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Bubble Gun

Another wonder item, as in "I wonder what this is for?" It is supposed to provide some camouflage for your ship, and the bubbling effect is very pretty.

Deep Sea Lights

Very nice -- they work well at night or in a cave. They will stay on even when not selected.

Depth Charges

Depth Charges can only be dropped down, and so are not very useful as general weapons. Several missions require them, though. They are expensive, and hard to aim well. Get your sub level, and use the F3 view to sight the target before firing.

Elctro Bolt

The Elctro Bolt is only available later in the game. It is a good weapon for use in the drain tubes, where the targets are contained near the blast. It is expensive, but free to operate. It is slow to recharge though, so you may want to alternate with the Zapper.

Escape Pod

The Escape Pod is a work horse for many missions, recovering folks from dangerous situations. Check your position over the target with the F2 view, and then activate. You have to wait a bit for it to work, so hold your position carefully. You will be told when to break off again.


Flares are very pretty, and they can be used to see a bit further into tunnels. They are most useful for showing off your 3D hardware.

Homing Missiles

Homing missiles are very expensive, but they are worth it if you are not very good at using the the cheaper regular missiles. They are also good when you have to work quickly. Wait until you get a target lock, and then fire. It is a good idea to help point the missile in generally the right direction before firing, too.

Hull Strength

Hull Strength is a great upgrade. It is expensive, but it helps your sub to survive missions it couldn't otherwise finish, and it really boosts the value of every Shield Repair that you buy after you have it. If you get stuck on any mission, work on saving up to get some more Hull Strength.


Missiles are relatively inexpensive and deliver a lot of damage quickly. Because they are dumb, you have to be skillful to get a good hit ratio. Aim at things which are close or which are moving slowly. They also work well with targets moving directly toward you.


The Ripper is an underwater machine gun. It is very expensive, and expensive to operate, and does only mild damage, so I would not recommend buying it. On the plus side, the Ripper is easy to aim, and hits its target fast, so targeting is easy.


The Remotely Operated Vehicle is the most complex piece of equipment to use. You must first activate it with the "]" key, and then press CTRL. Once it is active, transfer control to it with the "R" key. You can switch to ROV view with F5. To return, bring the ROV back under the main sub. Answer "yes" when the computer asks if you want to dock. Hit F1 to restore your view.

Shield Repair

Shield Repair is one of the most important things to get for your ship. Traveling around or running a mission with low shield is asking for a failure. They are expensive, so be careful not to crash into things more than necessary.


The Strobe is supposed to hypnotize some aquatic life, but I never found a good use for it. I never got to fight the Queen Jellyfish, so it might be useful there.


Use this tool to recover Pearls and Thorium bits. It is best used while having the F3 view active, and it only works for a short while. You can carry 5 objects with this tool.


This is your best general weapon. It is free to use, and never runs out. Never use any other weapon when the Zapper will do the job. With the Zapper Upgrade, it becomes a powerful weapon.

About Trading

One aspect of SubCulture is the need to get money, to buy weapons and other upgrades. Prospecting is one way, but after a while, prospecting runs out. After you get too good at it, there is not much left. Learn to stretch your shopping dollar by selling what you can find, and then buy the bargains that can be had at one port to sell them at another. If you keep some cash on hand, you can trade up a pile of cash even when prospecting is slow. Note that the tables in these hints are just guides, as prices change over time, although they tend to hang around these values. Watch the news for any sign that there is a boost in the prices offered for particular goods in a particular port. And finally, remember to maintain an acceptable standing with both the Procha and Bohine, to maximize your trading and mission possibilities.


Pirates are a constant threat in SubCulture. You can see them on the sonar view as aqua-colored dots. The area between Tryton Institute and the wooden outcrop is prime pirate country. The pirates even have a couple of missle bases near the drain tube there. It doesn't matter if you kill the bases -- they just grow back again. Pirates know when you are carrying a lot of money or goods, so be extra careful in those situations.


Type The Codes In Gameplay

Kill Yourself		KAMIKAZE 
Strenthen Hull 	TONKA 
Restore Shield 	REFILL 
Radiation Protection	MUTANT 
Speedup		BILLY 
Add Geiger Counter	TICK 
Stage 0		RINSE 
Stage 1		DRYER 
Mission Sucess	DIDIT 
Get All missions	HAVEALL 




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