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  • Action, Adventure
  • Unknown
  • Sierra
  • Mature


Kill Teammates With Cheatcode Turned On.

If you have the code Do not harm team mates, it doesn't work well. To kill a teammate, just shoot them through a door. As long as the bullet goes through something besides air, it will kill your teammate.

Cross The Street

Go to the mission "Import Store" and start outside. Next, go inside the front door and turn right. Go all the way to the side of the store and you will see a window with wood all over it. There should be boxes stacked near it. Then climb to the top of the boxes. Hold your walk button down and walk in to the CORNER of the wall. You should be able to cross the street. The catch is, you can't get back in. So... you must press "L" or whatever is your self respawn button is.

Close The Gate

Go to the mission 12th and Fig. When in, go over to the LA Metro entrence by the Texicon truck (NOT where The Matrix took place) and as soon as you go in DO NOT go downstairs! Instead, turn around and look for a flat light switch without any switch in it. Shoot it. Sparks will fly and the gate will close. Wait like 5 seconds, and shoot it again to reopen it.


Choose to go to the Vantura Hotel. When in, go to the stairwell. (The door over to the right of where you start.) Go all the way down the stairs, and under the steps. Press F7. (Or whatever you use to open locked doors.) Go over to the wall under the steps, and open the hidden door. I don't want to tell you what will happen (that will kill the suprise) but you can find out yourself.

The Matrix Is Here!

In a Multiplayer and/or Custom Mission, choose to go to 12th and Fig. (a.k.a. Night time LA Metro) Wait 'till the plane drops the bombs (which is in about 15 minutes from starting time) and go downstairs to the subway (the cruddy looking one where the Matrix movie took place) and go in the 2nd metal door. Go in, make a right and a quick left, and go straight to the end of the hallway. (where the gas is coming down) (Remember this is after the plane drops bombs.) Shoot the wall starting from the top where the gas is coming from. If all goes well, you will see a flame comin' out of the wall. Walk in, and you will see the green letters (like in the matrix) and 3 agents are shooting at you.

Small Cat, Big Mouth

Go to "Mission" and select Custom. Pick a name or type one in, then click "Rapid Deployment, 12th and Fig. Then click ok. Go to Gear and pick whatever weapons you want then click Go!Go!Go! When the mission is loaded go over to the fire escape and climb it to the top. Walk on the ledge,(Watch out! If you fall you die!) Go around the corner and you will see another fire escape and then past that (still on the ledge) you will see a black cat. Shoot it to hear a lion roar!


If you hit the A key on your keyboard you will taunt left and if youhit the Z key you will taunt right.


MultiPlayer Cheats

When in a multiplayer game, press and hold Shift and ~. Type the code and press enter:

Code:          Use:
flat           Turn all lights to 100%
handsup        Shows your gun
paintball      Turns the game to paintball
stop           Debrief's only you
exit           Lets you leave

Do Not Harm Team Members

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Using a text editor, edit the "swat.cfg" file in the game directory. Change the line "shootgoodguys=1" to "shootgoodguys=0". Then your bullets will not harm your fellow team members during a game.

Cheat Codes

While playing a game, press [Shift] + ~ to display the console. Then, enter one of 
the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:


Team God mode		swatlord
Infinite ammunition		biggerpockets
Rapid fire			doubleshot
More gore			nc17
Win current mission		iamleet
Night missions played in daytime	noshades
No pants or shirts		casual
Suspects harder to kill		hotstuff
Suspects will not surrender	justin
Slow-motion mode		johnwoo
Shoot rats to make them rabid	rabies
Force a team mate to fire
 their weapon		whosyourboss


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