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  • Adventure, Action / RPG Adventure
  • Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (Japan)
  • Sony Computer Entertainment America
  • Teen
  • March 15, 1999


Final Fight

When I got to the final fight I almost had him beaten on my first try I did find out some things you can do according to one of the FAQ's on this site only Miranda can hit only in human forms you can still hit Melbu in dragoon forms personally I had dart, rose, and albert at the time take out the tentacles first I did not do that but I still got melbu in the red and be sure to stock up on healing bresses and angle prayers you are going to need them and if you got the psych bomb X (which it is a repeat item) you can hurt the boss but use the psych bomb X when it is darts turn and one more thing at the final generation when melbu curls up you can still hit him only with the multi-hit items oh and be sure to take out the 2 monsters when melbu curls after he uncurls unload everything you got you do not need to save any items anymore you are at the last boss of the game.

Fighting Lenus

If you are have a tough time with Lenus here are some things you can use to beat Lenus. Make sure you have the heat blade for dart if not go back to the 1st disc area (you will not need to put in the 1st disc). Get the heat blade and give it to dart if any of darts additions are at max use it give dart the bandits ring. Make sure you have rose and albert with you and, of course, make sure their dragoon levels are at least 2 or more and make sure you have healing potions and or bresses and angle prayers when fighting lenus use additions to hack away at her HP I used the dragoons at the last resort when it is darts turn use the special (if you got your party's SP to the max it can go) use darts dragoon addition for it dealt around 500 damage for you I don't know if need be use magic DO NOT USE THE STONE THAT BLOCKS THE EMENY FOR 3 TURN THAT WILL NOT WORK use addition and magic to kill lenus you could be still in dragoon if you beat lenus.

Super Fighter

Euqip Kongol with bandit ring to have a fighter just as fast as dart but with very high defense and attack. The only down side is his Magic defense sucks

Kongol's Dragoon Spirit (Early) Or Another Way

After you get Kongol on your team go back to Lanhan and go see the man that sold you the water bottle. He will offer you a shining stone for 100.00.if you buy it Kongol will have his dragoon sprit. Well u don't need to do it early right? so just do get it later because if u do that u have to waste your money alot

Final Fight Team

I have already beaten this game once, but I have tried many different teams. At first I tried to have Rose, but I had to let her go. The team that worked for me was Miranda (LV. 33), Kongol(LV. 39), and Dart(LV.40). Try to use miranda for healing as much as possible instead of potions. Use LOTS of moon serenade if u have it. Kongol's magic's are pretty useless, so stick with physical attacks for him. guard Miranda, her attacks are useless. Do whatever with dart. In the 6th generation, if Melbu curls up, DO NOT TRANSFORM! It is basically his version of the Dragon Block Staff. Good Luck!

Dead Captin And Four Ghosts

To beat these ghosts easy, you have to turn into dragoon for Dart and another member and attack the four ghosts with Darts explosion (dragoon magic attack) and fight the captain with the other two members. Tip:try to kill all 4 ghosts with the captain at the same time.

Free Poison Guard

When you are in the cave on the first disk before you go to bale catch the toad and it will run and turn into a chest open it.

Easy Spirit Points

Find a monster that uses the Physical Attack Barrier, like Screw Shell or Spider Urchin. Keep guarding, so regain HP, until the monster uses Physical Attack Barrier. When it does, attack with physical hits ONLY. When the monster attacks you, go back to guarding. Repeat as long as you like. This will also raise your Dragoon Level.


If you get all 50 star dusts, you can get an itiem called the vanishing stone from Martel. He is found in Bale, Flitz, Deningrad, and Rouge. When you get the itiem go to the Flanval tower near the ice area. At the top of the towers entrence there is a teleporter to the right. Use it and you should eventully run into the evil wizard. Be prepared it's the hardest fight in the game. He can go up to 2-4 times without giving you a turn. My advice, Get people with a high magic defense, and a high physical attack. Don't even think about using magic attacks.

Hidden Quest

On disc three after you defeat Lloyd, return to the area with the save point and take a ride on the portal on the right side of the screen. You will find the hologram known as the wizard from the Dragon Campain. To pass him, collect all fifty stardust and go to Rouge. Find the woman with a sick child. Give her the stardust and she will give you the Vanishing Stone. Use the Vanishing Stone on the wizard, then enter the portal where he appeared.

Defeating Loyd!

Stock up on a bunch of healings ang a bunch of magic before you fight loyd. If you have a controller w/turbo, use that. Also eqiup anyone you choose to give a instent kill ring to them. So they can heal and revieve a person. Now use all the magic and after that just use your dragoon, not your special. (OKAY) IF he still isnt knocked out that means you need more magic. OR just fight him till he's knocked out!

Getting The Most Of An Attack!

When in a battle with more than one opponent and/or extra places or body parts to attack, try not to always attack one opponent and/or place/body part to hit!

Dart's Weapons

1. Broadsword
2. Bastardsword
3. Heat Blade
4. Farsion
5. Mind Crush 
6. Fairy
7. Claymore
8. Soul Eater

Easy Exp. And Additions

Go near places where you can heal (Hotels, Fireflys, Life Water) and get into battles. You can build your levels and Additions.

Defeat The Caterpillar

To easily defeat the caterpillar, save the pscye bomb for the butterfly stage. During the cocoon stage guard or heal any wounded characters.

Boss Battles

Now, I've had this game for about 4 days, and have played it that much. I'm up to disk 4, luckily, and have figured out some things. One, the "Turbo" controller thing with the "X" button, does not work. Two, I would stock up on magical attack items, like Gushing Magma or Flash Hall, and use them FIRST during the battle. Then, I would transform into a Dragoon, but dont transform one of your weaker people into one. Why? Because, you need someone to heal the others, without wasting MP with Shana/Miranda's Moonlight, Gates of Heaven, or W Silver Dragon attack. ( But I must say, I just adore that last attack of Miranda/Shana's. ) I would mainly work with Dart, Rose, and Shana/Miranda, with gaining exp. They are the strongest in my party, Miranda can gain 225 sp per hit with her bow. And yes, Rose is still only gaining sp by the 30.....+5 with her whip smack. Rose and Miranda have level 5 dragoons, but I cant seem to get Dart up there. I'm also wondering if he can, or I have to wait...and I know he has to get the Divine Dragoon spirit. I was just so mad that Llyod took it.....but anyways, that strategy, with using magic items and then attacking with Dragoons, works the best for me. Try it out!

Fighting The Wiglies In The Judgemet City

To easly defeat the bosses in the judgement city destroy the bosses in this order ( the girl,Kalbu, and the short dude. ) To make it more fun, make sure Dart is at the max dragoon level and use his RED-EYED DRAGON magic and use a moon seranade to do it again.

Very Cool Dragoon Spirit!

When you get to the boss of the game, Melbu Frahma, you will start a battle with Lloyd and Dart. You won't be able to use Lloyd because this is like a demo battle. Lloyd will try to kill Melbu Frahma by himself, but he will get killed. The battle will end, Lloyd will say some stuff to you, then he will give you Rose's ultimate weapon, the Dragon Buster, and the Divine Dragon's Dragoon Spirit. You also obtain the ability to use the Divine Dragon's attacks. The Divine Dragon Cannon, and The Divine Dragon Ball. Only Dart may use this Dragoon Spirit, since his original one was stolen by Zieg.

Mystery Person

In the Volcano, look in the background to see a person walking upstairs.

Summon Dragons

Get at least 20,000 Spirit points for any character and you will be able to summon Dragons. To summon Dragons when your a Dragoon you must be at level 5.

Stronger Magic Item

Note: A controller with a turbo feature is required for this trick. When using a magic item that requires that you press X, enable the turbo for that button and your attack will be much stronger.

Dart's Ghost

When you find the real Emille at the Twin Towers of Fletz, walk around the guard who is at the Main entrance to the castle (without talking to him). Leave and re-enter the castle. Emille will walk through the guard, and and he will fall through Dart.

Defeating Grand Stone

When you become a Dragoon against Grand Stone (the boss of the Forbidden Land), he counters with the Dragon Block Staff. Before the battle, get into as many random battles as needed to drain your SP to less than 200. Then, for duration of the battle with Grand Stone, only go Dragoon when you have less than 200 SP. This, way you'll revert back to normal immediately after your Dragoons attack or magic. Grand Stone will not be able to counter with the Dragon Block Staff because you will not be a Dragoon at the time. You can use the trick against Lloyd, but not the Divine Dragon.

Quick Additions For Dart And Rose

Choose the addition you want to master immediatly before you battle Michael, the Black Dragoon. Since Michael cannot be hurt unless you hit the weak point, you can keep attacking him without harming him. This allows you to use your addition until it is at its maximum. This also can be done with Pots and Blue Birds, but they run away.

Dart's Soul Eater Weapon

You may not like the amount of HP you lose when block when you have the Soul Eater equipped. Well to avoid this, equip the Therapy Ring so that you can recover the amount of HP you lost.

Faster Kongol

Equip Kongol with the Bandit's Shoes and his speed will increase from 30 to 50, making him just as fast as Dart. His higher defense and attack, not to mention less hits with his additions, will make him a suitable character for anyone to use.

Maximum Percentage On Items

Some of the items allow you to determine thier strength by pressing X button. IF you have a controller with a turbo feature, enable it and hold X. You will get the maximum percentage, 270%.

Easy Money

Keep playing the Chef aboard the ship to get as much money as needed.

Easy Dragoon Levels

Get a Spirit Ring and equip it on a person whose Dragoon you want to level up. Fight an enemy that does not run away. Guard repeatedly. This takes a while (2000 gaurds).

Hitting Additions Easier

The key to landing your combos from additions is immediately pressing X when the box turns gray. If you do, it will make it a perfect shot and you can do more damage to your opponents. If you are too slow, you will do less damage. Also, stick with an addition that you can learn, such as Dart's Volcano attack. If you need practice hitting the combos and learning additions, try to encounter enemies in older areas of the game which will give you an advantage over them.

Switching Additions

Do not switch additions all the time. You can get the one you are on a lot more stronger and with monre SP.

Restore HP And MP

If you are low on HP or low on MP, stay in a hotel. It will refill your HP and MP.

Restoring From Petrification

If someone is petrified, you cannot use him/her and transform into a Dragoon in order to heal his/her status. Instead, make sure you always have everyone with maximum SP and are alive. When there is someone that cannot move (make a turn), just use the "Special" command and the petrify status will be cured.

Healing Without Any Item

Run into a battle. Kill all the enemies except for 1 (it is better to keep the weakest enemy). Just guard until all your HP has returned.

More Healing Per Turn

Equip the Dragon Helmet together with the Therapy. The Dragon Helmet increases your maximum HP by 50% and the Therapy Ring restores your HP by 10% each turn.

Saving Dragoon Power

Try to save your Dragoon power for bosses.

Deafeting The Final Boss

When you first start out knock out all the tentacles then he will take longer to get to the next generation but DONT USE YOUR DRAGOON AT FIRST. Then in the first generation transform so when he shots one charecter at another it does much less damage and so you can quickly force him into the next generation. In the 4th generation this is your chance to heal up with defense, when he switches to sun mode if dart has the red DR armor he can beat on him without taking damage from the fire attack, for the moon attack is a different story... In the 7th generation DONT use alot of magic attacks it won't even phase him if you use the dragoon you can quickly knock him down with dart's magic though. Unfortunatly I have yet to get past there so your on your own, but if I were you I'd be level 45 or 50 before I try beating him.

Addition Enhancing

At the underwater place after Rouge, if you get in a fight with the Aqua King's they only use defense enhancing attacks. You can increase your skill when they use physical attack barrier's, but watch out they almost always counterstrike.

Material Shield

The Material shield is an item that allows you to nullifie physical attacks for 3 turns. This item is a one shot turn at getting it so pay attention. It is located on disc 1 in the black castle in Kazas. After you fight Kongol, search the stairs around there for the hidden item. Also, if you read this, visit my site, thanks.

Final Addition

To get the final addition for all characters except Miranda and Shana, master the previous ones. You will get their 7-hit master combo. Most of them gain SP of over 100 and damage over 400%.

Easy Way to Master Additions

Go to the Forest near Seles. Go to the area where the Merchant was located (with small rabbit-like creatures) and just run around. The battles happen quickly in this area and your opponents are easy to kill.

Easy Experience

If you are at the Phantom Ship, stay there. Run into the blue flames and fight them. You will get experience easily.

Ultimate Wargod

You can buy an Ultimate Wargod in Lohan. It makes your additions perform perfectly without any penalty. It may cost 10,000, which may be very hard to get at this point in the game. However, it makes battles much easier and your Dragoons will still level up.


The following trick allows you to heal without a Mind or Body Purifieron stock. Later on in the game when you have Dragoon Spirits, turn Dragoon and the status will be gone.

Temple Traps

When you are in the temple looking for the Dragoni plant to save Shana on Disc 1, there are several traps set to delay you progress. The first is a number combination -- the combo is 352. Almost directly after that are two statues that must be turned in the correct direction to allow you to reach the top of the stairs. There statues are gold and stone. Leave the gold statue facing the front and turn the stone statue to the left. As soon as this is done, you can run up the stairs to find help for Shana.

Free Water Bottle

When you reach the town of Lohan, you must save Shana. To do this you will need to get a bottle to hold water. After speaking with Dabas, go down the stairs to reach the ground level of the town. When you do this, a merchant will get your attention. He has a bottle, but wants to sell it for an amazingly high price. Keep telling him to take down the price he will eventually offer it for 100g. Select the second choice of "..." and the merchant will give you the bottle for free.

Defeating S.Virage

Wait until it uses up its ten lives. Just make sure all your characters have a high HP before its final attack, which does a lot of damage.

Defeating the Dead Captain and 4 Dead Knights

When you get to the end of the Ghost Ship, you have to defeat the Dead Captain of the ship and the 4 Dead Knights. However, if you kill one of them after a certain amount of time they will come back to life with full health. Get all of the Knights and the Captain to a red health meter. Once they are low enough, use either Dart's Explosion ability or Kongol's Grand Stream and Meteor Strike magic abilities. Also, if you have any of your Dragoon Spirts to level 5 you can use their Dragon ability to make sure they are defeated.

Defeating the second Viarge Boss

You will have to fight a stronger Viarge Boss in the Gravity Breakdown Valley. Take out his left hand (the hand on the right side of the screen) first and he will not be able to do his instant death attack until it returns. After you take out his left hand, concentrate on his head. If his hand comes back, destroy it again. You will win the battle after doing 1,600 damage to his head. Here is a list of how much health each part has: Head: 1600 HP Left Arm: 320 HP Right Arm: 320 HP Body: 600 HP

Dragoon Stone Locations

Dart You start with his stone at the beginning of the game but you cannot use it until you defeat Kongol at the Battle of Hoax. Lavitz/Albert To get the Lavitz Dragoon stone, you have to defeat the Green Tusked Dragon and the man who turns into the Jade Dragoon. Albert will then inherit the Lavitz Dragoon stone at the end of the Disc 1. Shana/Miranda You will get Shana's Dragoon stone after getting to the temple and defeating the Bandit. Then answer the questions that the ghost asks you. Miranda will inherit Shana's Dragoon stone on the Disc 3. Rose After defeating Kongol at the Battle of Hoax you will get Rose with her Dragoon stone. Haschel You will get Haschel's Dragoon stone after defeating Emperor Doyle at the end of Disc 1. Meru You will get Meru's Dragoon stone after defeating the Blue Sea Dragon and Lenus. Kongol After you get Kongol go back to the City of Loan and walk to where the man who sold you the bottle is located. You will automatically walk up to him. After talking he will sell Kongol's Dragoon stone for 1,000G.


We have no cheats or codes for The Legend Of Dragoon yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for The Legend Of Dragoon yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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