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  • Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader
  • Action, Adventure
  • Factor 5
  • Lucas Arts
  • Teen
  • November 8, 2001


Find The Generator On Razor Rendevoux

Can't find the last generator on Razor Rendevoux? Go to the bottom of the Imperial Star Destroyer. You'll see a gray ball. Shoot it and then you can hit the command bridge.

Tech Upgrade

One the Hoth level, when the shield generator is destroyed and you are heading for the transports through the big ditch or whatever, turn around to the place where the shield generator was and you should see a tech upgrade on the spot where the generator was.

Easy Space Missions

Space missions are the easiest for me, since you can move around a lot especially without auto- roll (it sucks A LOT). Razor Rendezvous, all you have to do is shoot a couple of TIEs, and then blast one Star Destroyer. Too easy. Make sure yoou have UNLIMITED lives-it's easiest. Shoot down some TIEs, make it easier for your weak fighter, then attack the orbs on deck. When they're destroyed, go for the round lump on the bottom (you may die trying to destroy the other generators, because it's fastest to kamikaze into them, and when attacking the reactor, don't be stupid and crash into the Razor, okay?). Brake for a bit at a distance, using lasers and secondary weapons alike, then, when you've run out of missles etc. just accelerate and crash into it. This will take about 2 tries at the most, depending how much shields left after taking out the other two. It's easy with cheats, isn't it? (lol)

Saving General Lando Part II

As you begin part two of level ten take out the fighters stalking the Falcon. More enemys will whiz over you shooting you as they pass. Drop as low as possible. Take them out and repeat the process of part one of Strike at the core, STAY ON LANDO'S TAIL! Open and close the S-Foils regularly. You will take damage hitting the walls, shots from the fighters etc.. By then R5 will offer you his services repairing your X wing racking up your sheilds. Repeat this process and bringing you to the Death Star's energy core. Once you take it out it is a race against time if you feel you are in trouble destroy yourself. It will save you the trouble of repeating the mission. Stay with Lando and get yourself outta there and win the battle against the empire!!

Saving General Lando

At the beginning of level ten, if you are Wedge, Lando asks you to provide cover as he makes his way into the core of the Death Star. Your best bet is to stsy on his tail at ALL costs. Open and close your S-foils repeatedly taking all of the hits. Do not ram into him! If you are destroyed don't worry about it. Whiz your way back to the Falcon's hide and destory any and all Tie fighters and interceptors you may encounter. This stratagy should serve you well.

Imperial Academy Heist Made Easy

When disabling at least 4 or 5 sensors take a left and it will lead you to another canyon leading to the academy. And, it will still count as disabling the sensors! Then when you are in the academy try to destroy the ties before the are operational. Then head for the turrets. DO NOT use bombs, it takes forever to blow them up. Get your distance and start shooting your blasters. And then (finally) when you get the shuttle, start rolling to dodge the fire. And then head to the big canyon. Then Y-Wings come and take out the ties.

Destroy A Sensor

On Imperial Academy Hiest, try destroying one of the Sensors. You'll be told your too close to one (no matter where you are) but you won't be told they have picked you up on them. (Try one at the begining, I havn't tried one near the end) Oh yeah, do this only during the day.

Lock-on To More Than One Target

(This only works with the A-Wing) When locking-on to a target you can lock-on to more than one. First you lock-on to a target, then don't press B lock-on to someone else as if you hadn't locked on someone else earlier. You can lock-on to up to 4 people at a time. This really helps like in Battle on Endor.

Easy Flying

In mission 10 hold the L button so it is easier to move through the second part.

C-3PO And R-2 D2 In The Hoth Hanger Bay

Go to the Mission Select Screen. Select the Battle of Hoth. While your in the hanger bay, go look around the second speeder on your right. Standing under one of the arches is C-3PO and his companion, R-2 D2.

Millennium Falcon Glich

(Note: This will happen four times in this level) Play Falcon in The Battle of Endor.(1) When you came out of hiper space it will show two falcons coming out of it.(2) Then when you are done blowing up the tie bombers it will show a scene and your falcon being shot at and chaste be three tie fighters and then it will show Lando's Falcon flying and shoting at a tie and blowing it up.(3) When you go after the Star Destroyers It will show your Falcon and Lando's Falcon fly to the Star Destroyers.(4)After the sheilds are down it will show a scene and Lando's Falcon and yours fly to the Death Star. Just thought you guys might like this and find it funny and cool.

Tie Glich

Play the Battle of Endor and play as the tie fighter. When you get done blowing up all the tie bombers. A scene will come up showing you flying as the tie and being shot at and chaste by other tie fighters and that the tie glich. I just thought you guys might find that funny.

Funny Ship Description

This is pretty funny. When you're choosing a ship go over to the Y-wing and listen to the description by pressing the Y button. Theres a really funny part where they say, "...and it shields will protect you from just about anything which, is good because you wont be going anywhere fast..." It's really funny when you listen to it.

Floating Rebel Troop

On the Hoth mission, go to the Ion Cannon and then fly towards the AT-ATs that are in front of the ones in the back (they are the second farthest group of AT-ATs from the generator). On the way there you will see a rebel troop floating in midair. He is mainly just looking around, but sometimes he will pull out a blaster rifle and act like he's firing, but you won't see any lasers.

Extra Pilot

In the Raid on Bespin mission, get into a cloud car. Once in, switch to the cockpit view and look at the other pod by using the C Stick. There will be another pilot in that pod!

Who's flyin this thing!?

On the Ison Corridor Ambush, use the Naboo Starfighter (N-1). Watch the cutscene when you enter the nebula and there will be no pilot in the N-1.

Get Slave I (the RIGHT Way)

To get Slave I, you need 12 silver medals or higher--not 10! This means that you'll need to have 2 bonus missions at least. The Slave I is a great ship (it has cluster missiles!!) but is very slow and has almost no shields. If a TIE gets behind you, you better use all of your missiles quick 'cause you're goin down sucka!

Quick Mission Start

Hold L+R when choosing a mission to automatically start with the default ship.

'69 Buick Flying Around

Go to the Ison Corridor Ambush mission. Use a ship that is fairly slow ( I prefer the Slave I). When the TIE Interceptors come, fly to the back of the convoy, around the last Rebel Medium Transport. You should see a black car flying in circles. Sometimes it will be under the transport, sometimes over, sometimes behind, sometimes under, etc. Don't run into it--you'll crash.

Easy Hit Tie Fighters

In any level with the Y-Wing and Tie fighters you can use your Ion cannon on Tie Fighters! Once it is numb you can hit easely with out it hitting you! And sometimes it can crash into other tie fighters too! Note: The tie fighter only goes numb for a few seconds so hurry!

Destroy More Ties On Battle Of Endor

Immediatly after the start of the mission, fly toward the ties. then just turn around and fly toward home one and turn toward were the ties are coming from. You'll see a lot of ties going slow. fire and blow them up. About 50% of the time this works.

Traitor Turrets

If you play the Imperial Academy Heist at night and steal a TIE fighter, fly around the entire complex for a while and then head to the big academy area where the shuttle is. If you look closely, you can see that the turrets are flashing green. They are shooting but can't reach you. Don't get too close, they will hit you. The first time i did this the turrets around the shuttle did fire, and the second time they didn't. They don't fire at all sometimes, but some TIE Interceptors fired at me once too. See what fires at you.

"Wedge I'm Out of here!"

Go to Strike at the Core and select the Millennium Falcon. Once you have covered Wedge on the surface of the Death Star and you get inside the tunnel you can leave Wedge. Hurry and blow up the Generator before Wedge gets inside the big room, and you will see the Tie Fighters chasing Wedge blow up!

Easy Way To Destroy The 2 Star Destroyers In Battle Of Endor

If you're going for gold, you have to have all three lives. If not, you need 2 lives left. Destroy the 2 shield generators on top and the reactor core on the bottom of one of the Star Destroyers. Go to the second Star Destroyer and kamikaze into the control deck without taking any of the shield generators out. Although this trick doesn't work on Razor Rendevous, for some reason the game allows you to cheat the Star Destroyer at the cost of one life. Now take out the command deck of the second Star Destroyer. Since you destroyed one already, the second one will shoot you down fast, so I reccomend a "hit and run" to escape laser fire. If using a ship with secondary weapons, use a couple proton torpedoes if you have some at your disposal.

Asteroid Bonus Mission

An easy way to get through this mission with a good shot rating is to use the yellow joystick to pull the falcon closer to you and then push it farther away. This will bring a tie fighter in right behind you so that you can see it and fire without having to fire blindly. The falcon has an auto aiming quad turret, so just press the "A" button when the Tie is behind you. Keep an eye out for the asteroids and at the end of the scene make a bee line for the backside of the star destoyer to the rebal icon. Enjoy.

Fire "Dummy" Torpedo

To fire a Proton Torpedo without having a lock on a ship, press the "B" button twice the torpedo will fire straight. (Like it did before you get the "Homing Proton Torpedo Upgrade") This also works with Concussion Missiles!

Homing Proton Torpedoes

Located in Vengeance on Kothlis After fending off TIEs from the transport (when the AT-ATs emerge) fly over to the destroyed ISD and look around where the command deck was - the the left is a small hole - go through to find the upgrade inside then carefully (and slowly) go through the other side. You may lose a life trying to get out, but finish up the mission so you can keep the upgrade.

Homing Concussion Missles

Located in Raid on Bespin When you first start the mission, deal with the first platform as usual (take out balloon followed by TIEs) then start toward the second platform. You'll notice an Imperial ship fleeing the sight - destroy it and some of the gas cannisters on the nearby platform will explode. Where they used to be lies the upgrade for the Homing Concussion Missiles; pick it up and finish the mission as normal.

Targeting Computer Upgrade

Located in Strike at the Core Go through the mission as normal. When you enter the ventilation system filled with pipes, follow it all the way through, past the two curved parts and just before you enter the open room with the Core, fly under the lower pipes to the right. Underneath one of them will be the Targeting Computer upgrade. Finish the mission as normal to keep the upgrade

Advanced Sheilds

Located in Death Star Attack To find the advanced shield upgrade, enter Death Star Attack (first mission) and destroy the towers as normal. When the cinema takes over (leading into the TIE fighters) go straight in the direction it leaves you off with only veer to the left a bit and you'll find the upgrade lying on the planet's surface - dip down to get it.

More Bespin Hints

The power up for this level (advanced homing missiles) is located on the second platform you encounter. Shoot the tanker as it is pulling away, when it explodes it takes about half of the gas canisters with it. The power up is left on the bare part of the platform. If the tanker leaves before you get there, you can destroy the gas tanks yourself. You can also carefully fly your A-wing under the proper tanks, if you're daring enough. Over the city itself, instead of searching for the power generators at ground level, fly high above the city and point down. Use your targeting computer to find the generators. Then come down on top of them, firing all the way. This will save you from hunting forever and searching all those dangerous trenches. You also won't need to trade to the Cloud Car, but if you do trade, you can get a fresh A-Wing for the last part of the mission. Then get those bombers!

Advanced Blasters

You can find this in the Hoth level. Fly through the level until the shield generator is destroyed. After that turn around and fly to where the shield generator was and you should see a blue pyramid. Fly to it and you will get advanced blasters.

Tips For The Two Star Destroyers On Endor

Once Lando gives you the go-ahead to attack The Star Destroyers, fly above the ties, but below the Star Destroyer itself (I like the left one, but it's your choice). Immeadiately start firing on the bottom shield generator once in range and hold the brake. The guns arent too bad, but you have to hold the brake so you have enough time to blow up the shield generator. Once one is destroyed, destroy the other destroyer's underside generator. Once that's done, destroy the first destroyer's top two generators (stand by the control pad so your droid can repair your ship). Attack the bridge. Repeat on the other destroyer. Shoot down some TIEs (especially if any are in yellow on your tageting computer, I don't know if there are any). Protect the ships until the shield is down.

Advanced Proton Torpedoes

In the Ison Corridor Amubush level, when you first start, turn around and fly through the big piece of floating wreckage. You will see a blue pyramid. Fly into it and you will recieve Advanced Proton Torpedoes. (Make sure you fly into the right piece of wreckage. If you don't you will blow up.)

A Little Help With The Star Destroyer

If you are having trouble taking out the Star Destroyer in "Razor Rendezous", try a suicide run at the ships bridge (after taking out all 3 shield generators). If you fly kamikazi style into the bridge, it won't count as a life lost, so you get to keep your ship in the afterlife! The power up for this level is located on the far side of the Star Destroyer. Fly there early in the mission and shoot down the Imperial shuttle that is heading for the docking bay. You will get the advanced proton bomb upgrade. Pair that with the cluster upgrade, and you've got a powerful weapon.

Final Level Tips

During the first part of this mission, stay just behind and above the milenium falcon and shoot down the ties as they come. Avoid the gun fire from the surface of the death star. Once you see the final duct into the DS, boost forward and fly over it asap. During the Second part of the mission, keep a normal speed and shoot down the ties as fast as you can- there are only a limited number of them. The next wave of ties come as soon as you shoot the previous one down, so be quick. If you are a good shot you can knock all the ties down before you pass the finish the second passage. This makes flying to the end much easier, since you can take your time. On the way out, make sure you boost through streight aways and go normal through curves. If you are on a long streight-away make sure you boost until your ship comes nearer to the screne, open your wings and boost again. This will make you go even faster. On your second time through with the falcon, take out the first 2 groups of ties and just boost to the end ASAP. If you do you'll get a great time on the level, making the gold easier to get.

Bespin Mission Made Easy

Having problems with the gun platforms? To get through the mission easily, instead of trying to take out each individual gun emplacement just look a little higher into the canopy of the platforms. Notice the gas tanks spewing flames to keep the platform afloat? Tap the A-button to shoot off fire-linked blasts (holding it down engages the weaker rapid fire), and aim right onto those gas tanks. Within six or seven well placed shots the platform will go down in flames, and you'll have credit for all the guns as kills.

Spread Photon Bombs

On the Imperial Academy Heist Mission, after reaching the Academy Base go through the far left tunnel building to recieve the Spread Photon Bombs. These bombs will seriously help to get the Gold Medal for the Prison of The Maw Mission.

Extra Life

If you kill yourself moments before a scene plays, you will start the next part with full shields and no loss of life. Timing is everything!

Advanced Proton Upgrade In Razor Rendezvous

Fly to far side of the Star Destoryer at the begining of the mission to intercept an imperial shuttle before it reaches the docking bay. When you destory it you'll get advanced proton bomb. The upgrade increases the power of the Y-wings bombs.

Reveal C-3PO & R2-D2 On Tatooine

When playing the Tatooine training level at dusk, you can find our favorite droids hiding in some strange places. If you destroy Jabba's palace, C-3PO is the only survivor. Fly close enough to him and he moans that "We're all doomed!" Destroy one of the sandcrawlers, and R2 is left. He will give you a few beeps for your trouble. Note: Just a fun tidbit, doesn't help game play at all.

Battle Of Endor

Having trouble with those ties in the begining? When you start the level dive until you see the empirial fleet and fly towards them. When you can send your wingman to attack the ties and go for the middle group. Using your targeting computer snipe the lead interceptor and head through the formation at top speed. Without the leader the other ties go after the nearest enemy (i.e. you!) when trying to turn to follow you they will crash into each other.

Buy Missions

You can buy missions for 30 points each. They are available over the Battle of Hoth, Death Star Attack and Strike at the Core missions. You can pull out your memory card before using the points to kepp your 30 points


Successfully complete all ten main missions to unlock a documentary feature.

Director's Commentary

Win a total of ten medals of any type in the main missions to unlock a director's commentary feature.

Naboo Starfighter

Successfully complete the Tatooine Training mission (all objectives, all normal and bonus items) in the morning, afternoon, evening, and night versions to unlock the Naboo Starfighter.

Ace Mode

Get a gold medal on all fifteen missions and successfully complete all objectives on Tatooine to unlock ace mode.

Darth Vader's TIE Advanced X1

Get a gold medal on all fifteen missions to unlock Darth Vader's TIE Advanced X1.

Millenium Falcon

Get a bronze medal on at least ten missions to unlock the Millenium Falcon.


Slave I

Enter "PZ?APBSY" as a passcode. R2D2 will not beep for this passcode. Return to the passcode screen and enter "IRONSHIP" as a second passcode. If you entered the code correctly, R2D2 will beep. Alternately, win a total of ten silver medals in the main missions to unlock the Slave I.

Triumph Of The Empire Level

Enter "AZTBOHII" as a passcode. R2D2 will not beep for this passcode. Return to the passcode screen and enter "OUTCAST!" as a second passcode. If you entered the code correctly, R2D2 will beep.

Infinant Lives

enter "JPVI?IJC" as a passcode. R2 wont beep. Then Enter "RSBFNRL" as a passcode. R2 will beep if you put it in correctly.

Millennium Falcon

Enter "MVPQIU?A" as a passcode. R2D2 will not beep for this passcode. Return to the passcode screen and enter "OH!BUDDY" as a second passcode. If you entered the code correctly, R2D2 will beep. Alternately, win a total of ten bronze medals in the main missions to unlock the Millennium Falcon.

Unlock All 10 Main Levels, Unlock Death Star Escape, Unlock Milenium Falcon

To unlock these things listed below enter the first code (R-2D-2 wont beep this time) then enter the second code (R-2D-2 will beep after you enter the second code). To unlock all 10 main levels enter !??QWTTJ, then enter CLASSIC. To unlock Death Star escape enter PYST?OOO, then DUCKSHOT. To unlock the Millenium Falcon enter MVPQIU?A, then OH!BUDDY.

Boba I Am Your Father...

This code is very cool in the fact that you get to fly Jango Fett's version of Slave 1. Now in order for this code to work is that Boba's version MUST BE AVAILABLE. Unlike the other codes on ROGUE LEADER there are three words to this code. First enter VV?GXRYP, second enter CNOOQZR, and then enter JFETTSHP. By now R2-D2 should beep and in the hanger Boba's ship should now be blue. ENJOY!

Buick Convertible

!ZUVIEL!, then !BENZIN! - Buick Convertible. This unlocks the Buick Convertible and makes it immediately available in the hangar, replacing the second A-Wing, in all your games. This is the only code that deactivates when you shut off the game.

Ace Mode

U!?!VWZC, then GIVEITUP - Unlocks Ace Mode in Special Features.

Endurance Mission

First type ?WCYBRTC R2-D2 will not beep for this then type ??MBC??? and you will unlock Endurance.

TIE X1 Advanced

Type in NYM!UUOK at the passcodes screen, it'll disappear. Then type in BLKHLMT! R2D2 should beeep and you should have a neww TIE X1. It can be found in the small room next to the Millenium Falcon

Imperial Shuttle

Enter "AJHH!?JY" as a passcode. R2D2 will not beep for this passcode. Return to the passcode screen and enter "BUSTOUR" as a second passcode. If you entered the code correctly, R2D2 will beep.

Revenge On Yavin Level

Enter "OGGRWPDG" as a passcode. R2D2 will not beep for this passcode. Return to the passcode screen and enter "EEKEEK!" as a second passcode. If you entered the code correctly, R2D2 will beep.

The REAL Code For The Asteroid Bonus Mission

Go to passcodes and type "tvlybbxl". R2 won't beep. Now type "nowar!!!". R2 will beep and you will have the asteroid mission for free. This can really help when coupled with the code for the first bonus mission if you are trying to save your points for the bonus missions above Strike at the Core.

All Tech Upgrades

Enter "AYZB!RCL" as a passcode. R2D2 will not beep for this passcode. Return to the passcode screen and enter "WRKFORIT" as a second passcode. If you entered the code correctly, R2D2 will beep.

Unlock Naboo Starfighter

Type in the code : CDYXF!?Q - Then type in the code : ASEPONE!

Unlock Tie Fighter

Enter " ZT?!RGBA" as a passcode. R2D2 will not beep for this passcode. Return to the passcode screen and enter "DISPSBLE" as a second passcode. If you entered the code correctly, R2D2 will beep. Now the Tie Fighter will be available.

Unlock First Bonus Mission

Enter " PYST?OOO" as a passcode. R2D2 will not beep for this passcode. Return to the passcode screen and enter "DUCKSHOT" as a second passcode. If you entered the code correctly, R2D2 will beep. Now the first Bonus Mission will be available.

Unlock All Normal Levels

Enter " !??QWTTJ" as a passcode. R2D2 will not beep for this passcode. Return to the passcode screen and enter "CLASSIC" as a second passcode. If you entered the code correctly, R2D2 will beep. Now all levels will be unlocked, excluding Bonus Missions. (Submitted by Spazdude)

View Credits

Enter "THATSME!" as a passcode.


Enter "?INSIDER" as a passcode.

Art Gallery

Enter "EXHIBIT!" as a passcode.

In-Game Audio Commentary

Type in "BLAHBLAH" to toggle an In-game audio commentary by the creators.

Music Test

Enter "COMPOSER" for a music test in the "Special Features" section.

Monochrome Graphics

Enter "LIONHEAD" as a password.


We have no unlockables for Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Slave 1 Glitch On Endurance

On the Death Star Endurance level, if playing as the Slave 1, your ship will freeze until you fire your lazer cannon or secondary weapon, or try to move. When you do either of these things, you will barely move forward, and will explode! I thought this was pretty funny.

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