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  • Role-Playing, First-Person Action RPG
  • Unknown
  • Infogrames
  • Mature


Dinner Plates

 The object is to create five stacks of two plates on every point of the star pattern.
 A plate must jump two plates, stacked or not.
 Once moved, a plate cannot be moved again.


The object of this is to get a stack of two plates at each point of the star.  To do this number the plate at the top #1.  Then number the others 2-10 by going clockwise.  Thus 1,3,5,7,9 should be at the points of the star.  Then make the following moves:
6 to 3.
8 to 1.
4 to 9.
10 to 7.
2 to 5.

There are other solutions, but one is enough.

Doll House

 Get five of your pieces in a row, or capture five pairs of your  opponent's pieces to win.
 Try not to let Stauf get four unchecked pieces in a row or else you are doomed.


Try this:
First three moves put your stones under Stauf's
Fourth move, block Stauf to the right of his three stones
Fifth move, fill in the middle of  your two stones
Sixth move, fill in four in a row by going right Stauf will take two of your stones
Seventh move, fill in your row again


This seems to always work when Stauf's second stone is to the right, but it can work when he goes left also
Another Note: this does not always work, but it is a good starting point to see what Stauf does.


 Manipulate the cars by switching between the top and the bottom track. Use the switcher.
 The letters will spell out "STAUF".


First of all, I'll be calling the track that goes straight through, the main track. I'll be calling the track that curves around, the side track. I'll call the section where the AUST starts to be the end section.  The goal of the puzzle is to rearrange the letters to get STAUF in the end section.  The puzzle starts with F on the main
track and AUST on the end section.

First: Move the AUST one at a time to the main track so that we get TSUAF on the main track.

Second: Move the TSUA to the side track so that we get AUST on the side track.

Third: Push the F into the end position.

Fourth: Push the A into the end position.

Fifth: Move the UST to the main track to give us TSU on the main track and AF in the
end section.

Sixth: Move the A onto the main track to give us ATSU.

Seventh: Move the ATS to the side track giving us STA there.

Eighth: Move the U into the end position.

Ninth: Move the STA to the main track giving us ATS.

Tenth: Move the ATS one at a time into the end section giving us STAUF there.

So the moves should look like this:

      F   AUST
After First:
After Second:
After Third:
After Fourth:
After fifth:
     TSU     AF
After sixth:
    ATSU      F
After seventh:
       U      F
After eighth:
After ninth:
     ATS     UF
After tenth:


 Move the pieces around until you can move the piano off the board.
 This one's difficult.


I got this third hand, so I don't know who originally did this.  Anybody?  Bueller?

Also, there may be some typos in the solution.
Number couches 1-4
1 being lower left
2 being upper left
3 being lower right
4 being upper right
Letter Chairs A,B,C,D from bottom to top.
Letter Table T  and the Piano P

T, R means move table to the right
B, R
A, U,R means mve chair A up then right
3, L
T, D
B, R
A, U 3, U 1, RX2 P, D C, LX2 A, LX2 B, LX2 4, D D, RX2 2, RX2 A&C U P, U 1, LX2 3, D B, D,R P, R C, D A, L,D 2, LX2 D, LX2 4, U B, U,R P, R C, R,U 1, U 3, L P, D D, D,R 4, L B, U D, R P, U 3, RX2 1, D A&C, D 2, D 4, LX2 P, U A&C, RX2 1, U 3, L C, D,L T, L D&B, DX2 P, R A&C, UX2 T, L B, L,D P, D,R


 To win, be the first to create an unbroken path that touches all three sides of the triangular field.
 A corner hexagon counts as touching two sides at once.


Try filling one of the sides.  I won the first time through by filling the bottom row.  But, you can't just start at one end and go straight across.  Try to fool Stauf by placing them in at random and even put some pieces around elsewhere on the board.

Jewel Box - Gems

 Each gem must be adjacent to a gem of a matching color.
 You can rotate a cluster of gems or swap positions with another cluster.


Label the gems 1-6, going clockwise, with 1 being at the top.
1. Switch gems 1 and 2.
2. Rotate gem 4 to get red or blue as the top color.
3. Rotate the rest of the gems starting at gem 5, matching the adjacent color of gem 5 to gem 4, then move on to gem 6, then 1, 2, and 3, matching the adjacent colors.

That's it.  I am sure that there are more solutions, but that was the first one I did.

Modern Art

 The selected section gets colored in as well as all adjacent to the selected section.
 You're playing against Stauff.  His moves are grey.
 The goal is to fill in the last square.


Make your starting move at the blue L in the lower middle of the painting. Then it should all be downhill from there.

Mouse Maze

 Build a path for the mouse.
 Placing a maze piece causes the other pieces in the row to slide over or in a column to slide up and down.
 After a piece is played, you may move the mouse to any location along the newly created path.


Ok, all I can do is suggest a few strategies. First, always move the mouse as far away from Stauf's hole as possible.

Second, work on building multiple path options to your hole, or multiple possibilities.  Don't concentrate on one sure path.

Third, sometimes Stauf will work with you, well, Stauf doesn't realize this, but when I played he made two moves that destroyed my original plan, but opened up a door for me to win in one move. ;)

Pool Table

 Replace all of the nine white balls with the numbered balls in sequential order.
 There are hidden lines of influence between the balls. Figure out what they are and you can solve this mystery.
 There is no Clue 3.


1 2 3
 4 5 6
  7 8 9

Choose the balls in this order: 6, 8, 9, 5, 7, 4, 1, 2, 3


 You must reveal two fifteen letter words.
 Once a letter has been chosen, you may not pass through that letter's space again.
 The outer corridor remains open.



Red Green Books

 Put all the red books on one side and all the green books on the other.
 You can move adjacent pairs only.
 It must be done in four moves.


You have 8 books starting from left to right you have "R=red G=green" RGRGRGRG. You have to move books 2 and 3 witch are GR then you have to move books 3 and 4 witch are RG then you have to move books 6 and 7 witch are GG then you have to move books 1 and 2 which are RR.

Start        RGRGRGRG
First move   R  GRGRGGR
Second move  RRGG  RGGR
Third move   RRGGGGR  R
Last move      GGGGRRRR


 Interchange the white bishops on one side with the black bishops on the other.
 You can move any piece in any order, but it must move along a straight line, and not land in line with a bishop of the opposite color.
 I think I can do it in 18 moves.


Ok, this isn't quite 18 moves, but it will do.  

Number the places 1-10 as follows.  Starting at the far left top, and numbering up-down, left-right, you get something like:

 3 7
1 5 9
 4 8
2 6 10

Perform the following moves:

(example, W9 - 8 means White bishop on 9 to position 8)
W9 - 8
B1 - 4
W8 - 3
B4 - 6
B6 -9
W3 -1
W10 - 3
B9 -7
W1 - 6
W3 - 1
B7 - 5
B5 - 10
W6 - 9
B2 - 5
W1 - 4
B5 - 3
W9 - 7
B1 - 3
B3 - 8
W2 - 4
W4 - 1
W7 - 2
B8 - 9

Bee Hive

Clue1: Try to end with more honey in the comb than blood. Clue2: Globules divide in two when moved to an adjacent cell. But jumping the maximum of two cells moves the globule. Clue3: Honey absorbs adjacent cells filled with blood and vice versa. Solution: A couple strategies: 1. Don't be aggressive. 2. Just work on trying to secure half of the board.

Dice Cube

 You have to make a path from the starting die face to the ending one at the opposite side of the cube.
 The number of pips don't stand for numbers, they indicate direction.
 The direction you choose defines the meaning of the die face from which you move.
If you number the dice from left to right starting to the right of the start point, you would get numbers starting at 1 and numbering all the way around to 7, then the next row would start at 8, and number all the way around to 15, the next row at 16 and goes all the way around till 23, etc... the moves are as follows:

1, 2, 11, 4, 13, 14, 21, 29, 37 -END

OR - If you can figure this one out:

4 - 1 - 3 - 1 - 4 - 6 - 2 - 1 - 2 - END

Skip Introductory Sequence

At the monitor adjustment screen that displays a skull, type PP. Then, Right- click at the title screen to bypass the introductory sequence.



This cheat allows you to either watch the entire video of the game (except the ending), or to access any part of the house (but the puzzles are not solved for you). During the starting screen (the screen with the four skulls), type "Zaphod Beeblebrox", followed by "Eleventh Hour" (or possibly the other way around ;). If you don't hear a bell, try pressing F12 first, then retyping the above. Here is a list of treasure hunt items, including the order to find them, and the location of each.

~~~~~ 	~~~~ 				~~~~~~~~
1 	Tonic 				Water 
2 	Cock 				Dutton's 
3 	Satyr 				Picture 
4 	Globe 				Library
5 	Tablet 				Lab
6 	Redbreast(Robin) 		Foyer
7 	Desk 				Library
8 	Torso 				Picture 
9 	Liquor 				Dutton's 
10 	Irish setter			Games room
11 	Grandfather clock 		Foyer
12 	Straight razor 			Bathroom
13 	Orange 				Dining 
14 	Nightmare 			Knox's 
15 	Great dane 			Library
16 	Televison 			Dutton's 
17 	Organ 				Chapel
18 	Ivory Tower(rook) 		Attic
19 	Torch 				Chapel
20 	Grater 				Kitchen
21 	Disc 				Lab
22 	Toothpaste 			Bathroom
23 	Guillotine 			Temple's 
24 	Gardenia 			2nd floor 
25 	Rose 				Burden's 
26 	Earring 			Heine's 
27 	Harp 				Music room
28	Nutcracker 			Hallway
29 	Eyeball 			Games room
30 	Blade 				Temple's 
31 	Locomotive 			Attic
32 	Sheets 				Burden's 
33 	Cleaver 			Kitchen
34 	Lion 				Hallway
35 	Port 				Knox's 
36 	Rattle 				Nursery
37 	XI (on clock) 			Foyer(on 
the clock)
38 	Inkstand 			Library


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Easter eggs

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