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  • Action, Adventure
  • Raven
  • Lucas Arts
  • Teen
  • September 16, 2003


Re-do Levels

This isn't exactly a cheat, but it requires cheats to work. I'm not sure what cheats exactly, just use god, undying, give all, and spawn a few things all during one of the missions that you can choose, like Tatooine, or Nar Kreeta, NOT one of the Hoth, Vjun, Taspir, Yavin, or Korriban missions. Let's say you have just done both of the Tatooine missions. Use all the cheats listed above, then some more for good measure, then, on the third or fourth mission, let's say Bakura, quick save, exit out of the game, (maybe turn off the computer, I'm not sure, but you have to exit the game), log back in, load the quick save, and finish the mission. If you did it right, then you should have the Tatooine missions back. The one you just finished, however, won't come back. I reccomend doing the Tram missions again. It's one of the best.

Defeating Foes: The Easy Way

Make sure to ALWAYS take the Tenloss Disruptor Rifle with you. If you know of an enemy somewhere in the distance, you can often zoom in and headshot them before they noticed you. This is especially handy in some areas where there are Dark Jedi and deep chasms.. *wink*

Sand Burrower Slaughter

On Blenjeel, your primary foe is the Sand Burrower. By all appearances, they can't be killed. I have found a way to do just that. It's easy enough. Just get a Sand Burrower to eat two Thermal Detonators. The second one will kill it. There are at least 15 Burrowers there, and there are at least three packs of TDs laying around.


Kung Fu Fighting

Press shift and ~ at the same time then type devmapall, press space and type iknowkungfu. you'll get all force powers level 3 and use kung fu.

Secret Star Destroyer

This requires the "noclip" cheat to work. First, bring down the cheat window by pressing SHIFT + ~ then enter "devmapall" to enable cheats. Then enter "noclip" while on the SECOND Korriban level. If you beat the game on Dark Side, then you know the part at the end where you're standing in the Star Destroyer's bridge. Enter "noclip" then fly into Ragnos' tomb. When you reach the giant bridge and lava chamber, go to the middle of the bridge, then, if the entrance is BEHIND you, fly through the left wall. Look around awhile and you should see what looks like a cube with stars and the Star Destroyer's bridge in it. Fly into the cube- thing. You can take noclip off and stand on the "space" or mess around in the ship. It's actually pretty cool.

Changing Saber Colors

When using the "sabercolor [1-2] [color 1] 


"sabercolor 1" will make the right-hand saber (for dual sabers) [color 
1]. "sabercolor 2" will make the left hand saber (for dual sabers) [color 
1]. "sabercolor 1 [color 1] [color 2]" will make the top part of the saber staff 
[color 1] and the bottom part [color 2]. For example, to have a saber staff (two 
handed saber) green, use the "sabercolor 1 green green" code.

NPC Codes

First thing you have to know is the "npc spawn" code. Bring up the cheat menu with SHIFT + ~ then enter "devmapall", then type in "npc spawn (npc name)". For those of you who don't know, a NPC is any character not you. I've divided the names into categories. Enter the code on the left EXACTLY as you see it. The NPC should spawn in front of your crosshairs.

Friendly: These are characters that WON'T attack you.

kyle-Kyle Katarn with saber and force powers.

kyle_boss-Kyle Katarn with special moves, the Kyle you face if you go dark side.

luke-Luke Skywalker with saber and force powers.

rosh_penin-Very weak Rosh with yellow saber.

jedi-Gray uniformed Jedi with 2 sabers I THINK.

jedi2-The Jedi Rosh is talking with in the cutscene when he says that Kyle is
holding him back.  Yellow saber.

jeditrainer-Jedi with black and red clothes and two purple sabers.

jedimaster-Jedi with doublebladed green saber.

jedi_random-Random Jedi species and combination.

chewie-Chewbacca with bowcaster.

rebel-Rebel Soldier like the one in the first scene when you arrive and crash on

jawa-Just a weak jawa.

mouse-Those weird mouse droids






Empire: Imperial NPC's, WILL ATTACK YOU.

stormtrooper-Regular stormtrooper

stofficer-Stormtrooper with flachette gun.

stcommander-Stormtrooper with heavy repeater.

rockettrooper-Stormtrooper with rocket launcher.

rockettrooper2-Flying trooper with rocket launcher.

rockettrooper2officer-Flying trooper with repeater.

hazardtrooper-Heavliy armored with repeater.

hazardtrooperconcussion-Heavily armored trooper with concussion rifle.  I
reccomend getting close and using level 3 lightning.

swamptrooper-From JK II Outcast, cool looking with flachette.

imperial-Imperial officer with gray clothes and DL-44.

impofficer-Imperial with tan clothes and DL-44.

impcommander-Imperial with navy blue clothes and DL-44.

atst-Spawns an AT-ST that will attack you.

Cultists: Force using cult members.

cultist-Cultist with E-11.

cultistcommando-Cultist with 2 DL-44's.

cultist_saber-Cultist with saber

cultist_saber_(med, fast, strong, throw, all)

reborn-From JK II Outcast, weak but fun to play with.

rebornboss-Cooler, stronger reborn.

rebornfencer-The game doesn't load the colors right so it seems to glow with black
and white.  Looks like a ghost.

reborn_new-New, more powerful reborn.

reborn_new2-New reborn with blue clothes.

reborn_dual-Reborn with 2 sabers.

reborn_staff-Reborn with staff.

rebornmaster-Super Reborn with single giant saber.

rebornmasterdual-Super Reborn with 2 sabers.

rebornmasterstaff-Super Reborn with staff.

desann-Boss from last game, dinosaur head, really strong.

tavion-Tavion from last game, jungle clothes and single saber.

tavion_new-New Tavion, no scepter.

tavion_scepter-New Tavion with scepter.

tavion_sith_sword-Tavion after being possessed by Ragnos, SUPER tough.

alora-Alora from Hoth, weak, one saber.

alora_dual-Alora from Taspir, two sabers.

rosh_dark-Dark side Rosh, medium level, red saber.

dkothos-One of the dark Jedi that heals Rosh.

vkothos-The other Dark Jedi.

ragnos-Ragnos ghost.  Cool, but only an E-11.

Miscellaneous: Other hostile characters.

human_merc-Human merc with E-11

human_merc_key-Merc with key from Nar Kreeta.

weequay(1,2,3, or 4)-Alien with bowcaster (numbers change color).

trandoshan-Lizard-thing with repeater.

rodian-Rodian with Tenloss.

rodian2-Weak, 2-hit rodian with E-11.

gran-Gran with thermal detonators

granboxer-Gran that attacks with fists.

granshooter-Gran with E-11.

saber_droid-Droid with a lightsaber for a hand.

sentry-Floating droid with guns.

interrogator-Floating droid with poison.

assasin_droid-Droid with shields, armor, and E-11 (use the electro, anti-droid,
Jawa gun).

rancor-Hard to kill, will kill and eat you even with god mode on.

mutant_rancor-Cannot be killed (except on Tanaab mission).

sand_creature-Worms from Blenjeel, will kill you even with god mode, look at the
moving sand, use thermal detonators to kill/distract them.

wampa-Actually spawns a wampa.  Will NOT kill you if you have god mode on.  Wait
until they pick you up and slash once with your saber(s).  They're arm will come
off and they'll die.

Now here's something I found out by myself.  For these next ones, use the code
"npc vehicle spawn (vehicle name)".  These are things that you can actually ride.

tauntaun-Spawns a tauntaun with a saddle.

wildtauntaun-Tauntaun without saddle.

swoop-Speeder bike in various colors.

NPC related codes:

d_npcfreeze 1-ALL NPC's freeze instantly.  They won't turn around, talk, attack
you or allies.

d_npcfreeze 0-Negates the freeze effect.

probe-Probe droid

snowtrooper-A stormtrooper from Hoth with an E-11

npc kill all-Kills all NPC's.  If you want to know the code for another NPC that I
didn't list, go to that level and enter this code.  Then, while still in the cheat
window, press pgup or pgdn to scroll through the NPC names.  That's how I found
most of these.

New Pets

When using NPC spawn, type one of the following for burowers rancor or mutated rancor

NOTE: When using these creaturs remember they are aggressive to all.

Set Force Power Value To Full

During the game, press ctrl and "~" to bring up game server screen, type in "devmapall" and then "setforceall 3". This will set all of your force power to full; i.e.; 3. Then press ctrl and "~" to return to game.

NPC Names

Use one of the following values with the "npc spawn [npc name]" code:

cultist (gun) 
cultist_lightning (untextured model) 
jedi_random (various helpers from the Academy) 
luke (untextured and no saber) 
protocol (C3PO) 
trandoshan (different colors possible) 
weequay4 (different colors possible)

Difficulty Settings

Use one of the following entries with the "g_spskill [number]" code:

0: Padawan 
1: Jedi 
2: Jedi Knight 
3: Jedi Master 
Values higher than 3 will progressively increase the difficulty setting. 

Dropped Lightsabers

Enable the "g_saberpickupabledroppedsabers 1" code to enable the pick up of dropped lightsabers. After a Jedi or Sith dies, you can walk up to his/her lightsaber on the floor. You will see a "Use" icon (hand with a finger on a button). Use it, and you will drop your current lightsaber and pick up his or hers. Note: If you have a saberstaff, you will drop your staff and pick up the saber, giving you a total of one saber. If you have one saber, you will pick up his saber which gives you a total of two sabers. If you have two sabers, you will drop the one in your left hand and replace it with his. If you have no saber (none in your weapons/inventory), you will pick up and end up with only one saber (until you pick up another one). If you have any type of saber (one, dual or staff), and you pick up a saber staff, you will drop any/all your sabers and pick up his.

Fighting Friendly Characters

Enable the "playerteam enemy" code in the console, then spawn "kyle" or "jedi_random" to fight them.

All Cheats

To enable cheats during the gamepress Shift + ~ and type devmapall. Now you can enter any of the codes below:

god - Invincibility 
notarget - Enemies don't target you 
noclip - No clipping mode 
kill - you kill yourself 
give health - health at 100% 
give all - Weapons health & armor at 100%
give ammo - Ammo 100%
give armor - Armor 100%
undying - 999 health and armor
quit - Quit game
shaderlist - Show shaders
devmap   - Load map with cheats on
levelshot - screen shot without console
where - Warp
setviewpos - ????
force_heal - use force heal
taunt - kyle taunts (map to a key if you want)
victory - End level
screenshot - Screenshot
thereisnospoon - bullet time
npc spawn  - Spawn character from list.  

npc kill all - Kill all NPC's (Non player characters)
d_npc freeze 1 - Freeze NPC characters
d_npc freeze 0 - Unfreeze NPC's
give  - Get item
give inventory - max inventory
setsaberall  - Get lightsaber abilities Force Cheats. 

setForceJump (level) (1 - 3)
setForceHeal (level) (1 - 3)
setForcePush (level) (1 - 3)
setForcePull (level) (1 - 3)
setForceSpeed (level) (1 - 3)
setForceGrip (level) (1 - 3)
setForceLightning (level) (1 - 3)
setForceAll (level) (1 - 3) - Sets Force Level of All Abilities 

setSaberThrow (level) (1 - 3)
setSaberOffense (level) (1 - 3)
setSaberDefense (level) (1 - 3)
g_saberrealisticcombat 9 - disemberment level 


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