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  • Zelda: Collector's Edition
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  • Unknown
  • Nintendo
  • Everyone
  • December 11, 2003


How To Get The Sinking Lure

In order to get the sinking lure you need to go to the fishing room in lake hylia. Pay to fish and go to the opposite end of the room from the door (it is usually in different places so here are those places)correct me if I left anything out or I'm wrong. 1 . In a peice of grass next to the hole 2. By the logs in the water next to the hole (not sure if this is correct)3. On the log sticking out of the water.

How To Float In Ocarina Of Time

(NOTE YOU CAN'T MOVE WHEN YOU DO THIS! ) if you get tired of just following the game story try to have fun and glitch the game in order to do this you need the deku shield, hylian shield, and you need to be a kid. have your deku shield on and block without letting go press start the switch to the hylian shield while still holding the defend button and press start again. And presto! You're floating.

Beat The Running Man In Ocarina Of Time

As Adult Link go to Gerudo Valley to the tent where the Running Man is at. Challenge him to a race and when he says go, run to the temple of time and put the Master Sword in the pedestal. You are now Young Link. Go to the bridge that is in the Lost Woods and just leave the game on for about 3. 549 actual days (because each day in the game is about 2 minutes and there are 2556 days for 7 years in Game time) and you will automatically become Adult Link and see the running man and he will say that you beat him by -00:01 seconds and that it must be some kind of Time Paradox or something. You could also play the Sun song to not have to wait so long but since the Sun song only advances 12 hours in the game and a day has 24 hours you would have to play the sun song a total of 5112 times. So waiting is easier.

Get Your Items Back From The Takkuri Bird

If you get items stolen from you by takkuri bird. Watch it fly away notice how it goes into clock town. Go in at night and go to the curiosity shop he will have your stolen item! If you don't have enough money or you just don't want to pay just play the song of time.

Jump For No Reason

This doesnt really help you in any way but its kind of cool in majora's mask go in the inn at night and go in the troupe room (the room upstairs at the end of the hallway)go up to the guy holding the cards with the red shirt L-target him walk backwards touching the table and link jumps. You can even get on the table while doing this (i know you can just climb on the table but its fun doing this).

Good Fishing Spot

In ocarina of time go to the fishing pond at any time stand on the log that's sticking out of the water. L-target the HUGE fish. If you get his attention he will follow the lure SLOWLY REEL IT IN (you can use the regular lure) by the time he bites the lure he will be right next to you. So it will only take about 0-5 seconds to reel it in. (for me right as he bit on I caught him) KEEP IT talk to the guy at the counter select "weigh my fish" and he's amazed and gives you the golden scale which allows you to dive nine meters. So go to the scientist dive in the water talk to him and he gives you a pice of heart.

Scarcrow's Song (ocarina Of Time And Majora's Mask

A, c-right, c-down, a, c-right, c-down, a, c-down.

Get Your Sword Stolen

In majora's mask go to termina field go by milk road but don't go in. There will be this wierd looking bird and it can steal things from you. Be careful sometimes IT CAN STEAL YOUR SWORD but sometimes it steals other things like bottles but it can't take your masks. (note: if it takes something from you the bird disappears but I think if you kill it fast enough, you get it back, if you don't kill it use the song of time to reset everything. ).

Use Deku Nuts To Beat Ganon

In ocarina of time get all the duku nuts you can when you start fighting GANON L-target use one nut to stun him then use one on his tail and it hurts him (you can do this from a distance) keep doing this until you can get your sword back (it takes about all of your nuts until you get your sword) when you have it back just use a light arrow on his face and your sword on his tail (you can finally kill him when your magic is a little less than half, only if its enhanced. ) if it isn't you have to have him break the ruins until you find some.

Ocarina Of Time Shadow Link

When your in the water temple and your having a hard time fighting shadow link here's is how you beat him the easy way to do this you need three bottles. Go get your harts and magic full. Now make sure you have the fire gem that make fire circle around you. Also make sure your magic meter is at its fullest length of extension. Go fill 2 bottles with magic refill and one bottle with a fairy then go fight him. When he gets close to you use the dins fire gem on him until all magic is gone and that's what the refill magic bottles are for and the fairy is if you end up dying.

Majoras Mask Fall Thought The Floor

To fall thought the floor in Majoras Mask you have to have the deku mask. Go to the entrance to swamp and go to were tingle is. Get into the last flower and DON'T let go and head to the entrance. You should fall thought the floor.

Fierce Deity Link Mask Out Of Boss Rooms

You'll need the zora mask and the Fierce Deity mask. First find a small body of water (outside of great bay in termina field) you need to be in the shallow part but deep enough to where regular link can swim but zora link can stand. Dive as regular link then put on the zora mask while diving. Now stand still and look at the B button (red icon at top of screen)if the water is right the action button should say dive. Rapidly push "B" and WHILE pushing B, press the whatever button the zora mask is equipped to. If done right, dive should go away and A button should say swim. Start swimming and and you should be swimming in place. Turn towards land and he should roll on the ground now pause and equip the Fierce Deity mask where the zora mask is equipped. Put on the Fierce deity mask on. WARNING: Once you enter certain places you CAN NOT LEAVE. ( Never enter the stock pot inn. ) You can climb things you never could as regular link.

Majora's Mask: Blast Mask Hover

First do the infinite sword glitch then find a ledge. (The infinite sword will prevent from falling. ) target then back up till you can't anymore. Put on the blast mask. Back flip off the ledge then press B then shield fast or you will get hurt and have to start over with the infinite sword.
materials: blast mask (get it at midnight on first day. ) (must regular link) shield.

Weird Fall

This is a cool glitch in Majora's Mask. Go to East Clock Town at any time. Go up the stairs near the entrance to the bomber's hideout, and while wearing the bunny hood or zora's mask, run and jump the gap above the guard. Then jump into the basket above the entrance to Honey and Darling's. From there, jump onto the wood above the shooting gallery. Continue around the back of the gallery, and there will be a chest with 100 rupees, but that's not the glitch. If you jump at the right angle over the stairs to South Clock Town, you will seemingly fall THROUGH the stairs and end up unharmed in South clock Town. It looks so weird!

Easy Rupees In Termina Field

When you are trying to enter MIlk Road, you will see a bird. If you kill it, you will get 200 rupees.

A Cheer For Goron Link!

Once you beat the Snowhead Temple, go to the Goron Shrine and the goron elder and everyone else will cheer and praise you! Then the goron elder will thell you to go to the Twin Islands Cave, but I don't know where that is...

Blank Room

Go into the Swamp Spider House. Enter the next door. When you get into the main room, go in the door straight ahead on the other side of the yellow pillar. Shoot the crystal switch on the right side of the room. That will make a ladder drop down behind you. Climb the ladder, and change to Goron form. Get next to the crates and punch the one on the left. Get in the corner between the wall and the remaining crate and roll into the corner. You will be in the main room, only it's blank.

Mario Appearances

In Ocarina of Time, in Zelda's courtyard, look through the window to your right when you come in. In the window, you will see pictures of Mario characters. In Majora's Mask, look on the back of the Happy Mask Dealer's bag and you will see a mask of Mario.

Getting The Zora Mask

To get this mask, go to Great Bay Coast with Epona. You'll notice that there is a Zora drowning. Bring him to shore by grabing him then listen to his story. After that, he will die and you will get the Zora Mask.

Getting The Goron Mask

Follow a Goron ghost to the Goron Gravyard using The Lens of Truth. Once you're at the grave yard at the Goron ghost's grave, play the Song of Healing so he can rest in peace. Then you get the Goron Mask.

Getting The Deku Mask

After the mini fight with the Imp in Clock Town, you get this mask from The Happy Mask Man.

Easy Gerudo Fortress

First of all, you'll need the Stone mask. To get it, go to the Ikana entry-way with a red potion. Look into the ring of rocks with the lens of truth to see a guard. Talk to him and give him the red potion. Once you get the Stone mask, you can go through the Gerudo Fortress without the guards seeing you.

Easy Rupees

When you get to the Ikana Kingdom, in the first room are 3 re-deads. Put on the captain's hat or the gibdo's mask on to make them dance around. Every one you kill will get you 15-20 rupees. Go in and out to make them reappear.

Majoras Mask: Fairy Prizes

When you collect all 15 fairies in a temple and bring them to the broken fairy, the all new-rejuvinated fairy will give you something. Here's what they give you:

1)Deku dungeon- super blade spin(hold down B)
2)Goron dungeon- enhanced magic meter
3)Zora dungeon- enhanced hearts(half damage taken)
4)Stone Temple- Great Fairy Sword!! weapon in the game. 2X as strong as the gilded sword and twice as long.


We have no cheats or codes for The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Majora's Mask A Few Glitches

Floating dog: Go to south clock town and grab the dog. Bring him to the platform sticking out of the clock tower and toss him onto it then climb up and put on the zora mask. Then just walk off the side. Zora link use any item or become fierce deity: Go to the little bit of water with the chest in it near the entrance to great bay. Once there put on the zora mask and walk out to his shoulders then turn into link. Dive as link and put on the zora mask while underwater. Now repeatedly press B while holding C-button with the zora mask. If done right B should be blank. Now press and hold A and pull back on the control stick and zora link should roll. Now equip anything over the zora mask. Some stuff will freeze zora link or if you press B after rolling.

Infifnite Sword Glitch

This glitch is very fun. This works with both majora's mask and ocarina of time. This is how you activate it. First you find an object you can interact with (such as a sign) press down R and press B rapidly. Make sure not to L target and that link is slashing nothing but thin air. Then right in the middle of a stab press A. Link should get up and (in this case) read the sign. Don't slash with B but walk around. You will see a white trail on your sword if it is activated. This might take a few tries. Then go up to something that responds to being hit by your sword don't press B but make your sword touch it. It will react like you actually hit it. Leave the area press B or put away your sword to make it stop. Hope this helps!

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