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  • Fighting, 3D Fighting
  • Namco
  • Namco Bandai Games
  • Teen
  • September 11, 2012


Allegiance Chart

Jin Kazama
Likes (+1): Nina
Dislikes (-1): Xiaoyu, Christie, Lee, Jack-6, Anna, Bruce, Raven, Jun
Hates (-2): Lei, Heihachi, Kazuya, Devil Jin, Zafina, Lars, Alisa, Jinpachi, Ogre

Heihachi Mishima
Likes (+1): Xiaoyu, Kuma, Panda
Dislikes (-1): Yoshimitsu, Steve, Jun
Hates (-2): Jin, Kazuya, Lee, Jack-6, Wang, Devil Jin, Jinpachi, Ogre

Kazuya Mishima
Likes (+1):
Dislikes (-1): Raven, Eddy
Hates (-2): Lei, Nina, Jin, Heihachi, Lee, Wang, Devil Jin, Zafina, Leo, Lars,
Ogre, Jun

Jun Kazama
Likes (+1): Jin, Kuma, Roger Jr, Asuka, Panda
Dislikes (-1):
Hates (-2): Heihachi, Devil Jin, Ogre

Asuka Kazama
Likes (+1): Lei, Bob, Miguel, Leo
Dislikes (-1): Alisa, Ogre
Hates (-2): Jin, Feng, Lili

Likes (+1): King, Marduk, Armor King
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Heihachi, Ganryu

Ling Xiaoyu
Likes (+1): Jin, Heihachi, Lee, Wang, Alisa, Panda
Dislikes (-1): Anna, Asuka, Lili, Ogre
Hates (-2):

Paul Phoenix
Likes (+1): Law, Bryan, Kazuya, Steve
Dislikes (-1): Kuma
Hates (-2): Ogre

Marshall Law
Likes (+1): Paul, Yoshimitsu, Steve
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Baek, Lili

Lei Wulong
Likes (+1): Steve, Mokujin, Wang, Asuka
Dislikes (-1): Nina, Bruce, Feng, Ogre
Hates (-2): Kazuya

Likes (+1): Jaycee, Marduk, Armor King
Dislikes (-1):
Hates (-2): Ogre

Armor King
Likes (+1): King, Jaycee
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Marduk

Nina Williams
Likes (+1): Jin, Eddy
Dislikes (-1): Lei, Christie, Steve, Lars
Hates (-2): Anna, Ogre

Anna Williams
Likes (+1): Kazuya, Bruce
Dislikes (-1): Jin, Eddy, Lars, Ogre
Hates (-2): Nina

Likes (+1): Jin, Baek
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Devil Jin

Bryan Fury
Likes (+1): Dragunov
Dislikes (-1): Jack-6, Alisa, Ogre
Hates (-2): Lei, Yoshimitsu, Heihachi

Lee Chaolan
Likes (+1): Wang, Lili, Lars, Alisa
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Heihachi, Kazuya

Steve Fox
Likes (+1): Paul, Law, Lei, Nina
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Jin, Heihachi

Craig Marduk
Likes (+1): King, Jaycee
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Roger Jr, Armor King

Likes (+1): Jaycee, Kuma, Roger Jr, Panda
Dislikes (-1):
Hates (-2): Jin, Kazuya, Devil Jin, Alisa, Jinpachi, Ogre, Jun

Likes (+1): Kazuya, Anna, Bruce
Dislikes (-1): Nina, Eddy, Lars, Alisa, Ogre
Hates (-2): Jin, Raven

Wang Jinrei
Likes (+1): Xiaoyu, Feng, Jinpachi, Jun
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Jin, Heihachi, Kazuya, Devil Jin

Likes (+1): Jaycee, Devil Jin
Dislikes (-1): Lili, Bob, Ogre
Hates (-2):

Bruce Irvin
Likes (+1): Kazuya, Anna
Dislikes (-1): Lei, Nina, Jin, Lars, Ogre
Hates (-2):

Baek Doo San
Likes (+1): Hwoarang
Dislikes (-1): Jin
Hates (-2): Ogre

Likes (+1): Zafina
Dislikes (-1): Jin, Kazuya, Alisa, Ogre
Hates (-2): Yoshimitsu, Heihachi, Dragunov

Feng Wei
Likes (+1): Law, Wang, Jinpachi
Dislikes (-1): Lei, Ogre
Hates (-2): Heihachi

Sergei Dragunov
Likes (+1): Jack-6, Devil Jin
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Nina, Jin, Raven, Eddy, Lars

Lili Rochefort
Likes (+1): Kuma, Ganryu, Asuka, Leo
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Nina, Jin, Heihachi, Kazuya, Eddy, Lars, Alisa, Jinpachi, Jun

Christie Monteiro
Likes (+1):
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Jin, Kazuya, Eddy

Eddy Gordo
Likes (+1): Nina, Christie, Jin
Dislikes (-1): Lars, Ogre
Hates (-2): Kazuya

Likes (+1): Paul, Law, Jin, Ganryu, Miguel
Dislikes (-1): Steve, Ogre
Hates (-2):

Likes (+1): Wang, Raven
Dislikes (-1):
Hates (-2): Jin, Kazuya, Devil Jin, Jinpachi, Ogre, Jun

Likes (+1): Kuma, Roger Jr, Panda
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Nina, Jin, Eddy, Bob, Lars,

Leo Kliesen
Likes (+1): Xiaoyu, Jaycee, Wang, Asuka, Feng, Lili
Dislikes (-1): Jack-6, Anna, Bruce, Ogre
Hates (-2): Kazuya

Lars Alexandersson
Likes (+1): Lee, Wang, Raven, Zafina, Alisa
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Jin, Heihachi, Kazuya

Alisa Boskonovitch
Likes (+1): Yoshimitsu, Jin, Lee, Jack-6, Raven, Zafina, Lars
Dislikes (-1): Xiaoyu, Ogre
Hates (-2): Bryan

Likes (+1): Roger Jr, Alisa
Dislikes (-1):
Hates (-2): Bryan, Ogre

Roger Jr.
Likes (+1): King, Yoshimitsu, Kuma, Steve, Mokujin, Armor King, Panda
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2):

Likes (+1): King, Heihachi, Mokujin, Roger Jr, Armor King, Panda
Dislikes (-1): Paul, Ogre
Hates (-2): Xiaoyu, Jin

Likes (+1): King, Xiaoyu, Jaycee, Lee, Mokujin, Roger Jr, Wang, Armor King, Alisa
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Kuma

Devil Jin
Likes (+1):
Dislikes (-1):
Hates (-2): Hwoarang, Xiaoyu, Heihachi, Kazuya, Asuka, Dragunov, Zafina, Ogre, Jun

Jinpachi Mishima
Likes (+1): Kazuya, Wang
Dislikes (-1):
Hates (-2): Heihachi, Devil Jin, Ogre

True Ogre
Likes (+1):
Dislikes (-1): Paul, Yoshimitsu
Hates (-2): Jin, Zafina, Jun


We have no cheats or codes for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Trophy List

  • All Hail, Tekken Incarnate! - Earn everything
  • Avoid Flying Heads - Escape from Alisa's Spam Bomb move
  • Bad Date - Drop a damsel into the pool in the Eternal Paradise stage
  • Bazillionaire - Earn over 10,000,000G total
  • Be Still My Iron Heart - Win a ranked match in Online Mode
  • Behold the Tekken Lord! - Become a Tekken Lord in Offline Mode
  • Below the Belt - Pull off 3 low parries
  • Combot, on Standby! - Clear Stage 1 in Fight Lab
  • Combot, Move Out! - Clear Stage 2 in Fight Lab
  • Combot, Engage! - Clear Stage 3 in Fight Lab
  • Combot, Annhilate! - Clear Stage 4 in Fight Lab
  • Combot, Return to Base! - Clear Stage 5 in Fight Lab
  • Dance to Your Own Beat - Change the background music using Tekken Tunes
  • Dish Best Served Cold - Pull off 3 reversals
  • Doused But Not Out - Get your upper body wet in the Fallen Garden stage
  • Enter the Vanquisher! - Earn the Vanquisher in Offline Mode
  • Escape Artist - Successfully complete 10 throw escapes
  • Fickle Friend - Switch places with your partner 765 times
  • Flying Butt-Kicker - Pull off 3 10 hit combos
  • Fortunate Fighter - Earn 3 Lucky Boxes
  • GREAT Gladiator - Win a GREAT battle
  • Geronimooo! - Break a balcony
  • Impressive Moves - Pull off a GREAT combo
  • Insane Juggler - Deal more than 62 damage in a midair combo
  • Iron Heartache - Fight 3 times on Online Mode
  • Lead Coach - Deal a total of 1000 damage in Practice in Offline Mode
  • Master of the Tag Combo - Pull off 10 Tag Combos
  • Master of the Tag Assault - Pull off 10 Tag Assaults
  • Master of the Direct Tag Assault - Pull off 3 Direct Tag Assaults
  • Master of the Tag Throw - Pull off 10 Tag Throws
  • Movie Buff - Unlock 40 character's ending movies
  • Oodles of Ukemi - Pull off 3 ukemi
  • PERFECT Player - Win a PERFECT battle
  • Preeminent Partner - Clear an Offline Mode arcade battle with a partner
  • Proof of Your Existence - Win 10 consecutive battles in Survival in Offline Mode
  • Renovation Time - Break a wall
  • Secret Weapon - Use an item move
  • Stick It to 'Em - Pull of 10 homing attacks
  • Solo Warrior - Clear an Offline Mode arcade battle solo
  • Super-Speed Fists - Clear Offline Mode Time Attack within 20 minutes
  • Super Combot DX Compelte - Unlock all content in Fight Lab
  • Tekken Black Belt - Earn 1st dan in Online Mode
  • Tenacios Fighter - Win 3 team battles in Offline Mode
  • The Best of Friends - Pull off 3 partner specific Tag Throws
  • The Original Bouncer - Pull off 10 bound combos
  • Touch-up Artist - Customize a character
  • True Friendship - Pull off 3 Tag Crashes
  • Tug at My Iron Heat Strings - Win a player match in Online Mode
  • Watch Your Step! - Break a floor
  • Who You Gonna Call? - Defeat 30 ghosts
  • Read more at http://www.gamenguide.com/articles/3284/20120911/trophies- tekken-tag-tournament-2.htm#reYCBzT6WFUVpPCI.99

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