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  • November 20, 2004



In order to unlock Waluigi as a playable character, you must have all 150 stars. As Mario, use the cannon to get to the roof and hit the power block. Get back in the cannon and fly over to the right side of the castle. There is and invisible 2-D box hovering in the courtyard and you must hit it. If you need a guide there is a picture on the top screen when you are at the starting screen. After hitting it go through the puzzle and you will get the Waluigi key!

Getting To The Top Of The Castle

It is possible to get to the top of the castle BEFORE you get all 150 Stars. Get Mario and then walk out to the courtyard. Go to the very right of the map where the ramp leads down into the moat. See where the castle makes a 90 degree angle? That's the key. Tripple jump over to it so that you are still high in the air when you hit the wall. Then wall kick your way up to the top. NOTE: This is EXTREMLEY hard to do so don't get frusterated when it doesn't work.

Rabbit For Luigi

Go to the area with all the ghosts and where the door is located. Jump, then grab the ledge. Climb it, then jump up again. There should be a green rabbit up there.

Easy Extra Lives

Go to whomps fortress and turn to your left using mario. Bust every crate in your way. (orange bricks) You will find a large red mushroom. Use it and crush every thing. It should give you 1ups during the eighth destruction. Have FUN! (crush things like parannah flowers, goombas, wood sticks, bullet bills, ect.

Freeze Time

Go up the stairs and go through the middle door go where the clock is. Jump to the clock and when it says 12 go in everything will freeze!

Another Secret Star

When you walk into the castle, go into the door on the far right with a number 3 on it. Go inside and you should be in a room with a jellyfish painting. Turn to your right and then jump into the hole.

Top Of The Castle

When you collect all 150 power stars the little cage outside of the castle will become and cannon and will launch you to the top of the castle and you can gain access to 3 1-ups and a red box.

Character's Stats





The ? Switch

When you defeat Bowser #1, go to the main hall. There will be a light pointing on the round mat. Go in that light and look up. You will be taken to a secret level. Fly a little down and you should see a peice of land. Go down to it and the ? switch will be there. Step on it and all the ? blocks will become solid. Note: It will be better to do this with mario.

Princess Toadstools Secret Slide

Enter the room where all the characters and their doors are and there are 2 stainglass windows. Jump into the one on the right and run down the slide. At the end of the slide their is a box. Break it open and there is a star inside.

Through The Jet Stream Star

Enter the Jolly Roger Bay level with Wario. Once you do that go to the cave at the end of the level, after that there is a red box at the opening of the cave. Get it and there is a Power Flower inside. Now you can walk underwater. So walk out of the cave and at the bottom of the hole there is a star that you can now grab. NOTE: If you already have Wario there is a Wario cap in the cave so you don't have to have him when you enter the cave.

Make Mother Penguin Mad

In Cool, Cool Mountain, return the baby penguin back to her mother. Once you've returned it, take the baby away then the mother penguin will be mad.

Luigi's Hat, But No Luigi

This is more of a fact than a hint but if you go to the stage Big Boo's Haunt and do the level Big Boo's Balconey and you run around the castle to the left you will find a door. Go in the door you will see 2 Boos one will be plain so knock it out first or it will interfere with taking the hat, after you knock out the plain boo knock out the one with the hat take the hat and become Luigi! But if you hold the jump button he will start swinging his legs but that won't help you jump. The sounds are different from the real Luigi, but who cares?

Make Toad Wear Your Cap

To do this, lose your cap in any level where you can lose it, then leave the level without the cap. After that get any star and then go back to the main hall. Toad will be wearing your cap. He will say that he found it. This is an easier way of getting your hat back.

Use Red Blocks

Once you have 10 stars, go to the main room of the castle and you will see sunlight coming down from the ceiling. Stand where the sunlight is and look straight up. You will go into the Big Switch level where you'll have to collect 8 red coins by using Mario's wing cap. Remember to hit the big red switch, that way you can use the red blocks now. To do this, you must play as Mario.

Unlock Wario

To unlock Wario, you must play as Luigi. Go to the mirror room and you will see Power Flowers. Use them to make him invisible then go through the mirror. In the reflection, you will see Wario's Painting, then go in it. On the touch screen, go to where the red X is. Where the X is go in the hole and fight Chief Chilly. He is the strongest Ice Bully. Push him in the frozen water three times to kill him and to get the key to Wario's room.

Star Bonus

Obtain all 150 stars and go outside the castle. Climb inside the cannon opening that is now located where the grating was near the Fish Pond. Aim to land onto the roof, to get three lives and a red block for flying Mario.


It's best for you to practice this in the bridge to the door of the castle. First, run and the, press R+B REALLY QUICK.

Easy Way To Get All Glowing Rabbits

If you're trying to get all the glowing rabbits, go outside (as Yoshi) and you will see three rabbits. One of the rabbits is glowing. Catch it then go back in and come back out. You will see another glowing rabbit! Keep doing this and you have all the glowing rabbits and another star!

Heart Attack Thorugh The Wall

This cheat will almost work every time. First go to the entrance of the king bomomb's mountain. Then go past the two big bombs and to the cannon near the first goomba you see going up the mountian. Just like the heaven cheat aim at the bottom of the island except aimin the point top right on the bottom. After that shoot and it should look like that character is having a hart attack or like a horse with no movement galloping and then go through the wall.

Speedy Takeoff

To have a speedy takeoff hold Y for about 5 seconds and go forward.

Easy Castle Star

NEED LUIGI! Go into the mirror room and get a power flower once you turn invisible go through the mirror and go through the door you came in by. There will be a white room with a star in the middle.

How To Get Wario

1. Go through the first door you see on the second floor
2. Go up the stairs and into the door with red carpeting
3. Next you get the power flower and got through the mirror and jump into the picture with wario
4. Beat the boss and you get wario =].

Infinite Coins (Action Replay)

02098998 00000064.

Easy Health

If you have a character that has a little bit of health [in the castle only] just change to a different person and your health will come back.

Get 10-15 Lives In Very Quickly

Go to the "HAZY MAZE CAVE" and then to the "TOXIC MAZE" Make sure you do this as WARIO (mostly because its way easier)
Once your at the TOXIC MAZE (enter from the HAZY mAZE) then run straight forward toward the red question mark box and turn into metal wario. Then turn around and run past the two MOLES. Turn left and then left again and crush the orange box, revealing a red mushroom. (you have to do the next steps very quickly) then take the red mushroom and (turning you HUGE) run back to the moles and run in a circle hitting them both over and over again. You should see numbers going up to seven and then 1UP signs! After you pass seven, the more moles you hit the more lives you get! I have 60 lives right now, and I didn't even try to get them!

Beat Eye-to-eye In The Secret Room

Use Luigi, go to Big Boos cage, and go upstairs to the farthest right door. Look up, and you will see a ledge hit the? Box. Then Triple jump up to the ledge and run over to the ghost picture and run through it. Then kill the ghost. Then circle the eye, and he will go dizzy , then grab the star.

Beat The Bomb King

When you get to the Bomb King as Yoshi and the bomb king throws the little bombs, shoot your tong out quick at the little bombs then shoot them at the King bomb three times.

Keep Your Health!

When you are falling from a distance up, Press the R button (but close to the ground, or it wont work). You wont loose any health or die!

Lost Caps

If you go to a course and you loose your cap, just don't worry. If you do loose it, you can always go back to the level and get it again. But when they do loose there caps, they look silly!

Boo's Red Coins

Once you get Mario, go the place with the Boo's. Kill them all(they should be holding a red coin, if they don't go from star to star until they drop red coins) while collecting the red coins and a star will pop out. You now need to get every other star and you will get 150 stars without cheating. Note that you NEED to do this or you will stay at 149.

Toad's Star

Try to talk with all the Toads in the whole castle, some of them must give you a star.

Run Faster

To run faster you use the pen to drag either Yoshi, Mario, Wario, or Luigi.

Easy Secret Star

Go to the mirror room in the top tower. You must be Luigi for this to work. Once inside, you will see power flowers. Grab one and you will be able to walk through the mirror. Walk through it and, WITH YOUR REFLECTION, go into the door at the end. Make sure it is the Luigi that is not solid. Once inside this door, you will be in a white blank space. in the middle, there will be a star in the middle. Grab it and you will have it. Make sure to save!

Slide Kick

To slide kick, you hold down the L button and press the A button.

Secret Slide In Tall Tall Mountoun

Go all the way up the mountain until you see the cloud that blows your hat off. Go past the cloud and try not to fall of the side. Once past the cloud, follow the trail of coins that lead into the cloud. You should be able to jump into the wall. Oh yeah, and once in the wall, follow the slide until you see a trail off wood to your left and make a sharp turn

Short-cut In Leathal Lava Land

Go into the picture of Leathal lava land and go strait. Then go to the left and the left again over the closing bridge. Make the eyeball dizzy and go into the pit the coin goes in. You should go to the island with the ? box on it.

Golden Keys

In order to get golden keys you must catch the wandering rabbits.

Unlimited Coins

Go to Whomp's Fortress and find a cement guy. Make him fall and a coin will pop up, then keep on doing it.

Make Yoshi, Luigi, and Wario Fly

When you first turn on your game Choose V.S. Mode Practice by yourself. You should start out as Yoshi. Click the level of either Sunshine Isles or Battle Fort. Whoever you want to see fly get their hat (or if you want Yoshi to Fly You don't need A hat). On Battle Fort go to the Corner with the Yellow Box and on Sunshine isles go on one of the small islands astray. Grab The Feather and Fly away!!!

Unlock Mario

You must have at least 8 stars. Go into Peach's Rec Room(not from the menu) and jump in the Mario painting. Look at the map and try to find the biggest tree stump. Go there, and you see a giant goomba. You beat him by running around until you behind him, then spiting a regular goomba at him. Do this two more times, and he'll die and you'll get a key Mario is now unlocked.

Slipping On Lava

This cheat is really hard so listen carefully. Recommended Character: Mario In the 'Bowser in the Fire Sea' level, near at the end you will see platforms going under the lava. At the third last platform do triple jump and press A and A again. If you do this successfully, Mario will slip on the lava and land on a platform. If this doesnt work, remember, this is VERY hard.

Second Star From The Secret Slide

Enter the castle and go upstairs to the room on the right. Once inside you go in to Princess Toadstool's secret slide. To get the second star, make it to the end of slide at 21 seconds or less. The star will pop up in front of you.

Luigi's Super Backflip

Luigi's Backflip is 20 times better than anybody elses try it. Press R than press B than Wammo! you can spin about 20 ft. (In The Game)

Knowing How Many Glowing Rabbits Are Left

To do this you need to catch 1 glowing rabbit. Go to the room where you can trade rooms go to the room with no letters on it go to it should say something like the rabbits stole the key you have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 rabbits left.

Yoshi's Rabbits

Three are in the courtyard near the bridge. Suck them in your mouth and they'll come out and give you the key.

Alternate Voices

If you start out as Luigi, and find a Wario cap, Wario will still make Luigi's noises when he punches, jumps, or gets hurt.

Stop The Clock

After defeating Bowser 2, go upstairs and use Mario. Hold down B and when the big hand reaches 12, run foward as Mario says "YeeHaw!" and when you enter the level, the clock stopped.

Make Bowser Mad

After you find all 150 stars, go to the final Bowser and beat him. He will say something like this,"What!? 150 stars, I must have missed some!

Star In The Mirror

While you are Luigi, go upstairs and go in the room with the giant mirror then get the Power Flower. After you do that, go in the mirror and go in the mirror door and you will be in a completely white room with a star. NOTE: (This only works with Luigi).

Castle Moat Disapear

Use any character and enter the castle. When you are there go foward and go left or right. There is one brown door on either side of the stairs. Once go through one go foward and turn around to the hallway going down. Enter the door at the end of the hallway(you will need the key from bowser #1 to go through the door)When you are there go down the stairs and through the blue hallway and enter the door. Run and take as many right turns as possible. Enter through the door. There is a hole so jump in it. There will be a hallway filled with water so swim through it until you get to 2 collums, if you ground pound them both water will be drained in many places.

Luigi's Special Star

In the miror room were you unlock wario with luigi instead of jumping in his picture run into the middle miror and all the way to the door in the very back. You should come into a white area with a power star hovering in the middle of it to leave the white room just go back through the door and out of the miror.

Shortcuts To Tiny Huge Island

The shortcut to Tiny Island is to your left and the shortcut to Huge Island is to your right. If you can't tell, try looking at the size of the hallway as you get closer. When going to Tiny Island, the painting is smaller and it takes a few steps to get to it and going to Huge Island the painting seems so far away and so big and takes more steps to the painting. The painting in the middle isn't real.

Invisible Levels

There are two invisible doors. The first one is by Lethal Lava Land an turn to your left and you will notice a blank wall. Go through it and you will be in Shifting Sand Land. The second one is located inn the mirror room. Turn to your left to notice a blank wall. Look in the mirror to notice a level. Go though the blank wall and you will be in Snowman's Land.

Secret Life

Go to the Tiny-Huge Island hallway. (Note: this doesn't work with Yoshi.) Jump into the tiny painting (it doesn't matter which star you pick). Get rid of the tiny goomba next to where you start. Now walk around the tiny piece of land where you started until some butterflies come out. Punch one of them and you'll get a 1-up mushroom.

Star In Oblivion

Play as Luigi. Go to the mirror room and get the power flower. Walk through the mirror and go through the reflection of the door you came in. There will be a star there.

Easier Way To Reach Bowser #1

Once you've hit the red switch, you will see a red block at the begining of first Bowser level. As Mario, hit it and you'll become Balloon Mario. As Balloon Mario, keep tapping the B button to go up. As you get closer, find a spot to land before you go back to normal.

E. Gadd Reference

When you talk to the mother penguin in Cool, Cool Mountain, she will say Egad! My baby!! Have you seen my baby??? So her baby has the same name as the scientist in Luigi's Mansion.

Easier Way To Beat Bowser

When you grab Bowser by the tail and you swing him around, throw him at the spiked bombs. An easier way is to look at the touch screen to see the bombs. Let go when you think it will hit.

Super Mario Bros. Appearance

In Luigi's mini game Super Mario Slot, the design on it is from the original Super Mario Bros.

Easy Mini Game: She Loves Me

When you see the Flower on the touch screen and it has an odd number of flower pedals, you'll know if you are going to win.

Easy Way To Play Psyche Out

When you see the back of the card, look carefully, and you can sort of see what's on the other side of it.

Hotel Delfino Music

In Luigi's mini games, the background music is the same music from Super Mario Sunshine in the Casino level.

Secret Grandfather Clock Level

In some part of the game you will see a huge grandfather clock. To do the course the right way, run into the face of the clock when the moving handle is away from where you are running then you can try to get the stars in there. (Red coins are basicly in one place so go ahead).

Using Koopa Shells Underwater

In levels like Jolly Roger Bay or Dire, Dire Docks, you will find clams with Koopa shells in them. To use them, grab them by pressing the A button. You would use them by not standing on them but by grabbing on to them. They allow you to swim faster. But when you go to surface, you will lose them or if you hit a wall or an obstacle.

Easy Health Replenish

If you are low on health, just find a body of water and jump in. Go under water then go up to the surface and you health meter will refill.

Collect 100 Coins

For every course collect 100 coins and you will get a gold star. There is only one gold star for every course you collect the 100 coins.

Easier Way To Draw Mario Or Yoshi

On the title screen, touch the touch screen to draw a picture. When drawing a picture press the R button for a picture of Mario or Yoshi that you can easily trace or on the title screen when you see a Characters face, press the B button to trace the position they are in.

Really Big Penguin Race

After collecting 150 stars, go to Cool, Cool Mountain, then go to Big Penguin Race. When you see the penguin, he will be bigger.

Wing Cap And Big Red Switch Level

Once you have 10 stars, go to the main room of the castle and you will see sunlight coming down from the ceiling. Stand where the sunlight is and look straight up. You will go into the Big Switch level where you'll have to collect 8 red coins by using Mario's wing cap. Remember to hit the big red switch, that way you can use the red blocks now. To do this, you must play as Mario.

Secret Level In The Boo's Courtyard

When you enter the Boo's Courtyard, go to the wall on the right. You will see some orange blocks smash them and one of them has a secret hole under it. In the level, you will have to collect 5 silver stars.

Music From Super Mario Sunshine

Go into the painting that looks like a tropical paradise in the Rec Room. In the level, the music you hear is the same music from Delfino Plaza. Also try playing one of Mario's mini games. They are the same music in the secret levels in Super Mario Sunshine.

Unlock Mario

To unlock Mario, go to through the door that requires 8 stars in the Rec Room. Then go into the Mario Painting. On the touch screen, go to where the red X is. Where the X is, there is a hole. Go in the hole and you will fight Goomboss. (the Goomba King from Paper Mario) Defeat him by throwing the smaller goombas at him. After three hits, he should be dead. After that, you will get the key to Mario's room.

Unlock Luigi

To unlock Luigi, go to Big Boo's Haunt. Inside, go upstairs and go through the door on the far right. Look up and you will see a hidden ledge. Grab the Power Flower as Mario and float up to it. Go through the door and you'll notice a Luigi Painting. Go into the painting. When you are in there, you will hear the laughter of the Big Boo. There are four doors in each room and only one of them is the real door and three others are fake. If you go through a fake door you will have to start from the begining. Follow the sound of the laughter in order to reach him. When you reach him, you will end up in a mirror room. Defeat him by looking in the reflection of the mirror because that's the only way you can see him. After you beat him, you will get the key to Luigi's room.

Glowing Rabbits

There are seven glowing rabbits that randomly replace each of the character's mini-game rabbits. Once you catch all seven, you will receive a key that unlocks the white door to the right of Wario's. You will receive a Star. In order to find the glowing rabbits, you must first find all the regular rabbits for each character. The location of the glowing rabbits is as follows:

Rabbit 1: Caught with Luigi. It is found in the underground hallway near the 
Lethal Lava Land course.

Rabbit 2: Caught with Yoshi. It is found in the garden on the outside of the 
castle near the bushes.

Rabbit 3: Caught with Wario. It is found in the hall of the Tiny-Huge Island 

Rabbit 4: Caught with Mario. It is found on the staircase leading up to the Tick-
Tock Clock course and the Rainbow Ride course.

Rabbit 5: Caught with Luigi. Found in the Bob-Omb Battlefield hall.

Rabbit 6: Caught with Wario. Found in the same place you found it with Wario. It 
is found in the hall of the Tiny-Huge Island Course.

Rabbit 7: Caught with Mario. Found in the Jolly Roger Bay hall.


All 120 Course Stars (Action Replay)

12096100 0000FFFF
22096102 000000FF

All Castle Doors Unlocked (Action Replay)

120960E4 0000FFFF
220960E6 000000FF.

All Mini Games In Rec Room (Action Replay)

02096128 FFFFFFFF.

Moon Jump ( (action Replay) Press B)

Enter this code

92096b5c fffd0002
0217f760 00019b23
d0000000 00000000
92096b5c fffd0002
0216e380 00019b23
d0000000 00000000

Infinite Lives (action Replay)

Enter this code: 0209830 00000063.

Infinite Helth (Action Replay)

Enter this code:

12090a00 00000880
121082a4 00000008


Unlock Mario

Go up the stairs in the main area turn right go through the door keep going straight then go to the door with the number 8 (If you have 8 stars) from there go in the picture of Mario.


Go to the haunted mansion and go to the picture with Luigi.

Easter eggs

Square Yoshi Eggs

As Yoshi, go to any level with the small crates. Put it in your mouth then swallow it by pressing the R button, then you should have square Yoshi eggs.


We have no glitches for Super Mario 64 DS yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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