader breathing even though he isn't there.

Go Into Capital Ship

Have you wondered what the inside of the capital ship looks like? In Space Mygeeto, you can sneak into the interior while remaining in your ship. Facing the Separatists ship's bridge on the right side, you should see a crack. Try to fly into it. It may take a couple tries, but you should be able to pass throught the ship's interior.

Block Forever

To block forever, as a jedi, press R2 to block until your energy runs out. The MOMENT you stop blocking press R2 again and you should be blocking without using any energy. Jumping or attacking will end blocking. It might be kinda tricky to master but you will get it eventually.

Wampa Ownage

On hoth level in hunt mode, if you are the wampas you are like rampaging miniature rancors. 2 or 3 attacks depending on the type of troop to kill and sprint attack is always a one hit kill. You should never be the rebels cause even though they have the auto turrets and stuff, you can solo 30 rebel kills with a wampa before you die.

Be A Hero Aka: Jedi Or Sith Lord

To be a hero look on the bottom of the screen you will see hero icon. Press left on the directonal pad and choose a base to spawn as that hero.


In Tattuine on assault if you choose someone who can fly or Yoda go to the pillar on the corner with the bar. Fly/jump on top of the pillar. Fly/jump to the closest wall and you should land on a invisible platform.

Landing On Top Of Republic Frigate!!!

Go to Instant action. Click on Space Mygetto, this can work for anything. Once playing, click on Republic. Next, head for any ship, then lift off and until you are about to reach the sheild. Then land. This may take a few times. Finally, once outside make a left, then once you cross a ramp on the Republic ship jump off of it. A easy way is to look down to see the frigate. A good hint is to use infinite health. Then you land on the frigate. Enjoy!

Un-aimed 3 Shot Blast

The first thing that you need to do is go on any level at all, then be a Marine or a troop with a rifle. Then when ever you want, jump and while in the air, hold the fire button (R1) and the gun should twitch on an angle and forward three times about the same speed as the casual rifle ( keep holding until the rifle is normal). This is some times fun and some times useful.

Ghost Of Stealth

On the "Instant Action" level, "Space Hoth", Theres a glitch that is actually pretty cool. The first thing you should do is go on the level be the rebels, then be any guy then choose a ship. ( I prefer the Y-wing bomber ) next fly out to the Empirial Cruiser and to the left of it behind the heavy cannon, there should be a darker shade of gray that is shaped as an upper case i. Fly into the farther Horizontal line of the I and after two layers of cruiser metal, you should be in the ship. If you fly to the left of the in-side you should see the shield Generator, the life support systems, the auto-defense Mainframe and the engine cooling systems and once you first come in, you should also see the engines sticking out. Good luck trying it! (It took me a few times).

Get Into Imperial Shield Generator!!!

While in Space Battle, go into the Imperial Shield Generator room. Then, break the Shield Generator. Back away, then run & jump at the generator. If you jumped correctly, then you will be inside the Generator, plus you can repair it from the inside! Don't worry, when it's fixed, you will NOT die. In fact, you will be invincible! Shots fired from the outside in will be blocked, while shots fired from the inside out will ALWAYS go through.

Walk Outside Imperial Ship!!!

In Space Battle, play as OR against the Empire. Then, while in the hangar, jump into a TIE-Interceptor. Take off, and just before you exit the shield into space, land. If done correctly, when you exit the ship, your character will be walking outside the Imperial Ship! (This has been done MANY times with my friends, so if it doesn't work, keep trying :) ).

Behind The Walls At Mos Esley Assult

Lets begin at the starting menu. Click start. Choose any name. Go to 1 player (if you have 2 people go to splitscreen cause multiplayer is online). Next go to instant play. Click on add. Click anything. But you have to put in mos esley. Click assult. I know it says the 2nd era on it (for those of you that have seen the movies good for you those of you that haven't go ask a friend that has). When you get to mos esley assult click heros. Click a jedi. Then click on the arena with the ship. The glitch is all the way on the other side (the reason is thats the only way I know) then click select. Then a map will pop up. Then go to the closest evil base (i just thought of this you could be evil and the base is 1 closest to the top left corner on the map 2 its boxed in 3 you jump over the left back wall in the game not on the map and you are basically there).

Droid Killing Massacre!

This is not a cheat but nor do you need any but this is a crazy fun way too kill droids and gain lots of kills for your stats and if you need some extra practice. Choose death star level in instant action then clone wars go to options then hero then set it too unlock hero at 1 point then set the respawn time at 1 second the go to conquest put reinforcements at 500% and A1 units at max or 16 then start. Then choose republic side now go kill one droid so you will unlock obi wan kenobi then start at the command post in the upper left corner and kill droids on your way too there command post kill droids while near until you conquer the command post then you can go down the red hallway using sprint attack too kill any bypassers then takeover the next command post like you did the first then go too the circular room where never ending droids will be coming out of the left door kill all droids in the room then go in the door where the droids were coming from in there you can kill tons of droids without dieing because there all together then you can take down lots of droids at one time and where there command post is stay out of that room ( it is difficult too kill droids when they are spread out) so stay in that room and wipe out hundreds of droids in one life, you can also gain many medal from doing this and by the time you win you should have about 600- 700 kills if you did good and about 10-15 medals all in about 20minutes of Droid Killing Massacre!

Infinite Choke

Pick any Jedi that can choke and start to choke. Then change your secondary weapon (while choking). Then you'll see that your choking that character and your stamina is going up or is filled.

Bouncing Rocket

When on kasshek while being the rebels in galatic civil war get cewy and launch the guided missile. Fly it over the water then run it into the water the rocket wil bounce back up you can keep doing this. Over and over.

Play As A Jedi/sith For More Than An Hour

First go to instant action then choose options then assault then move down to reinforcements and press R1 a lots of times until the reinforcements are 1000. Then choose mos eisley and assault and then galactic civil war. When you r playing assault you have to kill all enemies to win. Default is that you have to kill 180 but if you change it to 1000 then you have to kill 1000 enemies. Enter the invincabilty cheat and choose heroes or villains. Tip: If you really like boba fett as me then do this steps and the ammo cheat, choose villains and there you go. This also works on conquest but the reinforcements can only be changed to 500%.

Tree Climbing

First go to kashykk and be the clones (it does not work with droids). Get a speeder and on one side of the really big tree boost up it. You can land on platforms or branches.

Easy Way To Kill An AT-AT

Fist you can (but you don't have to) have the cheat codes, invincibility and infinate ammo. Then go to hoth and be a reble vangaurd (the one with the missle launcher) go to the hanger with the and place four landmines on top of a snowspeeder. Once you did that get in and fly twords the AT-AT, then go all kamakazi and fly full speed into the AT-ATs neck and it should take alot of health out of the AT-AT (this sometimes doesnt work). If you have the cheat codes on, land somewhere where no one (especialy the AT-AT) can shoot you and place some more mines on the snow speeder.

Wrong Way

Play as the droids and have invincibility then land in the ship and take the strongest star fighter they have and fly out and land back in the hanger in the opposite direction then when a trooper gets in he flys into a wall and crashes.

Easy Way To Kill Tanks

First you have to have the invincability code on then ammo code get the shock trooper character and select the mines when you see a tank fire at it and come your way and when it does run up to it and throw a mine on it and KA-BOOM!

Double Shooting

First you have to have Jango. You can do the walking on air glicth or you can do it on the ground. You press R1 and L1 at the same time and it should shoot a missel and three bulets.


First do this : Instant action>>options>>conquest then move down to reinforcements and change it from 100% to whatever you want (10%-500%). This is increasing and decreasing the reinforcements and that means there are going to be more or less reinforcements! If you want to change press left or right but then you will only change 10% at a time if you press L1 or R1 you will change 100% at a time. This works on the other options as well like on hunt, CTF or assault to!

Recharge Weapons

When your primary weapon (gun, flamethrower) recharges you see five dots in the bottom of the reticule. When your secondary weapon (thermal detonator, rage) recharges you see three dots around the reticule.

Invincable Leia Without Health Cheat

First choose Leia in any mode. Then pause and enter the ammo cheat. Go to a ammo droid and use the invulnerability. (You can find it by changing your secondary weapon)If you wait a moment then you will see that you have 2 invulnerabilities and when you stand near your allies and use it everyone will get a shield and after a moment you will have 2 invulnerability's again. Note:You can only get a shield when you have any allies near you and you will still lose life but just a little bit. PS. After a moment when you have 2 invulnerabilities again your shield will disappear and you have to "throw" a shield again.

Easy Win In Space

There is a easy way to win in space. First choose the solider with the blaster rifle and the bazooka. Next take the fastest ship from the team your on. Than fly into your enemies hanger. After that use your bazooka to take out ALL turrets. Reload and use the bazooka to shoot the techy thing in the middle of the room. Go into the room on the left and destroy the computer thing on the wall. Do the same with the column in the middle room and the engines in the left room (by than the turrets might have regenerated and you'll have to destroy them again). After that just prevent any pilots or soldiers from getting into their ships in the hangar by either destroying the ships or shooting at the pilots. If you follow all these tips you shouldn't lose unless the rest of your team is sucking.

Frigate Walk

Have you ever dreamed of walking on your own frigate? First do Space Mygeeto, then do ONLY Republic. Then go into an arc-170 Starfighter. Then keep pressing X until your cockpit lands outer space (If you want to, then get out of your cockpit and blow up your ship, and use invincibilty)When you get out then jump onto a ledge and find the closest spot over the frigate. Then you try to jump onto the frigate. (You might land on the engines of the frigate). Then you'll be walking on the frigate!


Having trouble seeing? If you are a droidaka turn on shield and presto you can see bright as day. This also works on starwars battlefront.

Easy Kills On Death Star

Getting easy kills on the eath star is simple. First go to the lazer control room. (doesn't matter what team or era you are on) second take that cp (if you don't already own it) and select the guy with a shot gun. Then go over to where the bridge is leading into the room. If you turn right you'll see a control panel. Set a det pack underneath it. Run far enough back that the blast wont hurt you but you can still see the bridge. You might want to of turned off friendly fire because your team tends to stand by the control panel. When you see enemies blow the bridge. You might want to do this on multiplayer because this wont get you enough kills to win the game.

Walk On Republic Assault Ship

First, go to space Mygeeto and be the Republic. Next, go to the Republic Starfighter, and land it halfway in the hangar shield thingy. Then, get out of the star fighter and you should be on the side of the cruiser. Start walking left, until you see the assault ship under the cruiser. This is the part where I would put the invincibility cheat on and junp of the cruiser. Make sure you land on the assault ship, or you will fall into deep space. Finally, you can explore!

Get High Ranking Real Fast

Put the invincibility cheat in. Then run right out to the nearest enemy command poast and throw a bomb at the ground. Then take a blaster rifle and finish the survivors do that on every mission or when there a lot of enemies around.

Floating On Air

For this you must be on assault on Mos Eisley. You must become either Jango or Boba Fett in order to do this. Go on top of the destroyed rocket ship when you get on top of the rocket look down there should be a fence with a bunch buildings use you jetpack to fly over the buildings as high as you can. When you run out of fuel you should be able to float this should make a good sniping spot over the battlefield. (HINT: IF YOU ARE TOLD YOU ARE "LEAVING THE BATTLEFIELD" THAT MEANS YOU WENT TO FAR).

Jedi Power

Go to instant action and click the options menu then go to Heroes and have it say points and make sure you put it on 4 points or 1 point (s) and go to the bottom it say 90 second make sure you change it to (always) and go back to fill out your levels.

Follow Me

When your playing and you need help or you want to ambush or when you have to kill Queen Amidalla you press up and it'll activate Follow Me and when you do it it'll say FOLLOW ME in blue but you can't do it if you are a [HERO].

Walk On Air!

On Mos Eisley during assault (Heroes Vs. Villains), go to top farthest top right of the whole place near the heroes cp highest on the map run across the road and there should be a huge tower. To the right of the tower there is somewhat of a hole between buildings walk onto it and you will be walking on air!

Rancor Lost His Lunch

Play on the level with the Rancor go to the pit and have it eat you when he is eating you press start and go to respawn, yes, and then it will show a picture of the Rancor eating you and, its like an eater egg, it looks like he lost his lunch its funnier if you see it.

Easy AT-AT Kills

Turn friendly fire so it wont hurt you. Then go to hoth and be the rebels. Become a vanguard and head to Echo Base. Put mines on one side of a snow speeder. Then get along side the AT-AT and SLOW DOWN!!! Carefully bump the AT-AT with the mines. The mines will explode and you don't have to take the time to use the cable or set mines. This will take some practice to master.

Polis Massa Tip

When playing in the clone wars era at Polis Massa be the droids. They can walk outside without chocking and at the beginning of the battle they can beat the clones to there own command post. Command post three.

Using Mines

Turn friendly fire so you can not hurt yourself. Then you become a heavy trooper and go into a small room that has a command post. Then set mines everywhere that way while you are getting the command post the enemy will spawn into the mines and blow up. This will buy you some time to get the command post. Remember not to put the mines too close to each other or they will blow each other up.

Space Battle Kills

Fly into the enemy hanger with a marine. Then jump on top of a enemy ship(some you cant get on) Then start to shoot the enemy pilots if on of them makes it to the ship your standing on and takes of the ship will explode. You should not be hurt.

Play With All Heroes

To play heroes vs heroes, go to instant action, go to Mos Eisly, and then go to assault, then choose galatic civil war.

Easy Battle Wins

Once you go to any map on any side, you should make it a number one priority to capture all the command posts and keep all of them. then after it says "Game over in 20" or whatever, kill every opponent left in the map.

Ammunition Droid

Some of these droids can be found hidden in secret rooms in the first level. And when you are in the forest they can be found near command posts hidden in the trees or out of the blue some ware.

Command Post

If you always run out of ammo and can not seem to find a ammunition droid then you should go to a command post where it is most likely to find one.

Jumping Clone

At Kashikk be the republic and get in a republic tank. Make sure a person gets in the top part. Then get your friend to get in a barc speeder and go fast and jump up and hit the guy in the top part of your tank. Press pause when he hits the guy in the top part. The guy in the top part should fly out of his seat and you will be able to see him. Press resume and he will get back in the top part. (Multi Player Only) May take a few trys to master this move!

Guardian Sniper

At Corascant go to cp2 playing as a jet trooper. Go in the front entrance. There should be a staircase. Go up it halfway. Then jump on the top of the door. You can shoot anyone in the library but if you shoot hold back the left analog stick so you won't fall off.

Funny Space Walk

Go to any space battle and jump on top of any ship even the LAAT Gunship! But sometimes on the LAAT Gunship you fall through. When the person in the ship takes off into space you will get flipped backwards!

Trap Door Escape

At Jabba's Palace if you are a jedi, sith lord, or a person with a jetpack and you fall through the trap door you can boast or jump out.

Clone Dance

At Kasshak be the republic and put invincibility on and let your friend get in the beam cannon an get him to shoot you in the ribs or side and you should start to dance. (Only works in multiplayer!)

Death Star Invisable Platform

At Death Star be a person with a jetpack. Go to the bridge and turn left and go down the stairs. Turn right and walk straight until you get to the exit. Face the exit and jet up until you get above the door and fly forward. You should be on a invisible platform but you can only walk out a few inches.

Death Star Sniper Range

Go to CP5 at Death Star and be a sniper. Walk to the bridge and turn left and walk down the stairs. Then turn right and walk straight until you see a bright cylinder. Jump on the middle of it and you will not die. You can walk forward but not back or to the side!

Kasshak Sneak Attack

At Kasshak be the republic and go to CP4 and get on the platform. Look at the med. droid and ammo droid. Walk between the ammo droid and tree until you fall in a hole. Turn to your right and walk up. At the top you will see a large mountain. Walk torward it and then walk to the right. Then you will see bushes. Walk in them. You will then see a tree. Walk around it and you will be in a good sniping spot.

Invincibility On Splitscreen Mode

First go to Instant Action mode on single player. Go to any level and enter the Invincibility cheat. You should quit and get to the main menu. When you enter a level on splits creen you should both have invincibility. It doesn't work to just enter th code while playing the level on split screen.

Change Background

In the beginning of a level when you are at the respawn screen, press triangle and the background scene should change.

Death Star Sneak Attack

When on the Death Star run down the center red hallway and look near the floor to the left and there should be a gray square labled grate. Shoot it an it will break so you can run down it, but be carefull, you could be smooshed in the garbage room. Run out the other side and you can take your enemys from behind. Works well when invincible.

Step Into Space

Have you ever dreamed of being outside of a hanger? First you must be on the Republic's side only. Then get in a Republic starship. Lift off then land infront of the forcefield backwards. Get out of the ship. Then you will end up outside of the cruiser on the side. The good thing about it is you will not run out of air. It may take a few tries but you will get the hang of it.

Cheap Win In Space Battles

Alrighty then, this is really pretty easy. All you have to do is be a pilot. It doesn't matter which faction (Rebels, etc.) and first grab a ship, any ship. Then fly into the enemy hangar and go into any room with at least 1 autoturret. (It's easiest in the Life-Support System room since there's only 1 turrent there.) Destroying a turrent gets you 1 point, so destroy the turrent, fix it with your fussioncutter then destroy the turrent again. Keep fixing & destroying until you win.

Invincable Yoda

This only works with yodas levels with water. Just go into water over yodas head and he will be invincable to all beam wepons but explosions will damage him.

Getting In Houses Easier

Always endlessly trying to jump through the houses, but get sick and tired of it? Well Here is another easier way to get into houses. If you don't know what I am talking about, then scrool down and you'll see "Home of the kills". Read that and try it. You'll see it's endless jumping, But try this. When your under the purple thing, jump with yoda and jump again foward. Two or Three times and you'll get the hang of it.

Home Of The Kills

Multy player only! Do heros v.s. villans and be heros. Pick Yoda and go to the purple banner thing with the crate under it. Stand back and use force run> Then right when your about to hit the wall use jump and move forward while jumping. Make sure your under the banner thing when you jump. This may take a lot of tries. But when inside use "lock on" to someone and use force pull untill your target is close enogh to hit. Then atack enemies from the inside and the best part is nobody knows where you are and they can't hurt you.

User-guided Rockets

Go to assault on Mos Eisley (land assault). Then choose to be the Heros. Then be Chewbacca. Go to his Rocket Launcher, and it should be Self Guided.

Team Up With AI: Hero Kills

Ok, do a battle were there are all Heros. Ex: Tatooine, Mos Eisly; do an Assault Game. Now you can chose between Villains and Good Guys. Be the Villains, and be someone who can force choke, have someone follow you, then choke them and the other guy will strike. You wont usualy get the kill unless the other person strike and you finish them off with the choke.

Beat Land Kashyyk Easy

To beat land Kashyyk easily, capture CP4 right away before CP2. The computer will take CP2 and hold it for the ammount of time needed. After you control CP4, make sure you keep it. Then, go into the water and kill the droids to ensure the first objective is completed. After, you would probobaly want to get Yoda an d be him for as long as possible. What you do next is up to you.

Twitching AT-AT Head

Go on Hoth (not the space battle) as a sniper class (doesn't matter which faction)and get WAY back from an AT-AT. It should be far enough that the walker is barely seen in 3rd person. Use the scope on the rifle in first person and zoom into focus on the head of the AT-AT. The head should randomly turn staight down, turn directly around, or pretty much be in any unusually funny position. If it doesn't work the first time, move to another position.

Space Assault

When fighting in space, land in the enemy's hanger. Go into their control room, you can take out their systems such as life support, auto turrets, engines, and shields by laying time bombs on them. It takes 2 to take out their turrets, 3 for the life support and engines and 4 for the shields.

Body Guard

To get your own body guard, get an ally unit infront of yourb (preferably a wookie) then press the follow command and if it works the wookie will duplicate you exact movements and stay infront of you acting as a shield. If you get into a fight there is a large chance he will move from infront of you and fight but this is good to protect yourself from stray shots and snipers.

Polis Massa

My hint is that on Polis Massa, the droids can walk outside the airlock/forcefield. You can also command people to come with you and they will follow by pressing the up button on the control pad.



Pause the and press Up, Up, Up, Left, Down, Down, Down, Left, Up, Up, Up, Left, Right. If done correctly you should here a sound. Note: To turn it off redo this cheat.

Infinite Ammo

Pause the game, hold l2+r2 and press Up, Down, Left, Down, Down, Left, Down, Down, Left, Down, Down, Down, Left, Right.

Unlimited Ammunition

Pause the game then type "UP, DOWN, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT. This may take 2 times to work. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a conformation sound.

Jedi Dancers!

Pause the game and press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Left, Right to make every character with a lightsaber do the disco! But beware it doesn't work every time. Once it took me eleven times to make it work.

Get A Million Credit Points

To get a million credit points, pause game and press Up, X, Up, X, R1, R2. If you enter it correctly, you will hear a sound.

Funny Messages When Rebels Deafeted

Pause the game, hold L2+R2 and press up, down, left, down, left, right.

Alternate Soldiers

Pause the game, hold L2+R2 and press down, down, down, up, up, left, down, down, down, down, down, left, up, up, up, left.

God Mode

While playing in offline mode, pause the game and input Up, Up, Up, Left, Down, Down, Down, Left, Up, Up, Up, Left, Right. A sound similar to the effect you hear when you pause the game will occur. This code cannot be turned off until you shut off your game system.

Slow-mo Sounds

While playing, pause the game and input Up, Up, Up, Left, Up, Down, Up, Up, Left, Down, Down, Down, Left, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right. The code turns off only when your game system is rebooted.

Regenerating Ammo

Pause while playing offline and input Up, Down, Left, Down, Down, Left, Down, Down, Left, Down, Down, Down, Left, Right. A chirp similar to the one heard when pausing will occur. Your ammo counter will go down, but will refill instantly when reloading.

Party-time Jedi/wampa Hit Effects

Pause game play in single player mode then press Up, Down, Left, Down, Left, Right. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Repeat the code to disable its effect.

Easter Egg: Wampa Funnies

During Hunt sessions, pause the game hold L2 + R2 and input UP, DOWN, LEFT, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT for some eggy printed commentary.

Low Resolution Solders

Pause the game in Story, Instant Action, Galactic Conquest or multi-player mode and press Down, Down, Down, Up, Up, Left, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Left, Up, Up, Up, Left, Right. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear A sound similar to the effect you hear when you pause the game will occur. Repeat the code to disable its effect.

Low-res Soldiers

Pause game play in single player mode then press Down, Down, Down, Up, Up, Left, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Left, Up, Up, Up, Left. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Repeat the code to disable its effect.

Alternate Sounds

Pause the game hold L2+R2 and press up, up, up, left, up, down, up, up, left, down, down, down, left, up, down, down, left, right.

Disable Hud

Pause game play in single player or multi-player mode then press Up, Up, Up, Up, Left, Up, Up, Down, Left, Down, Up, Up, Left, Right. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Repeat the code to disable its effect.

Low Resolution Solders

Pause the game in Story, Instant Action or Galactic Conquest mode and press Down, Down, Down, Up, Up, Left, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Left, Up, Up, Up, Left. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Slow-mo Sounds

Simply pause the game and type in the code to turn it on. Single player! Up(3), Left, Up, Down, Up(2), Left, Down(3), Left, Up, Down(2), Left, Right.

No Hud

Simply pause the game and type in the code to turn it on. Single player and multiplayer! Up(4), Left, Up(2), Down, Left, Down, Up(2), Left, Right.

Party-time Jedi/ Wampa Hit Effects

Simply pause the game and type in the code to turn it on. Single player only! Up, Down, Left, Down, Left, Right.


Guidable Rockets

4 hits against 1 vehicle with a rocket launcher rewards you with Guidable rockets.

Precision Pistol

Get 6 kills with a blaster pistol in 1 life and you will be rewarded with the reward pistol.

Elite Rifle

Get 12 kills with a blaster rifle in 1 life, and you will get a EE-3 Elite Rifle. (must do 6 times in order to be given rifle)

Reward Shotgun

Get 12 kills with a shotgun in 1 life and you will be rewarded with the reward shotgun.

Beam Rifle

Snipe 6 headshots in 1 life (6 times) and be awarded a rifle.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Star Wars Battlefront II yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Walk Outside Empire's Ship (Glitch)

While on the Empire's ship in Space Battle, go to the hangar, and hop in a TIE-Interceptor. Then, begin to take off. Now, just before your ship exits the Energy Shield into space, land. If you landed to the point where part of your ship is outside of the Energy Shield, you have preformed this correctly. Then, exit the ship. You will now be walking on the outside of the Imperial Ship!

Glitch: Falling Forever

Choose empire on a space battle. Take a starfighter and fly over to the rebels assaultship. Go to the engines (when you are inside the ship, run to the cp). There should be 2 doors. Walk through one of them and then go to the room on the right side. There sould be 4, big, green containers). Blow the engines and go in to the 2 containers on the left side. Look to your left and there should be a small area were a trooper could fit in. Roll in to the area. Keep rolling and finally you will roll through the ship and out to the space. Note: Make sure that you have the health cheat activated, otherwise you'll die.

Glitch: Get In Yodas House On Dagobah

First you jump on the back of yodas house then face your back to the opposite direction of the big limb on his house to the left then you back up on it and push your character aruond it until he starts to twich and keep backing up and you will pop up in the tree then you run in the direction of the house and you are in.

Glitch: Fleeing Rebels

When your on Dune Sea level as the empire, capture the tusken camp, then become a sniper and start sniping rebels. If done correctly, the rebels will think you are a raider and will run away. For best results, place the speeder bike inside one of the tents facing outward, so if you are attacked you can flee.

Tantive IV Glitch

Go to Tantive IV and do 1 flag CTF and be the republic. Get enough points to be a jet trooper. Then at your CP go to where the cockpit is not the big room with all the stuff in it. Go around to the other side where the room ends and there is a hallway that goes in a semi-cirlce. Just before that hallway starts, jump up in the corner and you should go through the roof. Then you can walk around on the roof an shoot people. NOTE: Don't walk on any of the hallways. You'll fall through.

Cool Glitch On Coruscant

If you go to the library with a jet trooper from the republic, you have to fly up in all of the corners and one of them will let you go onto the roof. After you are up there you have to fly around a building to get to the central battle area. If you do it correctly you can walk around in midair and shoot people.(NOTE: This only works about 45% of the time.)


When moving around as a Jedi or Sith that can backflip or sideflip in assault mode on Mos Eisley, go up to a big wall and turn around facing outwards and press and hold the X button and jump once then when you are about to touch the ground again jump twice. Your Sith or Jedi has to be touching the wall so he cant be seen for the glitch to work. What happens is they jump and start floating until you get attacked and knocked over. If you try to sprint he will normally go but just stand up straight while sprinting.

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