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  • May 23, 2010


Yoshi Can Fly (kind Of)

When Yoshi is almost finished fluttering let go of A press Z let go of Z then press A again and keep doing this over and over and you can flutter infinitely. The trick is extremly hard to master and requires patience. Using this glitch you can reach new heights and find a few secret areas. You can also move while in midair and give Yoshi full aerial control. I have used this to kill some hard bosses and lakitu.

99 Lives! Get Them Easily

First you need 2 players, you go to the Suppermassive Galaxy in World 4. When you get to the part where there are 3 big turtles player 2 freezes the first turtle then P1 goes all the way around and jumps on the last turtle, Then Mario or Luigi start getting ALL 99 lives without even moving they just bounce!

Walkthrough Video - Part 8

Toad Upgrades His Item (star Bit Toad)

In order for Toad to upgrade you need to collect more star bits about every 1,000 star bits he up grades.

Controllable Rock Mario

In the Melty Monster galaxy, the level with Rock mushroom, after the checkpoint, get Rock Mushroom and go on the very edge on the left of the ramp. Then spin! Once you get to the next planet you will be moving very slowly and controllable.

Unlimited 1-UPs And Star Bits!

When you get to World 4 the first Star you get in the first galaxy named "Supermassive Galaxy" the first star you go after is named "Huge Trouble with Big Wigglers". What you do is when you get to the tv that says how to do a long jump, before you watch it, do the long jump and get the 1-UP and long jump back to the tv and collect any star bits around you that you see. Now say yes when the tv asks if you want to see how to do the long jump and when it is done you'll see that all Star Bits and the 1-UP you just got are back. Now just keep repeating until you have the desired amount of Star Bits and 1 UPs. I think you can only have 99 at a time but it may go higher.

Walkthrough Video - Part 1

Walkthrough Video - Part 2

Walkthrough Video - Part 3

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Walkthrough Video - Part 5

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Walkthrough Video - Part 7

Gameplay Trailer Video

Trailer Video


We have no cheats or codes for Super Mario Galaxy 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Unlock Staff Ghosts

Using Luigi hit a level to release a “ghost” recorded by the game’s developers. You can try and hit this ghost as it builds its way during the level at mach speed.

Unlock Grandmaster Galaxy

To unlock the Grandmaster Galaxy in World S, collect the 240 Stars (120 Gold + 120 Green). This 2D Level will check your Yoshi tongue-slinging skills. It has a Comet Medal and a single Star to collect.

Unlock World S

Hit world 6, you will view the game’s ending! But game is not over yet! You will unlock an entire new world, World S!

Unlock Luigi

In the Tall Trunk Galaxy, get “The Flotacious Blimp Fruit” star to unlock Luigi for play on certain levels. At the starting of level, you can talk to Luigi to control him. Hit the level and you will unlock a time trial “ghost.” If you beat the game, then a door will open on spaceship Mario’s forehead from right under the main plain platform. Enter this door to transform into Luigi and play any level as the clumsier bro.

Unlock Green Stars

After you get the 120 gold stars, beat the game and you will unlock more 120 green stars to collect! In the previous galaxies, Green Stars are located at tough-to-reach locations.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Super Mario Galaxy 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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