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  • Adventure, Action / RPG Adventure
  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo
  • Everyone-10
  • November 20, 2011


How To Get Past A Special Locked Door.

There are two dunguons in this game that have doors in them that you have to hit in four directions to unlock. They look like round locks with four blue sides. Don't worry the first time you see one the code is up, down, left, and right. This dunguon is right before the Sand Ship, wich also has a code door. The code for this door is down, up down, and right. I hope this helped you on your quest.

Loop The Loop

Run at a launching platform, and quickly press a, b and up simultaneously and 3 seconds after landing on your rare bird, it should loop the loop! But please remember, that this does not work on every wii, only ones on version glitch!

Imprisoned Phases One And Two Help

(Note: does not work on the third time you face the beast) this is something that I figured out when I was facing the imprisoned the second time. If you don't feel like whacking the big guys toes while occasionally getting it from his shockwave then this is something you will like. All you need to do is instead of goig down a level and using a vent to get back to where you can hit the sealing spike when he falls, or around him, then find a close vent when your relatively close and use it to get above him. Then you just sprint over to him line up your jump and land on his head, from here you can whack the spike into his skull, do this three or so times and you will win. Works for only the first and second times, if you try it the third you are wasting your time because he will simply throw you off like a dead kitten. I hope this helps for those of you who took the time to read this :).

How To Land On Any Space You Want On Fun Fun Island Game

You will need to have mastered the skydiving to do this but if you have you should be able to fall through all 5 rings to make your multiplier x10 but be careful of the dohdoh balls they will reset your multiplier to x1 and also make the wheel that is spinning fast again (each ring you go through slows it down). Once you have multiplier x10 and are close to the wheel, hit the home button and just stare at the wheel and see where the spot you want to land on is at (preferably you want to land on the jackpot space even though its in between two Loser Spaces or you want to at least land on a Red space) then try to guess where that space will be when you hit the home button again and continue falling and then just fall to that area. It isn't completely accurate but once I was just over the line on a Loser space with the multiplier at x10 before I landed and if I were just a tiny bit to the right, I'd have that jackpot of 500 Rupees (50 x10) and the special prize the guy talks about getting. So with this you can either build up your rupees or build up your rupees and get a special prize as well which I found on another site to be a piece of heart.


We have no cheats or codes for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Item Upgrades

  • Banded Shield (Wooden Shield upgrade, 30 Rupees): 2 Amber Relics, 1 Monster Claw, 1 Jelly Blob
  • Big Bug Net (Bug Net upgrade, 100 Rupees): 3 Tumbleweeds, 2 Ancient Flowers, 1 Evil Crystal
  • Braced Shield (Banded Shield upgrade, 50 Rupees): 2 Monster Claws, 3 Amber Relics, 2 Tumbleweeds, 1 Ornament Skull
  • Divine Shield (Sacred Shield upgrade, 100 Rupees): 3 Ornament Skulls, 1 Dusk Relic, 2 Bird Feathers
  • Fortified Shield (Reinforced Shield upgrade, 100 Rupees): 3 Eldin Ores, 3 Monster Claws, 3 Tumbleweeds, 1 Blue Bird Feather
  • Goddess Shield (Divine Shield upgrade, 150 Rupees): 3 Monster Horns, 4 Dusk Relics, 3 Bird Feathers, 1 Blue Bird Feather
  • Iron Bow (Wooden Bow upgrade, 50 Rupees): 3 Tumbleweeds, 3 Monster Claws, 2 Eldin Ores, 1 Evil Crystal
  • Large Bomb Bag (Medium Bomb Bag upgrade, 100 Rupees): 3 Lizard Tails, 4 Jelly Blobs, 2 Hornet Larvae, 1 Golden Skull
  • Large Quiver (Medium Quiver upgrade, 100 Rupees): 2 Monster Horns, 3 Dusk Relics, 1 Golden Skull, 1 Goddess Plume
  • Large Seed Satchel (Medium Seed Satchel upgrade, 100 Rupees): 5 Amber Relics, 3 Monster Claws, 1 Golden Skull, 1 Blue Bird Feather
  • Medium Bomb Bag (Small Bomb Bag upgrade, 50 Rupees): 1 Lizard Tail, 3 Ornament Skulls, 1 Blue Bird Feather
  • Medium Quiver (Small Quiver upgrade, 50 Rupees): 3 Monster Horns, 3 Dusk Relics, 5 Amber Relics
  • Medium Seed Satchel (Small Seed Satchel upgrade, 50 Rupees): 4 Amber Relics, 3 Monster Claws, 3 Ornament Skulls
  • Quick Beetle (Hook Beetle upgrade, 50 Rupees): 2 Ancient Flowers, 2 Hornet Larvae, 1 Golden Skull
  • Reinforced Shield (Iron Shield upgrade, 50 Rupees): 2 Eldin Ores, 2 Ornament Skulls, 2 Monster Claws
  • Sacred Bow (Iron Bow upgrade, 100 Rupees): 5 Tumbleweeds, 3 Lizard Tails, 2 Evil Crystals, 1 Goddess Plume
  • Scattershot (Slingshot upgrade, 50 Rupees): 2 Dusk Relics, 2 Amber Relics, 3 Jelly Blobs
  • Tough Beetle (Quick Beetle upgrade, 50 Rupees): 3 Ancient Flowers, 4 Amber Relics, 1 Blue Bird Feather, 1 Goddess Plume

  • Moonlight Merchant Items

    You need to go to the Waterfall Cave in Skyloft during the night. Find the three Blessed Butterflies (they are nearby), and play your harp as if summoning a Gossip Stone. The Moonlight Merchant will appear. The following items can be purchased from him:

  • Blue Bird Feather: 200 Rupees
  • Dusk Relic: 100 Rupees
  • Evil Crystal: 100 Rupees
  • Goddess Plume: 200 Rupees
  • Golden Skull: 200 Rupees
  • Monster Horn: 100 Rupees

  • Unlockable From Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round

    Win the listed number of battles in the "Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round" game to get the bonuses listed below:

  • 20 Rupees: 1 battle
  • Small Treasure (random): 2 battles
  • 100 Rupees: 3 battles
  • Piece of Heart or 200 Rupees: 4 battles
  • 300 Rupees: 5 battles
  • Rare Treasure (random): 6 battles
  • 500 Rupees: 7 battles
  • Hylian Shield or 1,000 Rupees: 8 battles
  • 2,000 Rupees: 9 battles
  • 3 Rare Treasures: 10 battles
  • 3,000 Rupees: 11 battles
  • 9,900 Rupees: 12 battles

  • Unlockable Goddess Wall Items

    Play your harp near a group of butterflies in certain areas and a Goddess Wall may appear near you. Hold your sword up to the light and draw the indicated symbol on the wall to get the corresponding item:

  • Arrows: Drawing an arrow.
  • Bombs: Draw a circle.
  • Fairies: Draw a Triforce.
  • Recovery hearts: Draw a heart.
  • Rupees: Draw a rupee.

  • Gratitude Crystal

    Collect the indicated number of Gratitude Crystals and bring them to Batreaux to get the bonus listed below:

  • 2 Gold Rupees: 70 Gratitude Crystals
  • Big Wallet and Cursed Medal (1,000 Rupees capacity): 30 Gratitude Crystals
  • Giant Wallet (5,000 Rupee capacity): 50 Gratitude Crystals
  • Gold Rupee: 40 Gratitude Crystals
  • Piece of Heart: 10 Gratitude Crystals
  • The Medium Wallet (500 Rupee capacity): 5 Gratitude Crystals
  • Tycoon Wallet (9,000 Rupee capacity): 80 Gratitude Crystals

  • Easter eggs

    We have no easter eggs for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


    We have no glitches for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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