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  • Action, Adventure
  • Lucas Arts
  • Lucas Arts
  • Teen
  • November 3, 2008


Character Advantages In Campaign Mode

Bt# = The battle number in campaign mode.
Bt1 Anakin vs. Ventress
Ventress can be tricky to deal with, but just out power her with anakins force power. Try not to get cornered into a corner. If you do and she uses Exar Kun's Assault you'll take heavy damage. In the next round you have a lot more open room so keep on Ventress and parry many of her attacks as it can be tricky top parry her. Use your force attacks carefully so you don't completely deplete your force gauge.

Bt2 Obi-Wan vs. Ventress
Use your combos for sure as Obi Wan outmatches Ventress in those. Use force attacks to reduce Ventress to 75% health and then use combos, force attacks and the Clonetroopers blasts (yes both people can be hurt by the blasters) to finish her off.

Bt3 Anakin vs Dooku
Dooku is a very patient duelist that doesn't like to attack you unless he has a clear opening. Use "the Force" to trow objects at him and then give him a forceblast to knock him off balance. Then strike him with short combos to knock him down and out.

Bt4 Ahsoka vs. Grevous
You can easily out run grievous so if you feel like you are going to take havy damage just get out of his way. Then charge in with quick combos and quick force slashes. Then finish him off.

Bt5 Ahsoka vs. Ventress
This can be a difficult battle since you only have the agility advantage. Keep a strong defense and stay close to the edge of the room. On the second part of this level watch the thrusters as they ignite so you don't get hit by the big flamethrower blast. If you do, you'll lose a lot of health and be knocked off balanced.

Bt6 Obi Wan vs. Dooku
This battle is pretty balanced on their skills. He starts with blocking as always and will try and deflect your attack or leap over you and attack from behind you. You are a little faster than Dooku so if he does leap over you then turn around and either attack him or block his attack. Attacking him is probably easier. On the second phase try and get Dooku to stay on the center path and use combos to finish him.

Bt7 Obi Wan vs. Grevous
Use blocks and parrys to keep him off balance and then use long strings of combos. Do not chase him at all, make him come to you. For round 2 stay out of Grevous's way as he'll kill you if you don't and he is more aggressive.

Bt8 Anakin vs. Jedi Hunter
Block the attacks and then use short combos to hit it and then back away before it can retaliate and hit you again. Be aggressive but don't be a fool and let ypur guard down. Don't get killed by a stupid hunter that is only machine parts. Round 2 The field gets unstable and electric bolts start flying everywhere. Corner the robot and pound it until it dies.
Congratulations! You just beat campaign and you should move up to the next level.


Play As General Grievous

2, 2, +, 2, 2, +, 2, 2, -, Z, -, A, -, C, +, C

Unlock All Story Modes

A, +, 2, 2, +, c, +, 2, 2, +, Z, +, 2, 2.

Unlock Mustafar

To unlock the Mustafar stage press "Z" five times, "+" , "Z" five times, "+", 1

Unlock Sarlacc Pit

To unlock the Sarlacc Pit stage press: A, A, A, Z, Z, Z, C, C, C, +, 1

Unlock Galleries

To unlock the galleries, enther the following codes:

Gallery 1: -, A, +, 1
Gallery 2: -, A, +, 2
Gallery 3: +, A, +, 1, +, 2
Gallery 4: +, A, +, 2

Unlock Credits

To view the credits enter: 1, 2, +, 1

Unlock Raxus Prime

To unlock the Raxus Prime stage press: A, A, A, A, A, +, A, A, A, A, A, +, 2

Unlock Resolute Hanger

To unlock the Resolute Hanger press: A, Z, C, C, A, Z, +, 2

Unlock Droid Factory

To unlock the Droid Factory Stage press: C, C, C, C, C, +, C, C, C, C, C, +, 1

Unlock All Story Mode

To unlock all fo the story mode stages press: A, +, 2, 2, +, C, +, 2, 2, +, Z, +, 2, 2

Play As Count Dooku

To unlock Count Dooku press: 2, 2, +, 2, 2, +, 2, 2, -, A, -, C, -, Z, +, Z


Unlock Plo Koon

To unlock Plo Koon you have to win 27 challenges with any character.

Unlock Mace Windu

To unlock Mace Windu you have to win 18 challenges with any character.

Unlock Kit Fisto

To unlock Kit Fisto you have to win 9 challenges with any character.

Easter eggs

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