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  • Twilight Princess: The Legend of Zelda and Zelda: Twilight Princess
  • Action, Adventure
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  • Teen
  • November 19, 2006


Silver Rubie

Go to kakariko village, then walk to the middle of town and turn around before youalmost enter it. Stand there and use your arrows (male sure there bomb arrows) look around at the top of the house just outside the town and you will see a giant bell. Shoot the bell with the bomb arrows and the silver rubie will fall out. Turn into wolf link and climb on top and you will get 200 rubies! (you can do it in the morning 2 but do it at night just to be sure).

Male Snail

Once you have collected two Mirror Shards go to the red dot marked on the map. Rusl will be waiting for you. He'll send you to sacred grove. Defeat the puppet master then go to the tunnel that leads to the statue blocking the door. STAY IN THE TUNNEL! Look on the ceiling of the tunnel. Their should be a snail on it. Get it with your clawshot then grab it.

Male Stag Beetle

It is found in the field north of Hyrule Castle. If you're coming out of the East Bridge of Castle Town, go left and up the trail. There will be a split ahead, keep going straight. The Beetle is on the tree to your right.

Golden Chu Jelly

To find the rare Golden Chu Jelly, go to Death Mountain with a Clawshot. When you first see the geysers shooting, turn west. You should see a hole with moss hanging down. Clawshot up to it and (make sure you have an empty bottle) defeat the Golden Chu. Scoop up your golden prize which increases attack power briefly and refills all your hearts. *Please note this is VERY rare to find, so if you don't find it the first time come back and try again*.

The Easy Way To Kill The Lakebed Temple Boss

The easy way to kill the lakebed temple boss is to swim above it put out your clawshot than lock on than shoot the clawshot. Hit it about 2 times when its on the ground. When it get mad it will start swimming. Then pullout your clawshot again lock on hit about 5 time. It will go crazy hit the wall and suck up all the water and die,.

Infinite Bombs And Arrows

To use this cheat you need the master sword, 20 rupees, more than two hearts, and to be able to play both river games. The first thing you do is play wolf link's river game, but ram into the wall right away. When the bird ask you if you want to try again, say no. Before you move, transform into human link and look directly at the waterfall. There will be a wall partially blocking view of the falls. Swim towards the waterfall until you are right next to this wall. Take out your clawshot, aim at the waterfall and swim sideways into the wall, if you do this right you go right through it. Next you swim out into the void. After falling off of the edge of the water, the bird will ask you if you want to play again, choose yes. Just like before, fall into the water right away. You should find yourself standing on nothing at the beginning of the river. Jump off but not into the river. You will now be standing in the same place but in the human link’s river game. Transform into wolf link and jump into the river. Now you should see the end of human link’s river game but with a very deformed wolf link. DO NOT ATTACK, I found out that if you do the Wii will freeze. When the zora ask if you want to play again say yes, if you say no or don’t have enough rupees you’ll end up needing to restart the game due to the glitch. When you get to the building at the top of the river you will need to warp, it doesn’t matter where. You’ll now have infinite boms and arrows and see the points for the river game, it goes away after a while of playing. The two ways that you could loose the infinite bombs and arrows are when the game ask you to save (mostly after finishing a temple) or if you stop playing. After you know what you’re doing, it doesn’t take longer than two minutes to get, have fun!

Worms: A Deadly Weapon

When you fight Gannondorf, take out your fishing rod. He'll just stare at the end at the worm. Now slash at him while he's distracted.

Chicken Flying

Before you leave your home town head over to the side of the Mayors home climb up the ladder and the boxes then climb up to the top of his house use the whistle grass then aim it at the chicken then run off the building with the chicken and you can fly.

Bottle: Fishing Hole

Go to the fishing hole, and find the sign that says: No Littering! You can get a bottle if you fish on the left side of the bridge that is near that sign. Its darker water than normal.

Big Wallet

In Hyrule, when you go south from the center square. Turn Right and you will see someone looking through a window go into the house and talk to Agatha and give her a golden bug for her ball and she will reward you with the big wallet.

Easier Way Of Finding Glowing Bugs

If you want to find the glowing bugs of all Hyrule just use Link's senses on wolf form. It even works from faraway distances. If you see a glowing light track it down and you'll find yourself a glowing bug. (Its more effective at night)

Impa's Descendent?

The woman's name in the hidden village is Impaz. She also tells Link that she was named after an ancestor of hers who lived in the village before her giving her a high chance of being Impa's descendent and that the hidden village is, possibly, an old spot where Karako village was.

Riding Trouble?

If your new to the game and having trouble controling Epona, try riding around in Hyrule Field. There are many obstacles and turns to avoid therfore giving you a chance to even out your control.

Bigger Quivers

To get a bigger quiver complete the star game in the tent near the east part of hryule to get a quiver to hold 60 arrows beat the game again you get an even bigger quiver that can hold 100 arrows.

Find The Cave Of Ordeals

The Cave of Ordeals is easy to find as long as you got the missing piece of the Bridge of Eldin's. All you need to do is teleport back where you got the piece of Eldin's bridge and it right under there.

Bridge Of Eldin's Missing Peice

The missing piece of the bridge is one you might of missed when you went to the desert but it is very easy to find. Just stay down near the bottom of the map and keep going forward. It wont take you very long to find it once you see this huge stone block that's it. But don't think that you got it just yet tree dark beasts attack you but after you beat them you got it teleport to the bridge of Eldin and its back!

Unlock Big Wallet

The big wallet can hold up to 600 rubies. How you get this is very simple. Go to castel town and get in the middle of the town in the big circle. Head south and you should be going down the hallway. Take a left an you should see a guy looking through a window. Go in that house and the Bug-lady should be there. Talk to her and she will tell you if you give her 1 bug she will give you a special gift. Go find I golden bug-you can find one going to the North hallway- give her the "golden" bug and you will receive a big wallet. If you continue to give her bugs she will give you 50 rubies for a bug and 100 rubies for a pair.

Free Rupees

If you want to get free rupees, go to jovanies house in castle town and bring him 20 Poe souls 1st and he'll give you the fairies tears, then bring him 60 and he'll be alive again. Then talk to his cat as a wolf and jovanie will leave. Talk to jovanie in telmas bar and he'll say he got dumped. The go back to his house and talk to the cat again. Each time you talk to him, he will give you 200 rupees.

Beat Ganondorf Quickly

Ganondorf has one flaw: he can't turn worth crud. All you need to do is roll behind him and do a spin slash. Keep doing that and he's dead in at most 5 minutes.

Fishing Hole: Bag Of Rupees

Stand in the middle of the wooden dock and cast your pole out to the north. You will pull it up soon.

Helm Splitter

To crack an enemy's head open, complete a shield attack and the press the A button.

Mario Referance

The cannon keeper at the lake has a bullet bill patch on his arm.

Free Lamp Oil And Health Potions!

When you go to trill's shop in faron woods. He has two jars open in front of you. Get an empty bottle and fill it with either lamp oil or red potion and wait until trill starts to chase you. Pull out your shield and hold it out until he stops attacking you. You have to stay inside his shop otherwise he will attack you again when you enter.

Cheap Oil And Red Potion

If you go to Trill's shop (the bird on the route to the forest temple) he sells oil for 20 rupees and red potion for 30 rupees. If you steal either of them then he remembers you the next time you go in, but if you put a couple of rupees in the box he just calls you a cheapskate and lets you go (plus you can go in and do it again). This is good if you don't have a lot of money.

Getting Arrows, Rupees, And Hearts From Guards In Castle Town

Warp over to castle town and make sure you are a wolf. Then walk in and guards with spears will start to follow you. Hold down B to use the dark energy field and let go to scare them away and sometimes leave you with arrows, rupees and hearts!

Key To Door By Entrance To Ganondorf

Before you enter the castle on the west side of the building transform into a wolf and go into you senses. Then dig on the leaves by the wall to enter a grave yard. Then go to three ghosts standing around a rock. Then blow the rock up with a bomb and walk over it. The gate should open. Go into the gate and light the torch. Then after that it will stop to rain letting you light the two torches to each side of the next gate. Once you light those two torchesthe gate will open. Take ot you Dominion rod and put each statue up againest the wall for you to jump from one to anothe until you reach the next gate. Pull the chain and open the treasure chest. It should be the key.

Donation Deduction!

After you donate 1000 rupees to the Malo Mart the goron will ask you foe 2000 rupees. Go outside and talk to the goron who will ask you to bring hot spring water to the goron at the west castle town gate. Once you do that you will only have to donate 200 rupees instead of 2000!

Magic Armor Cheap

After beating the dungeon in the Goron Mines go to Malo Mart. One of the elders will inside. Talk to him and he will ask for donations to lower prices in Hyrule. Donate 1,000 rupees to him and then he will ask for money to open a new shop in Hyrule. After donating a total of 2,000 rupees a second Malo Mart will be opened at Hyrule. after finding it go inside and the magic armor will be 250 rupees.

Get Kicked Out Of Fishing Hole!

Go to the inside of fishing hole house and roll into the wall, the fishing guide will tell you to cut it out, do it a few more times and the woman will kick you out of the house! When you re- enter, you will have to apologize to her.

See Your Reflection

You need the oil lamp. Go down into Link's basment in his house and to the right of the treasure chest is a mirror where you can see Link's reflection!


All (both) wallet upgrades are available via Agatha's bug palace on the right side of Castle Town. Bring her one bug to get the up-to-600 rupee wallet. Bring her all 24 types of bugs to recieve the up-to-1000 rupee wallet.

Magic Armor

In Kakariko village, go to Malo's Mart and pay the goron 1000 rupees to repair the bridge, then donate a further 2000 more rupees so he can open up a shop in Castle Town's main square. The shop is on the left side of the square. You can buy the magic armor there for 598 rupees. The armor allows you to be invincible at the cost of losing a rupee from your wallet every second and you lose big amounts of rupees when you get damaged. When your rupees run out, the suit turns blue-ish and becomes very heavy, weighing Link down as if he were wearing iron boots.

Ocarina Of Time Fisherman Reference

Inside the fishing hole house is a black and white picture of the fisherman from Ocarina of Time holding the Hylian Loach. It is to the left of the counter.

Sinking Lure

To obtain the sinking lure, go to the fishing hole, walk your way up the left side of the bank all the way to the end of the landmass and cast you fishing pole in the water to the north. You will catch the sinking lure to use when lure fishing! You can catch the hylian loach and other big deep water fish with it. DO NOT LET THE FISHING HOLE GIRL SEE YOU USE IT OR SHE WILL TAKE IT AWAY!

Defeat Diababa (Twilit Parasite)

To defeat the Forest Temple Boss first aim the bomb plant first then aim one of the Parasites. (repeat process with the other one) After the event there will be 3 parasites but the one with the eye is your main target. When you see the monkey swing around with a bomb on his feet, aim for the bomb and then the one eyed-parasite. When the bomb hits the parasite it'll get stunned and fall, when this happens draw your sword and slash its eye until its done.

Money In The Temple Of Time

To get easy rupees in the Temple of Time you must ring the bells with your Ball and Chain. Some of them will drop down twenty rupees or a fairy.

Ocarina Reference

The three light spirit's names ressemble Falore, Din and Naru from Legend of Zelda Ocarina Of Time. Faron-Falore Eldin-Din Laynaru-Naru.

Get Another Extra Bomb Bag

After the event where you melt the ice in Zora's Domain. In that same exact spot, place a water bomb in the bottom next to the hot molten rock. After its blown up there will be a goron coming out of it and will gratefully give you another bomb bag.

Get An Extra Bomb Bag

After collecting all of the tears for the Lake Hylia Area, go to where you saw the lady with the afro. Her name is Iza. Run north of where she was sitting when you were a wolf, and you should come into a battle with 3 shadow creatures. Beat them and Iza will congradulate you. Then she will take you in her building. She will ask you to combine your arrows and your bombs to break a stone wall. Then, she will ask you to ride down a river to break all the stone walls there blocking the river, and you will eventually come to Iza's Zora employee. Follow the Zora and bomb more stone walls. At the end the Zora will stop to Congradulate you, and give you your second bomb bag.

Missing Bridge Of Kakariko Gorge

If you find yourself lost at the event of the missing bridge of kakariko the bridge is located in the North Faron Woods on the left side just before the Forest Temple.

Play As A Cuccoo

In this game, instead of being swarmed with cuccoos when you hit them repeatedly, the screen hovers over the cuccoo instead of Link. While you are a cuccoo you can fly and run. Pretty useless, but hilarious.


Sacred Grove Puzzle Solution

This puzzle is the one with two statues that need to get to their original place. Solution: Down, Up, Left, Up, Right,Down, Down, Down, Up, Up,Left, Up, Up, Right, Down.


Empty Bottle 3

In the fishing hole cast into the small pond to the left of the bridge on the west side. You will eventually pull it up.

Empty Bottle 4

Bring 20 poe souls to Jovani in castle town. (It will have Great Fairy tears in it when you get it.)

Empty Bottle 1

Get it in the store in Ordon Village after you catch a fish for the cat. The shop owner gives it to you for free.

Empty Bottle 2

Buy it from Coro in Faron province for 100 Rupees

Female Phasmid

Get the Male Phasmid and cross the bridge to take a left turn. Stop by a bomb rock. The girl will be on the high part of the rock. Use your Bommerang to knock it off. Pick it up by pressing A.

Male Phasmid

Head to the Bridge of Eldin's south entrance. There is a Male Phasmid on the wall! Use your boomerang to knock him off the wall and onto the ground. Pick him up by pressing A.

Female Grasshopper

Enter Hyrule Fields and look for the Female Hopper of the northeastern part. Pick it up by pressing A.

Male Grasshopper

Enter Hyrule Fields and look for the Male Grasshopper west of the southern entrance. Pick it up by pressing A.

Female Ant

In Kakariko Village, enter the building with a small hole in the roof that you made earlier while searching for Twilit Parasites. In the middle of the room is a Female Ant. Pick it up by pressing A.

Male Ant

Go to the raised western part of the graveyard near Kakariko Village and find a tree where some of the guays (black crow monster) where sitting. There is a Male Ant on the trunk. Grab it by pressing A.

Female Beetle

Go to hyrule field and find a tree that is near a ledge. Then use your boomerang to knock a female beetle out of the tree. Once you knock it out, it would be on the ground or the ledge wall. pick it up by pressing A.

Male Beetle

Go to hyrule field and find a fat tree where the 2 Bokoblins roam. Then use your boomerang to knock a male beetle out of the tree. Once you knock it out, it would be on the ground or the tree log. pick it up by pressing A.

Female Dragonfly

At the Zora River go to the signpost and find the Female Dragonfly over the rapid river. Use the boomerang to catch it.

Male Dragonfly

At the Zora River go to the balcony or the waterfall and find a Imp Poe. Drop down into the waterfall pool and swim to the rock. Clamber onto the ledge and run up the grassy ramped ledge. When the ramped ledge turns you will find the Dragonfly above a patch of grass. You know what to do.

Male Butterfly

Go to the part of Hyrule Field near Castle Town and head south from the female butterfly. Find a clump of flowers with a Male Butterfly in it. Grab it by pressing A.

Female Butterfly

Go to the part of Hyrule Field near Castle Town and fight 2 Bulbin Archers. When you're done face north to see a outcrop. In the flowers edge of the outcrop bring it down with the boomerang. Grab it by A.

Female Mantis

Cross the bridge and head south. There is an area with a Female Mantis that is up and left on a rocky wall, on the side of the giant tree root. Use your Boomerang and knock it off the wall to pick it up by A.

Male Mantis

Go to the big bridge (Not the Bridge of Eldin) and go to the northern part. Then face south and check the right wall. Use your boomerang to knock it off then pick it up by A.

Bottle With Fairy Tears

Bring 20 Poe Souls to Jiovani to get a Bottle with Fairy Tears.

Quiver Upgrade 1

Play the STAR game on the right side of Castle Town(It's the small circus tent), using your clawshot to collect all of the orbs within the time limit. Do this to get the 60 arrow quiver.

Quiver Upgrade 2

After beating the STAR game once and getting the double clawshot, go back and play again. Use the double clawshot to collect all of the orbs within the time limit. Do this to get the 100 arrow quiver.

Bomb Bag 1

Buy it from Barnes at the bomb shop it Kakariko village.

Bomb Bag 2

Go inside Iza's boat rental shop near the upper river and help her clear the blocked areas of the river to recieve it as a thank you.

Bomb Bag 3

Go the Zora's domain and go to the bottom of the round pool near the throne and water bomb the large rock in the middle to reveal a goron who will give you a bomb bag.

Bomb Bag Size Upgrade

Go back to Iza's boat rental shop and play a minigame where you have to shoot pots w/ bomb arrows as you travel down river. Break a high amount(25 or more) to recieve the bag size upgrade.

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