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  • Action, Adventure
  • Unknown
  • Blizzard Entertainment
  • Teen
  • October 10, 1999


Good One, Blizzard!

Did you know that Gui Montag (The Firebat Hero in The Campaign Editor) is closely related to Guy Montag, a fireman hero from The Ray Bradbury Book, "Farenheit 451"? Nice to see Blizzard putting in a subtle joke!

200 MAX

You can only have 200 men max with or without food for thought.


My idea to playing Starcraft, both original and expansion are all the same: create defense first. If I play as Terrans, I would: harvest enough minerals to make barracks and supply depots. After you build about four supply depots and two barracks, make lots of marines. Then, build bunkers all around your base(preferrably high elevation), and put at least two marines in each one(depending on their importance. Then, build an academy and research the item that increases marine attack range. This also allows you to train firebats, which you should place in heavily attacked bunkers for close attacks. Then, build a factory and add on a machine shop. After that, harvest enough gas to build at least ten seige tanks. Research the siege tech ability for the tank and set them up all around the entrances to your base after you do that, build a starport and get wraiths to back up your seige tanks from air attacks. If you find that you many of your enemies are attacking you in certain areas, then empty your bunkers except for one marine in each in less-attacked areas and bring half of your seige tanks into those areas that are threatened. After you do that, move wraiths above the bunkers and siege tanks. Keep at least one seige tank between two bunkers and one wraith every once in a while around you almost "deserted bunkers" that you emptied before. Place one firebat in each of the heavily attacked bunkers to provide extra defense. This is very effective against the Zerg, since most of them attack in groups, where your bunkers and wraiths, especially seige tanks, can take them out quickly. But, as always, keep at least 3 SCV's around to repair the splash damage from the seige tanks and also from your enemies. Against the protoss, though, you might need extra air and ground defense, since they attack in groups and are very powerful.


When you get to the second episode(Zerg) and your getting tired of having Terran forces hit you then run, read this!! First spawn 2 groups of 12 Zerglings. Then evolve the burrow ability. Then put group 1 in front of that jelly stuff, then put group 2 on the jelly stuff. make them all burrow. Then when the enemy invades make group 2 unborrow the enemy will go after them, while they atack group 2, make 1 unborrow and attack from behind. Squish!!!

Easy Win With Zerg

To beat a computer player easily with Zerg just make Mutalisks right away as fast as you can and make half of them Guardians and kill the spore colonise with Guardians and then use both to kill everthing else.

Better Terran D

Build supply depots in you entrance all the way across (make sure there is no space between them), then build bunkers behind them and fill them with marines. Put one or two missle turrets behind those. You can put siege tanks behind the bunks but either leave them unsieged or get an scv up by the supply depots to repair the splash damage. This works even better if you upgrade your marine's firing range. Note: This defense works best against Protoss computers because the zeolots if they try to attack you wont be able to get in and will pace in front of you defense, however dragoons will shoot your bunkers which is why siege tanks are nice. Also Zerglings can run through the gaps in the Supply depots so be carefull of those, you're also going to want to get a Science Vessel(for cloaked units) and some type of flying attacker because if someone cloaks a ghost and Nukes you, your screwed.

Get A Screenshot

To get a screenchot simply press "print screen" on your key board.

Zerg Music

To have Zerg Music while playing press: ENTER radio free zerg ENTER and you should hear some music. Note: This only works for Zerg.

Protoss Drone Lure

Very quickly in the beginning build a plasma cannon. Then send one or two of your drones to attack the enemies. Hopefully they won't have any defenses. Attack their scv's, drones, etc. The computer will send them after you most likely. Then you can lure them right back to the cannon. This will only work in single player because in multiplayer no one is stupid enough to chase the drones.

Zerg Rush

Send your drones to work mining minerals and build one more drone quickly. Then send your overlord exploring to see where the enemy's base is. When your drone pops up you send it to mine until you have enough for a spawning pool (I think its 200 minerals) and then send one drone to become a spawning pool. Then while its building you should get 150 minerals and you'll have 3 lava build 3 zerglings (50 minerals each only 2 larva is sufficient sometimes) and right when you get them send them to the enemys base (if you do it fast enough they shouldnt be prepared for it). I would recommend using this strategy on a small map Blood Bath for example or some 64x64 map.

Wipe Out Oppostion Quickly

To wipe out a enemy quickly, first select zerg as your race, then as soon as you start build zerg lings. you wan't a whole lot, then begin hunting for your enemy's. Normally this early they won't have hardly and offense or defense.

Terran Defense

A good way to build a crushing defense is to first place bunkers across the entrance into your base fill these bunkers, and build air to air missle defense, so you can uncover any cloaked units, then put some siege tanks behind the bunkers on siege mode, and finally some ghost's to the side.


Win The Mission

To win mission during gameplay, press ENTER, then in text box type: "there is no cow level"

Show Entire Map

To show entire map during gameplay, press ENTER, then in dialog box type "black sheep wall" then press enter again.

Faster Building

Press Enter, type operation cwal, and press enter.

Food For Thought

This code enables you to have unlimited supplies, i.e. if you are terran you do not have to build supply depots, and if you are zerg, you don't have to build overlords, etc.

Cheat Codes

While playing a game, press [Enter], then type one of the following codes, and 
press [Enter] again to activate the corresponding cheat function:


Minerals and gas increased by 10,000	show me the money
Minerals increased by 500		whats mine is mine
Vespene gas increased by 500		breathe deep
Everything upgraded			something for nothing
Faster building and instant upgrades		operation cwal
Build anything			modify the phase variance
Free upgrades to units			medieval man
Infinite psionic ability			the gathering
Opponent has no psionics		noglues
Indestructible buildings and ships		power overwhelming
Ignore supply limit when building units	food for thought
Mission skip				there is no cow level
Enable mission select [Note]		ophelia
Terran mission select			terran[mission number]
Zerg mission select			zerg[mission number]
Protoss mission select			protoss[mission number]
Continue after mission completed		staying alive
Win game				man over game
Lose game				game over man
Remove fog of war			war aint what it used to be
Full map				black sheep wall

Note: This code must be enabled before the other mission selection codes are 

No Fog Of War

While you are playing the game press ENTER then type "black sheep wall". Press ENTER again.


When you are playing, press enter and type "power overwhelming". Press Enter. Your whole team will be invincible!


We have no unlockables for StarCraft Battle Chest yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for StarCraft Battle Chest yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for StarCraft Battle Chest yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Created by: 1_Terran(DL). Read the full guide...

Created by: Griever629. Read the full guide...

Created by: Griever629. Read the full guide...


We have no achievements or trophies for StarCraft Battle Chest yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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