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  • Super Mario Advance 4
  • Action, Side Scrolling Platform
  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo
  • Everyone
  • October 20, 2003


Alternate Ending:World Select Back

To work this cheat, you have to beat king koopa's (bowser) castle. Then you have to sit through the credits. After you go to the map select, press B to go back and pick the place you want to go to again.

Action Panels Any Time

After you beat the game you can play any of the action panel levels when ever you want.

Defeat Bowser

For the final boss battle with Bowser you will be in a room with blocks holding the floor up. Every time Bowser jumps he crushes a group of blocks. Dodge his attacks long enough to get Bowser to break through the floor. After Bowser is gone walk through the door and complete the game.

How To Kill A Boo

You can kill a Boo with either a hammer or a starman.

Secret Warp Whistle In World 2

Go to the upper right hand corner of the map. Use the hammer you got from one of the Hammer Brothers to break the boulder and uncover a secret path. There will be a Mushroom House and a Fire Brother. Beat the Fire Brother to get the whistle.

Lots Of Lives

First go to level 1-2. Go about half-way through the level until there is a pirana plat by some coins in the air. Below the plat there are two bricks, smah the one with the P block and smash it. While the coins are bricks, run up and go to the right of the pirana plant. Jump and a 1-Up mushroom will pop up. Quickly grab the mushroom and go into the tunnel. When you come out of the tunnel, do this process over and over until time runs out and you will have a bunch of lives.

Telling Whether A Brick Jumps Or Not

You can tell that a brick will jump if it is not flashing. If it is NOT flashing, then it means that a little mushroom will jump out at you. If a brick is shiny, then it is a normal brick.

Free Live In 1-2

Get to 1-2. Then go almost halfway through the level where the piranna plant is. Get the P block and go to the top of the tube. Stand a little to the right and voila! You have an extra life which, believe me, can come in handy!

Unlimited Extra Lives

First go to world 3-4. Go about halfway through the level until the likitu thing chases you. Go back to the piranna plant that shoots fireballs at you and grab a koopa shell. Once you've done all of that, throw it between the two blocks so that it bounces back and forth. Stand back and watch the likitu throw the spikey things into it. The shell will then kill all of them and you will have a lot of extra lives. It might take a few minutes, but it's worth the effort!

Defeating The Angry Sun

To defeat The Angry Sun, you must be wearing the Hammer Suit. Once you are wearing the Hammer Suit, throw a hammer at The Angry Sun and it will die.

Secret Room In World 8-2

To find the secret room in world 8-2, go to the first sinking sand, go in it and let your self sink. When you at the bottom you will see your self in a secret room with two pipes. Both pipes lead to different rooms. After you get out of one of the pipes you just went in, you will end up near the end of the level.

Defeating Roto-Discs

To defeat a Roto-Disc you will need to be wearing a Tanooki Suit. After you have got a Tanooki Suit, find a Roto-Disc and make it so that it is underneath you. Right before it hits you quickly turn into the statue by holding the Down and B button. Once it hits from underneath you as a staue, the Roto-Disc will be defeated. Incase you don't no what a Roto-Disc is, it's the diso balllike enemy that rotates around a metal ball.

Warp Whistle In World 1-3

In world 1-3 complete the level but before you reach the end you'll see a white platform with a red turtle on it. Kill the turtle then hold the down button. after 4-5 seconds you will fall behind the platform. Run right through to the end without jumping. When you reach the black end you should go behind it into a secret Toad House. Jump down and take the stand infront of the chest.Hit the B button and you will get a whistle.

Secret Warp Whistle In Fortress #1

To do this you need to have a Racoon Suit. Once you have the Racoon Suit, go near the end of the first room you appear in. At the end of the room, you should see a door and a Dry Bones. Quickly take out the Dry Bones and go near the door and run so you can fly until you can no longer go up. While you're in the air, keep going right until you end up in a room with a small chest holding a Warp Whistle. Once you have the Warp Whistle you will not have to fight Boom, Boom. (the boss of the fortress)

No More Dry Bones

To make Dry Bones disappear, make him into a pile of bones and the walk across the screen until you can no longer see him. Then go back and he will be gone.

Selecting Worlds & Redoing Levels

Once you've deafeted Bowser, you can select your own world and redo the levels you've beaten in the past, but you can't redo fortesses and castles.

Life Swapping

This trick is only done on Mario and Luigi Mode. To do this trick find a small m or l on the map screen, press the A button on it and start swapping lives using the controll pad. Then press the B button to get out.


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We have no unlockables for Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

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