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  • Fighting, 2D Fighting
  • Namco
  • Namco
  • Teen
  • April 1, 1998


Anna's New Costume

Play as Anna in VS mode and win as her 25 times in a row.

Mokujin Wood Impact Sound

After selecting Mokujin hold down until the match start. The standard hit sounds will be replaced with the wood block hit sound effect.

Alternate Character And Mode Release

There is a another way of releasing extra characters and game modes. As you accumilate battles in versus mode new features and characters will be unlocked. 100 Battles : Kuma unlocked 150 Battles : Julia unlocked 200 Battles : Gun Jack unlocked 250 Battles : Mokujin unlocked 300 Battles : Anna unlocked 350 Battles : Bryan unlocked 400 Battles : Heihachi unlocked 450 Battles : Ogre unlocked 500 Battles : True Ogre unlocked 550 Battles : Tekken Ball Mode unlocked 600 Battles : Tiger unlocked 650 Battles : Gon unlocked 700 Battles : Dr. Bosconovitch unlocked 750 Battles : All characters and outfits unlocked

Tekken Ball Room

Beat arcade mode with ten different characters of your choice.

The Wind Of Gon

Go to any mode and then start fighting. During your match press back+circle. Gon will turn around and fart on his opponant.

Gon's Nap

When you are in play press down and both punches then he will get on the ground and close his eyes. He will regain health. if you are hit, he will be awoken on the ground. it puts you in a good tactical positon and he is hard to hit while he is down. He regains health at a pretty fast rate.

Paul's Super Move

Press Back, Circle and Square.

Yoshimitsu's Meditiation

If your opponent isn't fighting you and you are low on health then meditate. Just press down and the two kick buttons. He will gain hit health back and get super hyper.

Easy Win With Yoshimitsu

For an easy win with Yoshimitsu, preform his shark-attack blow at the begging of a fight. If preformed correctly it should take away most of the opponent's health. After you preform the shark-attack do a simple two hit combo or anything else and you've won!

Law's Lucky Two Hit Kill

Do Law's Dragon Leg Sweep and finish it off with Law's Charging Punch.

Different Costumes

To get different outfits Highlight the character you want and Press O.

Alternate Winning Poses

After winning a match, hold any kick button during the entire replay to view your character's alternate winning pose. Hold any punch button during the entire replay to view your character's normal winning pose. Note: Some characters do not have an alternate winning pose.

Theatre Mode

Unlock all character, including Panda, Tiger, Doctor Boskonovitch, and Gon, and view their endings. Then the "Disc" and "Sound" options under "Theatre Mode" will be available.

Beach Ball Mini-game

View all ten base characters endings to enable the "Ball Mode" option.

Play As Doctor Boskonovitch

Complete Tekken Force Mode four times (collect the bronze, silver, gold keys, then complete that mode one final time). Then, defeat Doctor Boskonovitch when he appears to have him available on the character selection screen under arcade mode.

Play As Panda

At the character selection screen, highlight Kuma and press Circle.

Play As Tiger

Beat arcade mode with eighteen characters. Then at the character selection screen, highlight Eddy and press Start.

Play As True Ogre

Beat arcade mode with nine characters.

Play As Ogre

Beat arcade mode with eight characters.

Play As Heihachi

Beat arcade mode with seven characters.

Play As Bryan

Beat arcade mode with six characters.

Play As Anna

Beat arcade mode with five characters.

Play As Mokujin

Beat arcade mode with four characters.

Play As Gun Jack

Beat arcade mode with three characters.

Play As Juila

Beat arcade mode with two characters.

Play As Kuma

Beat arcade mode with one character.


Play As Gon

Complete arcade mode using Doctor Boskonovitch. Then, select arcade mode and press the D-pad off either side of the character selection screen. Alternatively, defeat Gon under "Ball mode" or play survival or force mode until prompted for initials, then enter "GON".

Doctor B. Hot Move

Press back, x and o, then press up

KING's Four Throw

Play as king. Near an opponent press right+down+square+triangle, then the king will catch him. Then immediately hold square and press triangle countiuosly and quickly, he will throw him second time. But before he finishes second throw hold X and press square, triangle, circle in sequence. Then in the same manner hold triangle and press square, X, circle in sequence. He will finish his four throw.

Breathe True Ogre's Flame

If you want to breathe True Ogre's flame in the air, you hold Left, Up, Triangle, and Square. If you want to do it on the ground you press Down, Square, and Triangle.

Ogre And True Ogre Super Move

Hit back and back again. Gold back then hit Triangle+Square. This code will usually K.O. your oppenent. If your are too far away it will do half damage.

Eddy's Hot Move

Right, Right, X, Circle.

Pauls K.O. Punch


Dr. B's Super Move

Back, Circle+X, Up.

Bryan's Super Move

To do his super move, press Back, Square and Circle at the same time. This takes off about half of your opponent's life.

Alternate Costumes

Select arcade mode, highlight a fighter on the character selection screen, and hold R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 until the timer reaches zero. Then, release the buttons when both fighters are displayed. Alternatively, play as the desired character the indicated number of times. Then, highlight that fighter on the character selection screen and press Start: Ling Xiaoyu (fifty times), Jin Kazama (fifty times), Anna Williams (twenty-five), Gunjack (ten).

Alternate Introduction Sequence

Beat the game with the ten base characters to view an alternate introduction featuring the characters in their two-player mode costumes. For another alternate introduction, beat the game with all characters including the secret ones.

Record Or Replay Combo

Enter practice mode and choose "1P Freestyle". Then at the freestyle options screen, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Circle. Use Down and Select to record and replay a combo.


We have no unlockables for Tekken 3 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Tekken 3 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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