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  • Link's Awakening: The Legend Of Zelda and Zelda: Link's Awakening
  • Action, Adventure
  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo
  • Everyone
  • March 2, 1993


Fun With Screen Jumping!!!!!

When you find the secret power bracelet(already mentioned on this page), if you leave the screen, and return, you will be able to re-receive the power bracelet(already a main treasure in a level), repeat this around five times and then jump down and exit the screen to the bottom. You will see the fish that teaches you a song on your ocarina. THIS IS A GLITCH!!! If I were you, and I did when I discovered this cheat, TURN THE GAME OFF IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

Special Ending

To get something special at the end, you have to beat the game without dieing. I'm not going to ruin the surprise, but it isn't that hard to do, for i have done it several times without even having to use the potion of life thing. The thing is after the credits and when the words, The End appear. Good luck!

Coconuts Of Fortune!

The monkey that throws coconuts may be a bad guy, but he is acually helpful! Slash away at the coconuts to release pieces of power, hearts, rupees, and acorns.

Chain Chomp

When you take the Chain Chomp for a walk, not only is this the only way to enter the bottle Grotto, but the Chain Chomp will alert you should you near a hidden seashell in the ground.

L-2 Sword

To get the L-2 sword you have to get 20 seashells and go to seashell mansion with them.

Old Grannies As Enemies!!!

Screen Jump by pressing Select, Right. When you move to the next screen and do that where there are enemies and the enemies should be OLD GRANIES!!! (it may take a few tries to do this glitch.)

Secret Power Braclet

To get this keep on screen jumping by pressing SELECT right when you go in the next screen. Keep doing that until you end up in a place simalar to level 7 and it has a Treasure Chest and try to get to it some how and it contains the L-2 Power Bracelet!

Screen Jumping Can Be Useful

To screen jump press SELECT right when you go in the next screen and then you will be in the end of the next screen.It can be usful because you can get to many places that are hard to get to.I got to level 3 doing this and I havn't even beaten level 1 or 2!!

Stealing Items From The Shop

Go into the shop (not the one with the claw). Go up to an Item and pick it up. Walk behind the counter, wait until the man is looking to the right. Then, as fast as you can, run down and out the door as fast as you can, you have to make sure that he doesn't turn towards you. When you come back in, he will kill you(don't worry, you still have the item, you get back your life, and you reappear at the shop's door).

Screen Jumping

Go to the edge of the screen and just as you are about to go to the next screen hit select. Then hit select again to take the map screen off, if you did this corectly you will be at the edge of the next screen.

Old Man Ulrira

Okay, go to Ulrira's house after you get your picture taken, then look in his window, the mouse comes around and takes his picture, and it looks so halarious!!

Sadistic Marin

Go up to a chicken and hit it with a sword while you have Marin. At first, she will tell you to stop but if you hit it enough times, she will laugh and tell you to hit it more.

Have Marin Get Thrown Out Of Crane Mini-game

Go to the Crane mini-game after Marin is following you around. She will ask if she can play. Answer yes and she will play, then pick up the Crane operator to get thrown out.

Crane Mini-game

Position the crane on the top left side of the screen, with the shadow over the left moving conveyer belt. Wait until the desired item in the bottom right corner before dropping the crane.

Bonus Seashells

Find exactly five secret seashells, then go to the Seashell Mansion. Enter, then walk right until finding the water flowing up a big pipe. Another bonus shell can be found by doing this with exactly ten seashells. Note: Return to the Seashell Mansion with twenty seashells to obtain a level two power sword. This sword can shoot when your character's life is full.

Wall Check

Use the sword to stab at the walls. If a hollow clank is heard, a bomb may be used to open the wall.


Obtain the Boomerang and the Rooster. Throw the Boomerang and pick up the Rooster. The Boomerang should hover below you. You cannot get attacked by normal enemies but you may attack them.


Your character can steal from shops by taking an item, and standing above the store keeper. As he looks towards the top of the screen, use the door to leave the shop. Note: Your character will be branded a thief and may never return to the same shop. However, the game can be saved and reloaded if your character is killed by a store keeper, which allows the store to be re-entered without penalty.

Heart Piece Locations

Refer to the game map as a grid with 1 to 16 going left to right and A to Z going up and down. The heart pieces are located at the following coordinates:

1: 1-K
2: 2-I
3: 5-E
4: 3-G
5: 15-M
6: 9-H
7: 15-C
8: 14-M
9: 7-H
10: 8-A
11: 2-A
12: 7-I 
A heart can also be found surrounded by holes in the forest when trying to rescue Bow-Bow.

Always Have Marin

Complete the first three levels and get Marin as a follower. Use the teleport hole to travel to the animal village. Move to the left, then press Select just when you are about to enter the next screen. Your character should move across the screen. Marin will now remain in your party for the duration of the game.

Cheaper Purchases

Select an expensive item from the counter, and begin payment. As your character's rupees are being deducted, quickly press A + B + Start + Select, then save and quit the game. Reload the saved game to keep the item and most of the rupees used to purchase it.

Easy Money

In level three, the Boss will taunt you and say that you will never find him. To get infinite rupies, get to the Boss, but do not ram the wall with the Pegasus Boots. Kill the blobs that fall on the screen for easy money.


Configure the bombs and arrows as the two button items, then press A + B to shoot.

Have Some Fun With Marin

When Marin's with you, she can be a lot of fun. Take her to the Trendy Game - it's hilarious. But I'm saying what happens. Also, when you jump from ledges, Marin lands on you. Don't break pots or take stabs at chickens - she'll chastise you.


Bonus Music Part 2

To get bonus music enter LINK as a case -system name.

Bonus Music

Enter "ZELDA" as a case-sensitive name.


We have no unlockables for The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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