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  • Fighting, 3D Fighting
  • Namco
  • Namco
  • Teen
  • October 18, 2000


Unlock Dr. B

Get the high score on Tekken Bowl Mode.

Use Hidden Characters

To use a character that is not unlocked, go to the character selection screen then go to the random character screen. Pick a character with X. If this is not the one you want, press select to pick another. Keep doing this as many times as needed to find the hidden character you want.

Unlock Red Shirt Tiger

Beat all 21 games in the Play Now feature to unlock Tiger's shirt. Play with the red shirt Tiger and in-game stats will match his realworld stats, giving him a major advantage.

Find Tetsujin And Unknown

First unlock Devil (which should be after Tetsujin,) then beat the game again. This will unlock Unknown. To find Tetsujin and Unknown on the character selection screen highlight Wang. Press left once for Tetsujin then again for Unknown. Unknown will copy the moves of whoever unlocked it. For example, when you unlock Devil, beat the game again. If you beat the game with Jun Kazama, Unknown will copy Jun Kazama's moves.

Pro Moves

If you chose Gun Jack as one of your people you can knock the other player out In one go. On the command screen search for debugger. When you do it keep on going around and you will hear a voice that will say 1,2,3,4,5 when it gets to 5 press square. This will knock them out immediately. If you chose Yoshimitsu as one of your people there is a move that takes away most of there life. You do this by pressing back back square. This move takes time so do a normal X kick and do the move. Another move which is like this move is almost unblockable. Before Yoshimitsu stabs you press another square. If you chose Devil as one of your people don't use inferno, devil blaster or reverse devil blaster against any of the Jacks as they go crazy and take abit if life away from you.

New Costume for Law

To get a new costume for Law, simply beat the game with him once. Then, when you select him again after beating the game with him press start. He will have a sprt of leopard-skin one piece suit on. Note that before you beat the game with him, this will not work.

Special Kazuya-Devil Tag

If you choose Kazuya as your first player and Devil as second you can transform Kazuya into Devil!!!

K.O. the Crowd

In Tekken Bowl mode, if you bowl hard over to the right or left of the screen you should be able to K.O the people who are watching you, this cheat is totally useless but it is fun to see.

Team Battle Code Costume Change

If you want to get your Character in their costume, instead of pressing "START", press "R1" instead. NOTE: Your character which you have chosen, has to have a special outfit for the start button.

Easy Way to Get Ending Videos

This isn't a cheat but a very cool way to get all the videos. Before anything else go to the "options" menu, and make sure that whenever you lose a match you get to pick your characters over again. Ok now your set, now pick your two favorite characters or characters that you know all of the moves too, and get all the way to the final battle, lose this battle on purpose, you should get to pick your characters over again. Now make sure that whoever you pick first that will be the video that you get. Do this over and over again until you get all the videos.

Theater Mode

Successfully complete arcade mode once to unlock theater mode.

Gallery Mode

Unlock Devil to access gallery mode.

Tekken Bowl Mode

Unlock Ogre to access Tekken Bowl mode.

Juke Box in Tekken Bowl Mode

Score more than 200 points in Tekken Bowl mode. Press Start, select "Bowling Options", and choose a song.

Play as Tiger

At the character selection screen, highlight Eddy and press Start.

Play as Angel

At the character selection screen, highlight Devil and press Start.

Play as Heihachi (Japanese version)

Successfully complete arcade mode without losing in less than 5 minutes, 30 seconds.

Play as Gold Tetsujin (Japanese version)

Win ten matches in versus mode.

Armor King's Alternate Costume

Successfully complete arcade mode with Armor King. Then at the character selection screen, highlight Armor King and press Start.

Ling FMV Sequences

Successfully complete arcade mode with Ling, then complete it again in her school costume to view two different FMV sequences featuring Ling.

Super Charger

While fighting with any character, press all buttons to do a super charger.

Automatic Lower Parry

While fighting with any character, press Down/Forward to do a lower parry.

Escape Backflip

While fighting with most characters, press Up/Back to do an escape backflip.

Bonus Characters

Successfully complete arcade mode with any character to unlock one of the hidden characters. Another character will be unlocked each time the game is completed, in the following order: Kunimitsu, Bruce Irvin, Jack-2, Lee Chaolan, Wang Jinrey, Roger & Alex, Kuma & Panda, Kazuya Mishima, Ogre, True Ogre, Prototype Jack, Mokujin & Tetsujin, Devil & Angel, and Unknown.


Practice Mode Stage Select

At the main menu, highlight "Practice Mode", then hold L2 and press R2 the 
indicated number of times to select the corresponding stage:

Stage  		R2 Presses 

Law (new) 		1 
Yoshimitsu  (light snow) 	2 
Ling  		3 
Hwoarang 		4 
Lei 		5 
Ogre 		6 
School Stage (evening) 	7 
Jin (evening) 	8 
Nina (daytime) 	9 
Eddy (sunset) 	10 
King 		11 
Heihachi 		12 
Eddy (daytime) 	13 
Unknown 		14 
Law (old) 		15 
School Stage (daytime) 	16 
Jin (daytime) 	17 
Nina  (nighttime) 	18 
Yoshimitsu (heavy snow)	19 
Paul 		20

To Get Gon

In arcade mode, highlight Heihachi press Up(2), Down(2), X. Then beat him on stage 5. Then in vs mode press X as you highlight Heihachi and Gon will be there.

Devil Blaster On Ground

Choose Devil or Angel. In battle, tap Square and O at the same time repeatidly. This should fire a purple beam at the opponent.

See Other Victory Dances

When you win before it says "You win" press Square, Circle, Triangle, or X and you will see the character's different victory dances. Note: Some characters only have two (2) dances. Note 2: The CPU usually does the X dance. Note 3: The dance that the CPU raly does is the Triangle dance.

Cool Team Up Sequences

Here are some cool sequence to do just for fun. You have to push certain buttons for that costume. Lee (o) and Heihachi (o) Lee (square) and Heihachi (square) Ling (start) and Panda (xoro) Paul (triangle) and Kuma (triangle) Jin (triangle) and Kazuua (x,triangle) Jin (triangle) and Heihachi (triangle) Jin (x) and Heihachi (x) Lei (x) and Bruce (x) Michiell (x) and Granryu (triangle) Kazzua (any button) and Heihachi (any button) Baek (x) and Hwarong (x) Baek (triangle) and Hwarong (triangle) Eddy (square) and Kazuua (triangle) Nina (x) and Anna (triangle) Yostimitsu (triangle) and Heihachi (triangle) Bryan (square) and Yositimitsu (triangle) King (triangle) and Armor King (triangle) Eddy (triangle) and Hwarong (triangle) Jin (x) and Hwarong (x)

Change Costumes for Character

To Change your Characters Costume: For Original Costume, When Selecting Character : Press " X " For Alternate Costumes: Press Square,or Triangle or Circle. This will give you alternate costumes.

More Costumes

While highlighting a player press L1 and then your character should be different looking.( This code may only work with some but most people).

Start Match with Second Selected Character

Hold Tag and press Start before a match begins to switch the order of the fighters.


Mokujin And Tetsujin

Beat the game with 15 characters.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Tekken Tag Tournament yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Tekken Tag Tournament yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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