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  • Action, Adventure
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  • Teen
  • July 16, 2003


The Absolute Best Combo For Char Class

So here is what you do, start off as a soldier so you don't have to waste time and levels getting the heavy armor feat, then when you get to the jedi enclave and they let you become a jedi finally, choose jedi guardian and you will have the force jump feat, now for an extra bonus go along the dark path and you will be the ultimate char. Enjoy!

Grenade For A Rancor

When you are about to enter the Rancor room in the Taris Sewers, you see an arm on the floor, retrieve the synthesised odor from it. When you get in to the rancor room, you see a pile of bones, go there and put the synthesised odor in it. Originally you are supposed to put a grenade and a synthesized odor, but you can save your grenade by putting just the synthesized odor. When the rancor comes over he will automaticly die and you will have a grenade left instead of wasting it. (You wil need it later)

More Money For Racing Bonds

Don’t sell the race bonds you get from the Hutt on Tatooine to any old merchant for 60 credits. Go to Yavin Station (Xbox Live upgrade) and the trader there will pay you 156 credits each!

More Unlimited Dark Points

On Dantooine after you fight Juhani, go back to Master Vandar and Ahlan Matale will come in and blab on. Go to the Matales' house and say you come on behalf of the Jedi council and Mr. Matale will come out. He will try to bribe you. When he does say, "Make it 2, 000. " He will deny you, but keep on doing it and you'll get infinite points.

More Powerful Jedi

This is kind of hard if you are not playing on easy mode. (of course you can always switch back). When you are on the endar spire you are required to level up. After that you can level up when ever you feel like it. If you do not level up your character until after you become a jedi you will gain Jedi levels rather than Scout, soldier or scoundrel. This means you will become a more powerful Jedi before you even get off of Dantoine! By level 20 you will have more force/Jedi powers and abilities.


You should go to Korriban last since you can't use Bastila on that one and you won't have her anyway. Would you rather have Bastila for 3 worlds, or 4 worlds. It's your choice.

Test Yourself

[on Taris] you go to the [any of them] Lower City Apartments and at least Carth with you. Here's what you do:

2: Pick ONLY ONE [Or 2 Blaster Pistols] AND ONE SWORD
3: Equip a belt [Optional]
4: Put an Energy Shield on your wrist [OPT]
5: Make sure you have alot of Meppacs, Antidote kits etc
6: Use an implant [OPT]
7: Use a mask [OPT]
8: Put on gioves [OPT]

Yavin Station Downloadable Content On X-Box Live

New Planet: Yavin Station Downloadable Content on X-Box Live.
There are 26 exclusive items that can only be acquired by making three well-timed visits to Yavin Station. Note that you will not be able to access all the items if you don't make all three visits. They must be appropriately spaced apart (as explained below), and you can't skip any visits. Don't worry, it isn't difficult. Just try to earn all the money you can in the meantime, because Suvam's premium goods are extremely expensive.
While the PC version of Knights of the Old Republic comes with Yavin Station, the X-Box version requires a download through X-Box Live (It can probably be acquired though the demo discs of certain overpriced and poorly-written magazines, but I'll leave that up to you). For some X-Box users, the initial excitement of Yavin Station might have worn off quickly because it isn't immediately apparent what treasures it might hold. This is because Yavin Station is a constantly changing location. You must visit it as soon as possible (right after Dantooine) and visit a few more times in order to progress certain events that take place there. Just as you must start early and be consistent in order to progress the conversations with your party members, you must do the same for Yavin Station.
Visit 1
After finding the first Star Map on Dantooine, you will be able to visit Yavin Station for the first time. Suvam tells you that if he doesn't have what you're looking for, you should try to come back again later. After you've discovered more Star Maps, that is.
Light Exoskeleton 10, 000 +8 Def Bonus +5 Max Dex & Adds +2 Strength, +1 Dexterity
Baragwin Shadow Armor 6, 000 +9 Def Bonus +4 Max, Dex & Adds + 9 Stealth
Advanced Stabilizer Gloves 8, 500 Adds +3 Dexterity +5 Blaster Bolt Deflection
Advanced Sensory Implant 3, 500 Adds +10 Awareness +2 to Dexterity
Advanced Bio-Stabilizer Implant 3, 000 Immunity: Poisons, Mind Affects
Baragwin Droid Shield 4, 000 Unlimited Uses

Visit 2
After collecting Two additional Star Maps, you can visit Yavin Station a second time with some new things to check out. Suvam is being pestered by a pair of Trandoshans, who sound very creepy but aren't all that brave. Regardless of what you say to them, they run of and leave you alone with Suvam. This time, however, he's got a lot of new equipment you can buy.
Available 2nd Visit
Heavy Exoskeleton 20000 +13 Def +2 Max Dex & Adds +3 to Strength & Constitution Environmental Bastion Armor 22000 + 9 Def +3 Max Dex Bonus Immunity:100% vs. Cold, Fire, & Sonic Mind-Affecting, Poison
Baragwin Assault Blade 9000 +2-12 physical +2-12 energy +2-12 Sonic/+17-20 CriticalThreat +5 Attack Bonus
Baragwin Assault Gun 15000 +3-20 Energy Damage +3-10 Sonic Damage & +5 Attack Bonus
Baragwin Ion-X Weapon 12000 +3-18 Ion & Bonus :+2-12 vs. Droid, +1-10 Physical Damage +6 Attack Bonus
Advanced Bio-Stabilizer Mask 6000 Immunity: Mind-Affecting, Poison, Saves: All +1
Advanced Combat Implant 7000 Weapon Focus & Specialization of Pistol-Rifle & Heavy Weapons
Droid Composite Heavy Plating 3000 +13 Defense Bonus for Droids
Baragwin Droid Flame Thrower 3000 Unlimited Uses
Baragwin Droid Stun Ray 3000 Unlimited Uses
Baragwin Droid Shield Disrupter 3000 Unlimited Uses

Visit 3
After collecting the final Star Map, don't head to the Star Forge system straightaway. Instead, visit Yavin Station for the third and final visit, which yields the best items. Not surprisingly, the Trandoshans have returned in greater numbers looking for blood. They are rather capable fighters, but if you've leveled your characters up appropriately, they shouldn't be much of a problem.
After killing all 7 Trandoshans, Suvan will show you his best merchandise, afterwards search the remains of the 7 Transdoshans to find:
20 Thermal Detonators, 1 Sonic Grenade, 3 Advanced Medpacs, 1 Hyper Adrenal Alacrity, 12 Antidote Kits, 1 Adrenal Strength, 1 Advanced Repair Kit, 1 Battle Stimulant, & 7000 Credits
Available on Third Visit: *After Finding All 5 Star Maps (Dantooine, Tatooine, Kashyykk, Korriban, & Manaan)

Mantle of the Force 25, 000 Color Crystal Enhances Properties of the 2 Power Crystals
Heart of the Guardian 20, 000 Color Crystal Enhances Properties of the 2 Power Crystals
Baragwin Heavy Repeater 19, 000 +3-22 Energy +4-24 Fire +3 Attack Bonus
Baragwin Disrupter X Rifle 16, 000 +5-26 Physical Damage, 20 Hit 19-20 Critical Threat Range
Advanced Agent Interface 10, 000 Adds +7 to (Awareness, Computer, Repair, Security, Demolitions)
Medical Interface Visor 5, 000 Adds +10 Treat Injury
Baragwin Stealth Unit 10, 000 +10 Stealth, +3 Dexterity +4 Awareness
Advanced Alacrity Implant 22, 000 +5 Dexterity Implant
Advanced Droid Interface 9, 000 +7 to Skills
(Awareness, Computer, Security, Demolitions).

Kiss Bastila

To kiss Bastila you have to talk to here wenever that mesage comes up say YES all the time after a while you can kiss her.

Answers For Jedi Test On Datoonie

Peace, Knowledge, Serenity, Harmony, Force

Free Duros From The Shock Cage

When you get to the Sith Military Compound, head North. You will reach a door right in front of you. Open it. Two Sith robots are waiting for you. Defeat them. Next talk to Duros and he will tell you to flip all switches to RED. Flip the two outer trap switches to red. Then flip the middle one. Duros will escape and have nothing to reward you.

Helping Elise

On the courtyard a woman named Elise is looking for her droid, C8-42. C8-42 is in the east side of the Sandral Grounds beeing attacked by a bunch of Kath Hounds. Defeat the Kath Hounds. Talk to him. For a light side result kill C8-42 then go back to Elise and tell her of his destruction. For a dark side result tell C8-42 that you will tell Elise the lie. He will attack you. Destroy him than go back to Elise and tell her that he scaped from you.

Get HK-47

Hk can be found in the droid shop on Tatooine. Yuka Luka will sell him originally for 5000 credits. You can talk him out of 5000 for 4000 and no lower! When you finally get him,he can handle heavy objects and is good for getting out of battles where you and another teamate are down.

Answers To Aincient Ruins Puzzle On Dantooine

After talking to the Droid in the room go either left or right into one of the other rooms. In the room on the right you battle a droid. After killing it the answers to the computer terminal's questions are Barren, Volcanic, and Desert. In the room on the left there is another droid destroy it and the answer to that Computer terminal,s question is Oceanic, Arboreol, and Grassland. The door behind the droid you talk to is now open.

Sith Tomb: The Final Test

When you are in the tomb of Naga Sadow on Koriban for your final test go to the room on your right. Here you will find two Teranatech. Now let both of them see you and then run away and they will chase you. Do a full circle of the room until you come to the back wall that they where guarding. Here you will find a lever, pull it. Now trying not to get hurt, run to the next door which is now unlocked. Once inside the next room the two beasts won't be able to come in after you which means that you can just stand back and throw granades or use force powers. Plus if you run out of FP then you can just sit back and wait, while they lumber franticly around the door!

Defeating The Rancor In Taris Sewers

In the room just before the Rancor, you will notice a dismembered arm. Search the arm, and you will receive an item (odor) that is supposed to lure the Rancor somewhere. Go into the Rancor room, approach the corpse pile, and search it. Take all the items. Search it again, then press X to enter "give" mode. Put in one frag grenade and one of the smelly synthesizers you got from the dismembered arm. Leave the item screen. The Rancor will approach the corpse pile, eat it, and explode. This saves you from fighting, keeps your health, gives you more experience points, and also saves you four or five grenades.

Moving Cerka Officers

I found a way to move the cerka officers on Kashyk. First you talk to the captain without making him mad. Next you talk to one of the workers and if you say the correct things he will give you the codes to the sonic device to turn it off. Put it in. Do this two times and the shields will shut down and a beast will chase them away. You won't have to fight it or get dark side points.

Droid Shutdown

On Korriban in the Valley Of The Dark Lords there are four tombs. One of these tombs is full of droids that attack you. Destroy all of the hostile droids and open the door at the end of the long straight corridor. There is a special droid that talks to you and tells you that he wants to leave the Sith world because he doesn't agree with killing people. He then asks you to help him by shutting him down. This is the correct order for shut down:

1. Combat
2. Motor Functions
3. Sensory
4. Memory
5. Cognitive
6. Emotional Construct Matrix
7. Creative
8. Core

Power Transfer When In Sith Tomb

When being tested in the Sith Academy, you will be required to perform a final task. You have to go into a tomb and find a lightsaber and the star map. Along the way there is a room where you must transfer the power to the right pillar without having it overload. There are restrictions but I have the order in which You have to transfer them (L for left pillar, M for middle pillar, R for right pillar):

1)L to M
2)L to R
3)M to R
4)L to M
5)R to L
6)R to M
7)L to M
8)L to R
9)M to R
10)M to L
11)R to L
12)M to R
13)L to M
14)L to R
15)M to R
The power will be restored and you'll be allowed into the next room.


After a fight use the transit back option. This replenishes your health without med-pacs. It does add time to the game. You can do this at every stage, but do it as often as possible to save those med-pacs for when you can't transit after a fight. This option is only available when you are in a safe environment. Use it often.

Make Any Character A Jedi

Play the game normally until you go to the Jedi counsel and are ready to become a Jedi. Speak to Master Dorak to select your Jedi class. After you select the class, wait for Master Dorak to finish talking, then immediately switch characters by pressing the black button. You will then find that whatever character is now selected will be given Jedi skill. The character will be able to use Jedi powers and lightsabers. BUT, the main character will not be able to use lightsabers. The main character will still be a Jedi and can use Jedi powers, but not lightsabers. If the character you select is the droid T3, then he will receive Jedi powers, but cannot use the lightsaber. In this case, your main character will still have the lightsaber skill.

Juhani Character

After you get to Dantoonie and become an apprentice go to the grove and fight Juhani (jedi). When you beat her she will not die and a dialog option will appear. If you decide to kill her then you lose the chance to use her as a playable character which makes the game harder. Keep trying dialog options until you get it right and she returns to the jedi training area. Note: After you get the right dialog answer and you mess up on the next one you do not have to say the same thing over to get to the next dialog option.

Character: Battle Droid

Once you become a jedi go to Tantoonie. Go to the Droid shop and there will be a droid there with the shop owner. Talk to shop owner and either pay the price or make him lower it with agressive dialog speeches. After you buy the droid go back to the Ebon Hawk to get him. Note: If you do use the very agressive speech dialogs you can't go back into the store.Also you will gain Dark Side points from Agressive Speechs.

Character: 2nd Jedi Who Can Join You

Go to Kashykk. After a while of running around you will be forced to go to the wookie village. After you recieve the quest there go down to the foest floor. Keep going until you meet another Jedi. He will take you to his cabin and you will learn why he brought you there. Do as he says and you will find the hunters you can work for them but you don't get a lot of credits. I haven't figured out a way to get rid of the hunter without getting darkside points so just kill them and go meet the jedi. He will now help you with your journey.

Get The Dragon Pearls

After you kill all the sand people at the enclave the leader will drop the map. pick it up and go towards the right rocks (in the Distance) you will now be able to enter. After wandering straight for awhile you will meet a hunter help him and do as he says to the get the dragon pearl (for Lightsaber) you can of course kill him to get another dragon pearl (recomended) the enter the dragons cave and get some more lightsaber crystals and see the star map.

Easy 800 Credits

To get an easy 800 credits go to the Vulker base and find the room with the swoop bike engine. There will be a guy who asks you to kill Gadon the Beks leader and open the footlocker that is in the room where you kill Gadon it will be locked but it will have 300 credits in it and the guy that told you to kill Gadon will give you 500 credits( warning this will give you dark side points).

Easy Path To The Dark Side

When you discover the stowaway aboard the Ebon Hawk, select the option "Get out of here, whoever you are! Right now!!" Then, before she leaves, talk to here again and select the same option. Continue to repeat as you gain 1 Dark Side point each time.

Keep The Sandpeople Robes

Once you obtain the robes and complete the associated quest, equip it to another party member when you select the option of handing it over.

Keep The Sith Armor

Once you obtain the armor and complete the associated quest, equip it to another party member when you select the option of handing it over.


Punch It Chewie!

Press Start And Go To Messages Then Press X, LEFT On D-Pad, A, X. You Get To See Over Your Head so its star-ship-like.

Voice Modulation

Note: You need two controllers for this trick. With your primary controller plugged into ports 1, 2 or 3 have a second controller plugged into port 4. While playign the game, press Black or White on the second controller to raise and lower the pitch of the in-game voices.

Alternate Ending

Note: You need two controllers for this trick. With your primary controller plugged into ports 1, 2 or 3 have a second controller plugged into port 4. Before you enter the final battle with Darth Malak (do NOT open the door), press L + R on both controllers for a secret ending.


We have no unlockables for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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