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  • Action, Adventure
  • Unknown
  • Infogrames
  • Teen
  • May 15, 1997


Spider Puzzle (Front Door)

A pattern is the key to solving this puzzle. You should try filling in the gaps that are created when a spider moves from one point to another. Or to be specific, make sure that a spider ends up on the same point that the last spider _started_ on. In other words, take an example where point A is connected to points B and C. Then put a spider on point A and move it to B. You now want to start a spider on point C and move it to A. Repeat this pattern for all 8 points. Or, if you number the points clockwise from 1 to 8 (it doesn't matter where you start the count), move a spider from 1 to 4, then 6 to 1, then 3 to 6, then 8 to 3, then 5 to 8, then 2 to 5, then 7 to 2.

Card Puzzle (Bedroom On Right)

What Stauf says to you is a pretty good explanation of the rules, even if it is oversimplified. Basically, you need to flip all of the cards by moving up, down, and side to side (left or right). But you'll notice that the first card puzzle is literally impossible to complete if you only move one space at a time. There's a trick here that you may notice by observing where the cursor is active. First of all, you can skip over spaces, as long as you keep moving in a straight line. So on the first puzzle, it's legal to move from the bottom left corner to the bottom right one. The final twist covers cards after they've been flipped. Flipped cards are treated just like spaces -- you can jump over them, as long as you don't also jump over an unflipped card at the same time.

Bishops Puzzle (Bedroom)

First, a word about the bishops in chess. They can move as many squares as they want to, but only along the diagonals. The bishops in this puzzle follow the save movement rules. These bishops seem to be cowards. That is, they won't move to any square where they're threatened by a bishop of the opposing color (any square in the same diagonal as another bishop). Your goal is to switch the positions of all of the bishops, so each color is in the column on the other side of the board. But you have to avoid moving the bishops to an unsafe location.

Heart Maze (Bedroom On Right)

As always, you should try clicking wherever the eyeball appears to see what happens and figure out the rules on your own. You should find that you really only have one option -- flip the switches between one of two different positions. This puzzle is a little like a maze, as the title of this hint suggests. And as in every maze, you need to get from the start to the finish. By flipping switches. You should clear a path from the heart to the end. When you have a path that will get you from start to finish, click on the heart and your path will be tested.

Queens Puzzle (Pool Room)

This is a classic puzzle, so you may have seen it before. Try placing queens and watch what happens. In case you're not familiar with chess, queens can move in any direction (side to side, up and down, and diagonals) for any number of squares. Notice that whenever you place one queen that can attack another, the queen that's under attack will disappear. Your goal is to place eight queens so that none can attack any of the others. In other words, no two queens can be in the same row, column, or diagonal.

How Do I Get Through The Maze?

You've probably seen a map of that maze around somewhere. In fact, one of the characters even mentioned it to you. Remember the bishop puzzle? The rug that first looked like part of the puzzle is the map. You come in from the middle of the right side, and your destination is on the right side, just above the entrance.

Threes And Fives (Bedroom)

This is another one of those puzzles that doesn't let you make a mistake, so you really can get through it without the rules -- if you want to. You have a bunch of letters on the puzzle board. What do you think you should do with letters? Make them into words and then into a sentence. But the key is mentioned both in Stauf's clues and in the puzzle title. You can only move in steps of 3 or 5 spaces at a time, either forward or backward. Ego's comments will tell you how to insert spaces into your sentence. Click on a star to indicate a break between words. Small dots represent spaces that you can't use or that have already been used. You can only step on letters and stars.

Piano Game (Music Room)

This game is really quite simple. It's just a case of follow the leader. Watch to see which notes are played when the keys are pressed, and listen closely to figure out which notes are played when the keys aren't pressed. All you have to do is copy the tune as it's being played -- by adding one note at a time. If you make a mistake, you'll have to start over from the first note, so be careful, or even write down the notes as you see them.

Crypt Puzzle (Maze)

Even in Stauf's mansion, the dead would like to rest in peace. Your goal is to close all of the coffin lids. Look for a pattern to which lids open or close when you click on an individual lid. There's really a simple pattern that you'll find if you just watch closely. Whenever you click on one of the four corners, that lid and the three lids close to it (in the shape of a square) flip. If you click on an edge that's not a corner, all three lids on that edge will be flipped. And if you click on the center lid, all lids except for the corners are flipped (the ones that do change are in the shape of a "+").

Telescope Puzzle (Library)

You really aren't given many options here. Every time you make a mistake, the puzzle resets itself. All of the lines connecting one letter to another are important. What do you think you should do with letters connected by lines? Try to spell out words, of course. Just move from one letter to the next, so that the letters in the order you've chosen them spell out a phrase.

Spider Puzzle (Front Door)

Start by clicking on any of the points. You'll notice that you have a a choice as to what you can do next. You can select either of two star points. Pay attention to which two points those are. The two points are connected to your original choice by one of the lines in the star. Basically, you pick a free point and then select either of the points connected to it (assuming you have a choice). Then a spider will walk to the second of your choices. Remember that the spider has to start from a free point; there's no way to get a spider to walk from a point that already has a spider on it. You need to fill all but one point on the star with spiders to win.

Knights Puzzle (Bathroom)

In case you don't know, knights in chess and in this puzzle move along a path in the shape of an "L" -- they can move two squares in one direction (but not along diagonals) and then one additional square in a direction perpendicular to the original. The knight can also jump over other pieces. The goal of this puzzle is very similar to that of the bishop's puzzle. You need to exchange the positions of the white and black knights. And you can do that only by moving one knight at a time into the empty square, wherever that may be.

Can Puzzle (Kitchen)

The only valid move on this puzzle is to exchange the location of two cans. Do you notice how the cans are spaced out into groups? You need to move the cans around so that each group of cans spells out an English word (none of them are proper nouns). Yes, it is possible to compose words with no vowel other than "Y". You will eventually end up with a sentence.

Cake Puzzle (Dining Room)

The voice over in this puzzle basically spells out the rules for you. You need to cut the cake into six equal pieces. The pieces all have to have the same number of each type of square, but they do not have to have the same shape. All you have to do is click on a piece to select it or unselect it. When you've made a piece of the right size, it will automatically be taken off the cake. Just keep making pieces until you've cut them all. Of course, the squares within each piece have to be touching -- and not just by the corners.

Coin Puzzle (Bedroom)

This puzzle is very similar to the card game on this floor. In fact, except for the shape of the puzzles, they're identical. The rules haven't changed at all. So see the rules for the card puzzle listed earlier in this menu and replace every reference to "card" with "coin."

Grate Puzzle (Kitchen Door)

You'll want to get through that grate so you can find out what's on the other side of it. Do you notice how there are two pieces with semicircles cut into them? And how one piece is the top half of a circle and another is the bottom half? And how there's no wall behind the right side of the puzzle? There's also an empty square that you can slide pieces into. All you can do is move puzzle pieces from their current location to wherever the hole is. Just click on the square that you want to move and it will slide into place. You'll go through the wall automatically once you've formed a circle on the right side of the puzzle.


Scene Select

Type "Zaphod Beeblebrox" (case-sensitive) at the opening screen. Then, click on one of the four corners of the Ouija board.


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