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  • Action, Adventure
  • Raven
  • Lucas Arts
  • Teen
  • March 18, 2002


Bespin Mines

In the Bespin_Streets level after R5 opens the door use your light saber to kill the people on the rail (or use the setforceall 9 code to walk them off) but make sure you have some bacta canisters ready and be extra careful, there are mines on the wall. They can destroy R5 so make sure you take them out quick.

More Saber Styles And New Mind Control

Bring down the console, activate the cheat mode, and type in "setforceall 9". You should get 2 new lightsaber modes and a new mind control that lets you play as your enemies for a brief period of time. (This is cool for making them jump off buildings, fight other bad guys, etc!)

Method Of Fighting Reborn

During the fight, when Reborn comes and attacks you, use Force Push against him. If you do it right, his lightsaber will fly out of his hand and it will give you a few extra seconds to kill him!

NPC Spawn List!

After bringing up the menu and typing "npc spawn", here are the things you can put in.

bespincop2 (no noticeable difference)
galak_mech (suit from doom_shields level)
glider (A stationary Ewok glider)
gonk (power droid)
jedi (brown hair, blue shirt, yellow lightsaber)
jedi2 (grey hair, brown shirt orange lightsaber)
jedif (jan in a jumpsuit with a yellow lightsaber)
jeditrainer (black outfit, purple lightsaber)
kyle (stands still with whatever weapon you have)
mark1 (big walker thing)
mark2 (little rolling guns from doom_comm level)
minemonster (things in the artus mines)
morgankatarn (ghost of Kyle's dad that runs in 
mouse (MSE droid)
protocol (droid like C-3PO)
ptotocol_imp ("Death Star" droid)
r2d2_imp (black droid)
r5d2_imp (no noticable difference)
rebel2 (no noticable difference)
reborn (red from bespin_undercity)
rebornacrobat (blue/black color scheme)
rebornboss (red/dark blue color scheme)
rebornfencer (green)
rebornforceuser (orange)
remote (Jedi training device)
seeker (also Jedi training device - one shoots at 
you, the other shoots at enemies.  I forget which 
is which)
sentry (floating attack guns)
shadowtrooper2 (no noticable difference)
test (stormtrooper that is identified as an ally 
and just stands there)

Defeat The AT-ST Method Three

Right when the AT-ST comes out, run to the right of the transport. Get out the DEMP 2. Run around and charge it up to full blast. Right when you see the AT-ST shoot and quickly run the other way. Again charge up the Demp again and shoot the AT-ST on the other side before it can turn around. Keep repeating until the AT-ST falls over. It should take between 5-10 fully charged shots depending on where you hit it.

Defeat The AT-ST In Cairn Assembly

Whenever the AT-ST fires at you, use force push and then the shots will go back and hit the AT-ST! (Make sure the crosshairs are aimed at the AT-ST.)

Defeat The AT-ST Method Two

Right when the AT-ST comes out, run into the bottom left corner in room with the big transport in the middle. The AT-ST will run into the light pole trying to chase you and all of its shots will hit the pole. Use lightsaber throw or force lightning on it. DON'T use force heal or duck down or it will be able to hit you.

Change Light Saber Strength

All you have to do is push "L" and look at the meter that is above the force meter and it will have gone from yellow to Blue. NOTE:This hint slows down your light saber speed.

Different Lightsaber Style

To change the style of how you use your lightsaber while playing a game press "L". You can change back to normal by pressing it again.

Get 3rd Person Mode

All you have to do is press "P" to change to 3rd person mode.


Skipping Levels!!!

At any time in 1-player, press Shift+~ and type in devmapall OR helpusobi1. Then type in devmap (any of the following map names)

NOTE: These are in order of which they come in the game (i.e. after you beat yavin_courtyard, you will go to the next level, yavin_final)

Fly A Tie Figther

Hold SHIFT and type in R2-D2.

Snow Snow Snow!

After activating the cheats (helpusobi 1 or devmapall) type "it's a snowy day" Note: do not include the ""

Get Certain Force Powers

To get the force powers that you want, hold shift and ~ then type devmapall and then use one on the powers:

setforcejump (1-3)
setforcepush (1-3)
setforcepull (1-3)
setforcespeed (1-3)
setforceheal (1-3)
setforcemindtrick (1-3)
setforcegrip (1-3)
setforcelighting (1-3)

Become A Ghost

Press Shift+~ and type HELPUSOB 1 and press enter. Then type NOCLIP. You will be able to fly and go through walls.

Advanced Force

In order to have advanced force powers, do the following:

1) Press and hold shift and press ~
2) Type in "devmapall" without quotations and press enter
3) Type in "setforceall 5" without quotations and press enter
Now when you use mind trick, you control the enemy you are looking at for a limited amount of time. If he has any type of gun, you get super repetitive fire. You also get Desann and Tavion's fighting style.

Activate Cheat Mode

Press SHIFT and ~ to bring up the menu and press devmapall.

Wireframe Display

Bring down the menu and type in: r_showtris ! (note the space before the "!") Now everything will have white lines and boxes. It's very fun to watch youself shoot something.

Change Game Speed

After bringing down the menu, type: timescale # replace the number with the speed. 1 is the default speed, .5 is half speed and 2 is double speed. The range is about .0000001 to 1000000. The faster speeds tend to be hard to control.

Bullet Time

Bring down the menu with shift + ~. Then enter helpusobi 1 or devmapall to enable cheats. Then enter thereisnospoon. This is not usefull unless bound to a key where you can activate it easly. To do this type in bind x "thereisnospoon" (for x press the key you want to bind). Yes this is a Matrix nockoff.

Imperial Commander Model

To play as an imperial with a darker outfit in multiplayer, bring up the console by holding shift and ~ and enter: model imperial/commander


Hold SHIFT and ~ to access the console then type DEVMAPALL followed by TAUNT.

Double Bladed Lightsaber

(1) Start a multiplayer game.
(2) Select your lightsaber by pressing "1" and then turn it off by pressing "1" again.
(3) Hold SHIFT and ~ to access the console
(4) Type devmap [map name] - Example: devmap ffa_yavin
(5) Then type /THEDESTROYER

999 Health/Armor

Hold Shift and ~ to access the console then type DEVMAPALL followed by UNDYING.

Full Force Meter

If you don't want to wait for your Force Meter to recharge then simply hold SHIFT and ~ to access the console and type DEVMAPALL followed by GIVE FORCE.

Flying Lightsaber

First type helpusobi 1,then bind any words example : bind h "taunt" :whenever you push "h" your lightsaber ill be flying.

Full Force

Hold SHIFT and ~ to briing up the console and type DEVMAPALL followed by GIVE FORCE.

Hidden Models

Hold SHIFT and ~ bring up the console then type one of these codes:

Blue Reborn - model reborn/acrobat 

Green Reborn - model reborn/fencer 

Red Reborn - model reborn/boss 

Officer in a gold shirt - model imperial/officer 

Kill Yourself

Hold SHIFT and press ~ to access the console and type DEVMAPALL followed by KILL.

Full Ammo

For full ammo type in "devmapall" and then "give ammo"

Get 100 Health

First type "devmapall" to activate cheats then type "give health".

Get 100 Armor

First type "devmapall" to activate cheats then type "give armor".

Create Allies And Enemies

In single player, open the menu (shift and ~) and type helpusobi 1. On the next line type (without the quotes) "npc spawn " For example, if you wanted to create Luke, you would type "npc spawn Luke" You can create any character from the game and they will react to you how they did in the game. Here are some people you can create. Allies: Luke, Lando, Jan, Kyle, Jedi, Jedi_Trainer. Enemies: Desann, Tavion, Reborn (all variations), shadowtrooper. A list of most characters is also seen during the credits.

Get Everything

Hold the Shift and ~ key to open the menu type helpusobi 1 then type "give all" (without the quotes)to get all weaopons, items, force power, heallth, and armor. Also, type in "undying" after helpusobi 1 to get 999 health and armor.

Disable Enemies

While playing a game hold Shift and press ~ to take you to the console screen. There type in "helpusobi1" to activate cheats then type "NOTARGET"

Fly A X-wing

First start a game then press shift and ~ then type devmapall and then type fly_xwing. If you did it right you will fly a X-Wing plane.

Realistic Lightsaber Violence

g_saberRealisticCombat 1,3, or 5. 1 weak - 5 hardcore. This code is the best cause you get to see body part fly.

Get All Items

Hold shift and hit the ~ button and hit enter them type in "get all" then hit enter.

No Touch

Hold shift and press ~ type devmapall hit enter then type noclip this will make you go through walls and locked doors.


Hold Shift then press ~. Then type helpusobi 1. The type God.

Get All Force Powers

Hold shift then press ~. Type helpusobi 1. Then type setforceall 3.

Change Lightsaber Color

Hold shift then ~. Type helpusobi 1. Then type saber color. Then chose a color and then type saber color ____ (on the ____ type the name of the color)

All Weapons

Press shift ~ , then type helpusobi 1, then press enter. Then type give weapons.

Drive An ATST In 3rd Person.

While playing the game open the console by holding down Shift and pressing "TILDE ~" Then type "devmapall" followed by drive_atst.


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