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  • Action, Side Scrolling Platform
  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo
  • Everyone
  • August 26, 2002


The Chuckster

There is a guy on the building left of the shine gate. Go to him and face the tower with the slanted window behind him. Talk to him, when you give him a coin he will toss you into the tower for a shine!

Hidden Room

To get to the hidden room you first jump on the boat th goes to the shine gate then to the island and back. When it goes under the bridge there will be a coin do a high jump to get to the hidden room.

Secret Lighthouse Shine

To get a shine on the lighthouse use the rocket nozzle to get get up on top. When you are on the top of the light house hold the rocket nozzle (when the boost meter goes off) and jump and quickly ground pound on the black piece and collect the shine.

Spin Spray

Do a triple jump and squirt water.

Tounge Power

Once you have Yoshi, go to delfino Plaza and search for birds. Once you find one, rush toward it and press B. Yoshi should extend his tounge at the bird. When it touches the bird, the bird will turn into a coin. I've only tried this trick in Delfino plaza, but you can try it in other places yoshi is found.

Fall Into Pit Without Dying

In Pianta Village, get on Yoshi and jump into the pit. You will hit bottom and be able to hop off Yoshi and run around.

Sun Glasses And Shirt For Mario!

When you get 30 shines go to the villager in delfino plaza who is on the beach! (he is wearing sun glasses) This man will give you a cool pair of sun glasses! When you finish the game talk to the villager again. However this time he will give you a pair of shades and a shine sprite shirt! VERY COOL!

Buy A Sunshine Star

When you get 10 blue coins. Go to the docks and on the left side go in there, and exchange your 10 blue coins for a sunshine star.

Total Coins In Game

There are 120 shines and 240 blue coins.

Cool View

All you have too do is g in the water, and press y. Then you have to look down so the view is underwater. Then you can squirt water and hover and it looks and sounds cool.

Swim Faster / Flip Trick

To swim faster, you DON'T have to use FLUDD. You have to go underwater (press b about 2 or 3 times) and press a and b fast (doesn't matter what speed, but not slow). He looks kind of funny, but you swim faster than just pressing a or b alone. To do the flip trick, you have to go on land and press a and b fast. Mario will slide on his belly, then flip.

Boucing Under Sun-Cover

To do this you must go to dalfino plasa where the two sun-shade things are on the left side of the island and jump on top of a pinecone. If done correctly you will keep on boucing under the sun-shade part and on top of the pinecone.

Another Secret Level ( Must Have Yoshi For This Task)

To get to another secret level on Delfino Plaza first you have to get yoshi then sit on the docks and wait for a boat to come, jump on the boat and ride it out to the island where the woman wants you to bring her coconuts. Sit out on that island and wait for the next boat to come it will take you to a tall wooden platform with bananas on it NOTE: ( I suggest that while you are waiting for the boat on that island that yo make yoshi keep eating coconuts in that tree so he doesn't die, do the same thing with the bananas on the wooden platform. ) When you are sitting on that wooden platform wait for a while and you will see another boat coming, when the boat gets close enough carefully jump on it. After you get on the last boat it will take you to the island where that dude is shipwrecked. Yo will see a green pipe with that yellow gunk on it that only yoshi can defeat. Spray the yellow gunk with yoshi`s juice, after the gunk is gone, jump off of yoshi and in to the pipe, it will take you to a secret level. NOTE: ( Jump on the boats very, very , VERY carefully because it is very easy for yoshi to fall into the water during this task.

How To Defeat One Of The Secret Levels

If you have seen the hint that tells you about a secret level in a green tube where tall grass is everywhere and you have to find red coins, and are having trouble with that level, these hints will surely come in handy. I`ll tell yo exactly where every one of the red coins are. The first one you find is on that wooden platform but you probably already Knew that. Then you will see a Pianta that is running around and freaking out because he is on fire, put out the fire then press B to talk to him, afterward and he will give you the next red coin. Then you use the rocket nozzle to get on top of a really tall wooden platform, while you`re up there press the Y button to look around, you will eventually see a red bird flying around, spray it with water until it is dead and it will give you a red coin. You will also see a bunch of those round things that have pointy things sticking out of them an have pink flowers on their heads, destroy all of those to get red coins. You will also see the blue ones that have yellow flowers on their heads and shoot black things at you when you get near them, kill all of those and each one will give you a red coin. And finally the last red coin, this one is pretty tricky to find, you will see several black holes on the ground that are shaped like squares, so what you do is you run all the way to a certain side of the place with tall grass, then you will eventually find a black square hole that has block on the side of it that looks like a watermelon, jump in that hole and walk forward and you will see a red coin on the side. If you have trouble finding the last one that I just told you keep looking because trust me it is there. NOTE: ( I would suggest, just to make it easier to use the yellow C control stick and point it up so that yo can see every thing in the tall grass rather then having to look around while that stupid grass is blocking you`re view) And I`m sorry for making you read this long, long, cheat don`t be mad. Any way that is exactly how you defeat that level, you enjoy that shine sprite.

Run Under Water

This trick only works in Delfino plaza. First get behind the tower whit the big shine sprite on. Then go to the lowest water. After that swim to the middle of the fence. When you are at is swim slowly to it and press B twice. If done correctly you will now fall down into the ocean standing at the bottom.

Faster Acceleration When Slide On Water

To do this (NO JUMP)hover in the air a little backwards, then quickly press B and push the analog stick forward at the same time. If done correctly you will have much more acceleration when you slide.

Easy Lives In Delfino Plaza

There is a little cave near the Pinna park cannon that contains a life up. Go to the little island near the lighthouse and spray the fire to get a life up (it is recommended the you have the turbo nozzle). Then after you get the blue coins from the people that want fruit, they give you a 1-up mushrooms (or as I call them "stalker mushrooms").

Pantissimos Sand Sprint Made Easy

When you get to the part of Geleto Beach where you have to race el Pantissimo, immediately run to the isle as soon as you start the level. You should find a usable turbo box. Get it and race him. The shine sprite is as good as yours.

Free Shine Sprite

In Delfino Plaza, near the lighthouse, there is a little beach. On the opposite side of the beach of the sunglasses guy, start spraying water. If you find the right spot, you will see part of a shine sprite appear on the sand. Continue spraying there and the picture will be complete. Then you have to go follow it.

How To Defeat Bowser

To defeat Bowser you ground pound the circle on each end of the pool. Thats how you defeat Bowser.


First, go to Pianta Village episode 8 Fluff festival coin hunt. Then, go to the platform on top of the big tree and squirt the sun. A picture of a shine sprite should apear finish the picture and you will get a shine sprite.

Getting To Corona Mountain

You have to beat the 7th level in every different world to get to Corona mountain. When you first beat all the levels, Delfino Plaza will flood, opening a place that was unreachable before.

Water Flinger

This is a cool move! It will fling water a long way ahead of you as Mario does a midair flip. This move can help you in the "Scrubbing Sirena Beach" section by cleaning up a lot more electric goop ahead of you. First, make sure you have your FLOOD on "hover" mode. Then jump in the air, press the L button and the R button at exactly the same time while in midair.

Easy Shine Sprite On Lighthouse

First you have to have your rocket nozzle (the red one) then go over and rocket up to the top of the light house (Gelato Beach Entrance). Rocket up again when you are on top of it then do a ground pound and the circle on top will bust and turn into a shine sprite!

Space Mario

This occurs in Gelato Beach´s sixth episode. Get what Yoshi wants to eat and jump on it. Spray with juice some paint to reveal a dune bud, spray it and it will take a giant foot- look, will be many coins and a blue coin too. Wait for the foot to dissapear. Spray it again, and at the last second it will transform, make a ground pound... Now, in airspace dismount Yoshi and the camera will zoom again in Mario, showing him high in the sky. NOTE: Reset the game then cause Mario won´t touch floor again, he will fall and fall and fall and fall.

Gelato Beach Secret

In gelato beach one of the shine sprites may be hard to find. Go up to the area where a lone dune bud stands next to the cliff. Spray it and a staricase going down will appear. Go down the steps but immediately spray the opposite wall. A shine sprite will appear.

Hiding In The Bushes

Heres another hidden mini game that most people over look. First go to the cannon that shoots you to pinna park. Look across the ocean to you right and you will see palm trees sticking out of the rock wall. Use the Rocket Nozzel to blast yourself ontop of the fronds. Keep going forward and you will see a pipe that leads to a "bushy" mini game. You have to find 8 red coins in really tall grass in this mini game.

Pinball Mario

In Delphino Plaza there is a entrance to a cool mini level that you can get a sprite for. In front of the entrance to Noki Bay (the rainbow column) a boat will periodically appear at the dock. Jump on top of the boat and wait till your under the bridge. You will see a coin do a spin jump or backflip to jump up and use your hover nozzzel to get into the hole. (I reccomend using the hover nozzel for the mini stage) In the mini stage you use mario as a human pinball to get 8 red coins.

Fruit For Yoshi On Pinna Park Beach

Waht you do is squirt the sand and fruit and/or coins will pop up out of the sand.

Extra Yellow Coins In Delphino Plaza

To get extra yellow coins squirt the "Mario Wanted signs" in Delphino Plaza, Note; You may only do this once.

No Cataquackers

In Gelato Beach, there are 3 ways to bust cataquackers (the little fat ducks with no eyes):

1) Take a thingy to a weed, spray it with the hover nozzle, and let the dune bud do the rest.

2) Follow the above code, but spray him first (only a suggestion!).

3) Let the thingy run into the weed, get unconscious, and spray the weed to launch the 
dune bud.
Try each of these, and you'll get a coin! (Red thingies, below episode 6, give you blue coins, but don't get flung:it'll hurt!!!)

Useless Book Thingy

This is about a useless book in Noki Bay.First do the "red coin" level and then go to the bottom of the bottle,then there is this pathway in the little building thing with a door in the back.After that you have to use your skills of changing the view so you can see behind the door and there is a book!!!NOTE:the door is locked and the book is IMPOSIBLE to get so dont even try to get it!

More On The 2-D Manta

There are a couple of good strategies for beating the manta. The first is good for when you have just started splitting up the manta, which you do by just spraying it with water. Switch to your hover nozzle and hover above the mini-mantas. If you go in circles, the streams will shoot out to the sides and you can kill a wide range of mantas. Don't wait for your hover time to run out, however; make sure there's a clear landing spot--which shouldn't be too hard since the mantas can't tell where you are since you're in the air and they won't try to attack you, they just want to get away from the water--and land. Once you land, though, make sure you're quick in getting back in the air, because the mantas will be ready to leap on the first thing that moves. The second strategy is particularly useful when you've split up most of the giant manta and now you've got a bunch of hyperactive ultra-mini- mantas running around trying to kill you. Not good. But, have no fear. Just do a spin jump while spraying. To spin jump, rotate the control stick once really quickly as you push (A). If you hold down (R), Mario will spray water like a sort of levitated sprinkler. I call this the Levitated Spin 'n' Spray, but some refer to it simply as the Spin Jump That You Happen To Be Able To Spray Water At The Same Time. If you don't want to jump, you can just spin 'n' spray while on the ground; don't try this until you get really good at the spin 'n' spray--it's kind of difficult to master, and if you screw it up in the air, you always have the chance to switch quickly to your hover nozzle and clear a landing spot, but if you're on the ground when you screw it up, well, you've got a bunch of annoying little mantas that have been closing in on you. You can also cover more ground in the air--simple physics. The water will go farther when you're in the air than when you're on the ground. And don't stick to just one strategy. Mix and match. Not that the computer will figure out what you're doing; it just gets a little boring to be spin 'n' spraying all the time. Oh, and when you're trying to beat the dude, stay on the beach right where the water breaks. This is good for a few reasons: one, the mantas won't go into the water so they will all be in front of you; two, you will always have a clear landing spot because you are standing in the water and the mantas don't want to go there; and three, if you run out of water you're right there and don't need to waste precious time and/or lives rushing down to the water, filling up, and rushing back again. Finally, clear off as much of the beach as you can before you go and talk to the hotel manager. It will make your life a WHOLE lot easier. Trust me. ^__^

Fall Through Ground

Play the first mission in Bianco Hills. From the start, go to where the houses are located. Drop down into the little path with a stream of water flowing through it. Go along the path to where the big water wheel is located. Do a Belly Slide to try to get under the water wheel. If you enter at the correct angle, you will go through the ground and die. This may require several attempts.

Pressure Shooting

Note: This trick requires the Speed Pack, and you have to hold R throughout the entire process, Jump in the water with the Speed Pack attachment and turbo speed through the water. Then, press Jump, immediately press X to switch to squirt mode, and you should see the external water appear, as on the Speed Pack.

Strange Point Of View

Go to Pianta Village and go to any episode when it is dark. Go to the pond near the very big tree and walk on the small land. Make Mario walk on the edge of it then go near the wall nearby. Mario should be walking on the water while hugging the wall. Then, press Y. Change the camera's point of view upwards and press Y again. If done correctly, the camera should be stuck under the village and only Mario's shadow and any person or object will be a "?". If you want to return the camera back to normal, press Y.

To Beat Boser

To beat Boser you need the red nozer box. You go out to edges and hold r when you are in the air you click A. You do that on all four platforms.

Blue Moon

Go to Pianta Village on the stage (Secret of the Village Underside)and climb up onto the golden mushroom. Spray the moon for a blue coin.

Beat The Game Without Beating Bowser

When the town is flooded thats when you go to Carona Mountian. Once you get there just exit the level or kill your self (I suggest you don't kill your self if you have a lot of lives but it is a lot more fun than just exitng the level) and once you get out, Delfino plaza won't be flooded and no one will be mad at you!

Clean More Gunk Using Less Water

When cleaning dirt just do the jump spin and hold the R button.

Secret Yellow Bird In Noki Bay!!!!

First, go to the level the shells secret.Turn to the left and start to swim. Then you will come to land. Run over there and wall jump up the little thing. On the left, you'll find a tunnel. Run into the tunnel until it ends. Then go into the GIANT hole.You will fall and bounce back up. At the top there is a tree with a yellow bird flying around it. Spray it 3 times and get a shine. (this is difficult, so it may take more than 1 try)

Free Hawaiian-like Shirt

Once you beat the game, save it and talk to the Pianta who gave you the sunglasses. He will give a free hawaiian shirt.

Gold In Delfino Plaza

When you get the rocket nozzlein Delfino Plaza, you need to clean off the 2 bells and the fake, giant star spirit for a real star spirit.

Star Spirits In Delfino Plaza

When you get more nozzles in Delfino Plaza, use them to shoot upward, sideways, or hovering to get the "hidden" star spirits.

Secret Shine

Wondering where to find the the second secret shine? Just head up to the sprout near the bottom of the cliffs, by the green pianta, and spray the dune bud until it makes a downway staircase. Instead of dashing to get the coins, start soaking the far wall of the staircase. You can uncover thid shine on almost any episode.

Easy Coins In Gelato Beach

Enter episode 8 "Watermelon Festival", and pop the watermelons. A coin will come out each time you pop them.

Gelato Beach Hidden Level

In Gelato beach, water the dune buds until one reveals a sand castle. Enter the sand castle to get to the hidden level.

Beat 2-D Manta Ray

On Sirena Beach to beat the 2-D manta ray you have to keep spraying the manta ray don't listen to whatever FLUDD says. Once you have kept on spraying him and all the little guys the Shine Sprite will be yours.

Light House Sprite

Yo get the light house sprite get the rocket nozzel then go to the light house. Use the nossel to get to the top. When you do get to the top ground pound the top to reveal the sprite.

Golden Bird Sprite

To get the golden bird sprite let the sun light up a little. When it does go to the small island where the Pianta is ship wrecked. Climb the tree,and then you will see a bird flying around squirt it a couple of water drops then a sprite will appear.

Water Slide Sprite

To get water slide sprite get the turbo nozzel in Isle Delfino. Then go where the two police men are. Use the nozzel to break the door where they stand.

Riddin A Lily Pad

While your in the water find a lily pad. Then jump on the lily pad and get out your water shooter thingy. After that piont the shooter in the oppisite direction that you want to go and spray water and the lily pad will move. (this wastes water but its fast and fun)

Extra Blue Coin

To get an extra blue coin go to the place where Mario starts and there will be an X on the statue (you need to clean it off first) spray the X until it disappears when it does go strait and then when you get to the water DONT jump off go left and get the blue coin wash off the other X on the wall and go back to the statue and get the coin where the first X used to be.

The Easiest Shine Sprite

On the beach in Delfino Plaza that is near the lighthouse. Spray water around the sand until you hit a spot that flashes yellow. Keep spraying that spot and a picture of a Shine Sprite appears. When the picture becomes whole, a real Shine Sprite will appear. Congradulations, you have just won The Easiest Shine Sprite!

Bell Tower Sprites

First, grab the Rocket Nozzle and head on over to one of the bell towers (they both sit by the ocean, and are right across from each other). Launch yourself up to a bell and start spraying. Don't bother cleaning it from all sides, because if you spray in one spot long enough, it will clean the whole bell. Once it is spotless, a Shine Sprite will appear. Enjoy!

Get Mario's Head Stuck In The Sand!!

Go to Gelato Beach or the beach in Delfino Plaza. Get a Rocket Nozzle and Equip it on FLUDD. GELATO BEACH: Stand on a tree or mirror facing the sand. DELFINO PLAZA: Stand on the lighthouse facing sand Fire the Rocket. As soon as it fires, press B If you pressed B as soon as it fired and landed in the sand, Mario's head will be stuck in the sand!! (To get Mario unstuck, press A)

How To Get An Extra Star Sprite

On Delfino Plaza go to the light house and start to hover on the beach to get an extra Star Sprite

Noki Bay

When you get the giant light beam over the dolphin statue go in the center of it and look into the sun to get transported to Noki Bay.

Chorona Mountain

TO get to Chorona Mountain you need to beat seven episodes on each level to be able to fight bowers and bower jr.

Easy 100 Coins At Pinna Park

The easiest way to get one hundred coins at pinna park is to walk around spraying the beach outside by yoshi. You will get 100 coins in no time.

Last Red Coins On The SandBird

First you have to get all of coins on the bird. Just wait a little while then you see it on the tallest building (watch out of the bird it tips)

Easy Fruit

To get fruit easier just squirt it off the tree!!

Pinna Park Blue Coin Baskets

On the beach of Pinna Park, there are Blue Coins hidden in baskets that seem unopenable. Go into Episode 2 - The Beach Cannon's Secret and lead a Bullet Bill into a basket and it will explode, revealing the coin.

Easy 100-Coin Shine Sprite In Pinna Park

The easiest way to get the 100-Coin Shine Sprite in Pinna Park is in Episode 2 - The Beach Cannon's Secret. Wait for a Bullet Bill to come near you and spray it to get two coins. Just keep doing that.

Red Coins At The Airstrip

Once you defeat the final boss, you can hitch a ride back to the Airstrip where you can collect eight Red Coins to get another Shine Sprite.

Get Another Shine Sprite

When you are in Delfino Plaza go to the lighthouse stand by the lighthouse and spray water on a certain part of the beach to reveal a Shine Sprite.

How To Beat King Boo Easily.

King boo is a boss located in serena beach. To beat this guy easily first butt slam on the 3 purple squares. dont worry about the little boos that he lets out, if you spray king boo all the little ones go away. Then king boo will lick the 3 wheels, if you get a "???" there will be 3 different enemies that pop out, these are all simple to beat, but if one does get you stuck, dont worry, they disapair soon. If you get 3 gold coin signs, you get alot of coins. but when you get the 3 fruit symbols, out pops all kinds of fruit and 2 hot peppers. First take a hot pepper and throw it at king boo, then while king boo is trying to put out the flame on his tounge, throw any other fruit at him and he will turn purple. Do not throw another hot pepper at him, this will be unaffective. Do this 2 more times and the shine is yours!

Hidden Coins

When you are playing levels if you see an M or an X on the wall spray it until you hear a sound and a coin will come out. Either infront of you or somewhere else.

A New Story Is Born

To have a new part of the town open up a new story get 10 sunshine stars. Everytime you do new storys open.

Sunny Shine Sprite

Go into Pianta Village Episode 8 and climb up to the top of the wooden platform on the tall tree in the middle of the village. Look up to the sun and spray it to reveal a Shine Sprite.

Wiggling Yellow Gunk

In Delfino Plaza, a Blue Coin is trapped in a small cubby hole by wiggling yellow gunk that hurts Mario when he touches it. To dispel the substance, squirt it with Yoshi juice.

Secret For Getting 100-Coin Shine Sprites

If you are having trouble finding 100 coins to get the Shine Sprite, spray the ground all over the stage to uncover coins.

Blue Coin Signs

Hidden in each level are different signs with another corresponding sign. Spray the sign and a Blue Coin will appear out of its corresponding sign. The Blue Coin will only stay for a short time, so be quick.

Ultimate Slip N' Slide

To do the ultimate slip n' slide first spray a little water in front of you, then dive on the spot where the water is and you will slide non- stop until you go to slow and stop or you hit something.

Beating Big Caterpillar

To beat big caterpillar, to a ground pound on the caterpillars stomach where the red arrow is pointing. Do this three times to get a shine sprite. But be careful!

Big Shine

Near the dolphin fountain, there is a person who wants you to collect fruit. Near her is a basket that is high up. jump onto the basket and then onto the ledge aove it. To the left, there is a pond. Fill up you water tank (if it needs it). To the left of the pool should be the big statue of the Big Shine. Jump onto the ledge that leads up to the statue. Next turn your Fludd machine to the spray/shoot mode and spray the Big Shine, trying to remove the mud. Once it's all gone, a Shine will appear above the statue. Now what you have to figure out is how to get it! Good luck!

Blue Birds

Shoot the blue birds in every place that you see them to get a blue coin for each one.

Plaza/Airstrip 100 Coin Shine Sprite

You can collect the 100 coins needed for a Delfino Plaza's Shine Sprite on the Airstrip. It counts either way, and is also easier to collect at the Airstrip.

Extra Red Coin Shine Sprites

In each stage there are secret stages that you must enter to complete an Episode, such as in Bianco Hills, the Hillside Cave Secret. After you complete the Episode, you can reenter the secret stage to find eight Red Coins in a certain time limit.

Dune Buds

In Gelato Beach, the small sprigs in the sand are Dune Buds. Water them and a sand structure will appear, possibly revealing coins or other secrets.

Travel Quicker

In some cases, you must travel quicker to reach a place or item within a time limit. To do this, just press B to hop along the ground, which is much faster than just running.

100 Coin Shine Sprite

In each level, including Delphino Plaza, you can get a Shine Sprite by collecting 100 yelloe coins within the stage.

Faster Belly Slide

To do a faster belly slide, squirt the ground in front of you, then press B to slide over it and you will continue to slide until you choose to stop.

Get A Shine Sprite

When you are in Delfino Plaza, go to the guy on the stranded island. Shoot the yellow bird that flies around and you will get a Shine Sprite.

Safety Hut

In the hotel level when the 2-D Manta Ray attacks go under 1 of the huts to not get hurt.

Mario's New Look

After you beat bowser, find any sunglasses guy and talk to him. He will give you a "Cool Island Shirt" to wear.

Easy Cleaning

Instead of taking a bath each time Mario gets dirty, do one or two spin jumps.

Avoid Losing Health When Falling

When falling from high places, press L to do a Ground Pound. This will make you fall very fast and not lose health.

Avoid Dying

Pause the game when you are about to die and select "Exit Area". You will be teleported in front of the level you were at and not lose a life. Note: This does not work if you are falling.


To get the sunglasses, talk to the man wearing glasses on the beach in Dolphic Plaza. The sunglasses tint your screen as if you were actually wearing them. He is also found in many other levels. He will not give them to you if you have less that 30 Shine Sprites.

Yoshi Juice

After eating a fruit, Yoshi can then spit out juice to defeat enemies.

Get Yoshi

Progress though the game till you get 25 Shine Sprites. Go to Pinnal Park and complete Story #4 . You will now be back in town. The Fake Mario will appear with an egg. Chase him down to get Yoshi.

Alternate Ending Screen

Successfully complete the game with all 120 Shine Sprites and the ending screen will show all the characters in the game.

Hidden Tunnels

Stand on the sun/moon shaped lids and do a ground pound. You can find some coins or items down there or use them as shortcuts.

Ending Bonus

Successfully complete and save the game. You can pay 10 coins to use a boat near the clock tower where Yoshi is found to return to the Airport level at the start of the game. Additionally, you can get a Hawaiian shirt in addition to the sunglasses that the man wearing sunglasses gives Mario normally during the game.


Mario Yoshi Luigi Buddy

Go to the main menu and press A, B, Y, Y, X, Z, L, L, R.

In Game Restart

Press A, B, L, R, X, Y, Z, and Start anytime in the game and it will restart.

Super Spin

To do a super spin, press R then imediatly press A.


Secret Blue Coin

In the pinta village episode: "The villages underside seceret", get the yoshi and eat all the bees where the egg was. The last bee you eat turns into a blue coin.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Super Mario Sunshine yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Cannon Glitch

In defleno plaza that red thing by penia park viewing, is a cannon the guy will say he's repairing it. But when you ground pound on the top of the cannon you will go inside the cannon. (note) dosen't take you to penia park yet.

Under The Plaza Glitch

I accidentally did this while trying to do the walk under water glitch during the flood (go under the log by the pianta statue and start pressing A). Go under the log and press A and B alternatively until you sink and land. If done correctly you should fall through the ground and be in oblivion! Note: this may take a while to do. If you do perform the walk under water glitch without falling through, go to the market and jump up onto the canvas' and jump again to swim.


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