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Qui-Gons Fish Theory

On standard game, prees enter then press 50 then press enter again. You will hear Qui-Gon say "There's always a bigger fish."

Kill Them Fast

To kill the bad guys fast in a death match, You should only bulid 2 troop centers, and a power core. You get all of your workers to collect carbon and set the rally points of your troop centers to the enemys base.(this should NOT be used in a campaign levels) You should send a wave of 10-20 troopers, and then sent the constant wave of troopers this should be done fast because, you don't want them to have defences.

A Helpful Tip 2

In the seige of Coruscant level, turn the team, "Coruscant" to be your enemy. then Luke can turn their many troops including landspeeders, twi'leks, and even a Lambda shuttle! Just remember to turn them back to ally afterwards.

A Helpful Tip 1

In the Siege of Coruscant level, use Master Skywalker to convert an enemy troop center or mech factory. Then switch the team "Coruscant" to enemy and convert some of the many prefab shelters that are scattered along with the other buildings.

Make Things Faster.

Select the troop center right click the ground alot of times and the troop you are making faster.

Instantly Kill A Unit

Any unit you have and don't like, simply select it and press "Delete" (Not Backspace) on the keyboard. It's pretty fun to use on Heros

Some Tips For Princess Leia Campaign Level 1

Once you have taken over the small rebel village, garrison your princess, C3-P0 and the jedi knight in the command centre. Go to the village to build a troop centre there so that you can train troops faster and it saves time because the enemy's troops will keep attacking. Try to build turrets to guard the remaining bridges that you were supposed to defend.

Find Out Allies Tech Level

When you are doing a random map game and you have allies, go to the chat box and then press the comment that asks what tech level they are in. They will then tell you what tech level they are in.

Get Resources

When you are doing a random map game and you have allies, press Enter and then press 38 and then press Enter. You will hear Nute Gunray saying, "I require extra resources." Then all of your allies with spaceports will tribute 500 of some resoure to you.

Get Allies To Attack

In a random map game where you have allies, press Enter then type in 31 and then press Enter again. You will hear, "Attack somebody!" Then your allies will say, "Right Away Commander!" They will send a large strike force to attack the enemy.

Free Population

If you choose the Trade Federation, you will not need to build Prefrabe Structures.


Corellian Corvette

Press enter and type "tantive iv" in the chat box. You will be given a slow-flying powerful war machine with which you can crush all resistance.

Imperial Star Destroyer

Press enter and type "imperial entanglements" in the chat box. You will be given an Imp. Star Destroyer. Have fun General!

Death Star

Press enter and type "that's no moon" in the chat box. A DeathStar will appear, now wipe the map clean! (this will not work if there are voices in the backround)

Simon The Killer Ewok

Hit enter and type in simonsays, you will then get a ewok named Simon the Killer Ewok. He is able to kill anything and is almost immpossible to kill.

Reverse Code

After you type either forceexpoore, forcesight, or forcebuild type it again to reverse the code.

Fast Resources

Press Enter to open the chat box type Forcefood and highlight it, press Ctrl+C and press enter, to retype the code simply press Enter and then Ctrl+V.

Easter Egg!

In the Chewbacca Campaigin, select the first level. When it loads, hit enter and type "Forceexplore" and "Forcesight" (It doesn't matter what order or if it's in capitals) Then look over to the right, you'll see something that looks like a desert, go there. You should see Captain Panaka and Obi-wan, hit enter and type "Simonsays" now you should have Captain Panaka and Obi-wan under your control, their on a mission to rescue the queen. You can play this as an actual mission, have fun!

Cheat Codes

While playing a game, press [Enter] to display the chat window. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:


1000 food 			forcefood 
1000 ore 			forceore 
1000 carbon 		forcecarbon 
1000 food 			forcefood 
1000 nova 			forcenova 
Remove fog of war 		forcesight 
Full map 			forceexplore 
Instant construction and research	forcebuild 
Destroy indicated enemy 	darkside[1-8] 
Destroy all enemies 		tarkin 
Win mission 			skywalker 
Killer Ewok 			simonsays 
Press [Comma] for invisible naval
 ship; screen must be over water
 when activated 		forceboat 
Speed boat with increased fire
 power; screen must be over water
 when activated 		scaryneighbor 


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