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  • Simulation, Space Combat Sim
  • Terminal Reality
  • 3D Realms
  • Everyone
  • May 1, 1995



In Any Game: Got an enemy on your tail that you can`t shake? Try this: Hit your afterburners and fly straight up into the clouds, now point your noise down, this time you will turn in your spot instead of doing a loop which allows enemies to stay on your tail. Now you should be face-to-face with him.


In Multi-player Game: Try this, if you are being beaten in a multiplayer game, just hit your afterburners and go as far away from the starting point as possible. Your enemy should follow you and probably kill you. Now you`re at the beginning again and you have time to stockpile before your enemy gets back. When he does, you will have a beefed-up ship and his will be exhausted and injured, now you can beat him easily.


In Multi-player Game: Instead of maneuvering on full engine power, put your engine power down all the way and maneuver with afterburners alone, this will allow you to move fast when you need to, and aim at enemies properly.


In Multi-player Game: When your enemy can`t see you, hit pause and you will disappear but he will keep moving, you can see him move around also, the second he passes by your position, un-pause and chase him.

More Kills

After exiting a tunnel, return to the entrance and go through again to shoot down more enemy craft. They cannot aim at you, so there is not much risk. Also, on the last level`s tunnels, use PAC`s and keep shooting as you go through. This does not harm your ammunition unless you have collected another PAC from a weapons bunker which allows double shots for a limited number of shots.


Hidden Planet

When you start a new game in the registered CD version, you can get to the hidden planet by entering "Terminal" as your name and "Reality" as your call sign. (Both of these are case sensitive.) The hidden planet is not in the shareware version or the disk based registered version.

See A Photographic Image

Also, in level 3-1 of Terminal Velocity, fly close to the ground near the coordinates (63,227). You will see a photographic image of the Terminal Reality team. If you fly too high, the fog will obstruct the view. A clearer version of this can be found as a GIF file on the Terminal Velocity CD in the PREVIEW directory.

Cheat Codes

TRISHLD-Shield Restore
3DREALM-Power up all weapons
TRINEXT-Skip to next level
TRWARPx-Level Warp (x is the level to warp to)
TRIHOVR-Hover while firing
TRIBURN-Speeds afterburner up
MANIACS-1000 secs Afterburner fuel
TRIFIR0-Temporary invincibility
TRIFIR9-200 secs afterburner fuel


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